Assassin's Creed Rogue


Assassin’s Creed Rogue Blooper - Are you fellas with a larger organization?

This is GOLD!


I reach the end of the trail. The air is still and I am a hunter. The hunt has led me to the forgotten edges of the world. Seasons pass, drawing me deeper into the darkness, where I have found the truth. That my redemption is found in ashes. That I must burn away the past to set things right.
Once an assassin, now their pursuer, I must destroy those who I once called brother. 
                                       The air is still and I am a hunter.

Are you cold?

 When I played AC Rouge, it was really cute that Shay was shivering in cold water lol (Sorry Shay) And also it reminds me AC3 TOKW DLC. I was shocked when I saw Ratonhnhaké ton almost half naked(yes that was good thank you but)and running around deep snow, and he could even swim in water with that outfit.(!!) OMG
 Clan mother thank you for saving him but seriously did you really let him out with that cloth? If it was me I would be dead before got a cold or something lol

(Actually I’m cold lol the weather is crazy!! I can feel this painting as real x_X)

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:I can't believe people say that Shay Cormac is a traitor to the assassins. I mean he destroyed a city and blamed himself for it and Achilles told him to brush it off and didn't listen to what Shay had to say. And he didn't run off to the templars; Monro let him choose to be a templar or not. People don't even want to play the game, but it had such a great story, and people aren't even giving it a chance. And the modern plot was more relevant than Unity's modern plot. I mean what was Ubisoft thinking ? They should have put as much advertising into Rogue as they did Unity. And Shay was such a good character and there was a lot of nostalgia in the game. Remember the homestead from ACIII? You can run around it again, all while it's in its prime as an assassin headquarters. Plus, it has Haytham Kenway, so that's a plus. I just don't get why people didn't give Rogue a chance. Hey, has it been about 10 seconds since we talked about Rogue? It has been about 10 seconds till we talked about Rogue. Hey what the fuck