[The History is our Playground]
[Assassin’s Creed]
[Pictures made by me :)]

Altaïr: I lost Maria…

Ezio: I lost Christina…

Connor: I lost my mother…

Edward: I lost Caroline…

Desmond: I lost Lucy…

Arno: I lost Élise…

Jacob: Jolly good weather today, lads, isn’t it ?

Desmond Miles - cellphone pictures as polaroids
(*gross sobbing* ugh i miss this crew so much)

{The Art from Assassin’s Creed}
{Pictures made by me :)}

An Assassin Does My Makeup:

Connor would worry he’d poke my eye out by accident.

Connor: How do you do this everyday?

Edward would go a little overboard…

Edward: I did a pretty good job, eh lass?

Ezio: I’ll make you look like a pretty rose!


…would also get carried away.

Bonus: Haytham wouldn’t see the need to do this.

Haytham: You’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Bonus bonus: If Leonardo Da Vinci did my makeup

Leo: You look like a masterpiece!


Edits made by me :)


{We are the Secret Heroes of our Time}
{Edits made by me :)}