At this very moment, genocide is occurring in Aleppo, Syria. We are being tortured, raped, slaughtered, and basically exterminated indiscriminately. There is no aid, medicine, food, or tools of survival. There are no hospitals, schools, homes, or any safe haven. There is no body or causality count anymore, there are too many to be accounted for. The White Helmets have officially announced that they are essentially powerless and paralyzed; they have stopped counting the dead, only stopping to wrap bodies in orange bags. Men and male children are forcefully being conscripted into the regime army or massacred in mass executions. There are official reports of women asking their husbands to kill them before being conscripted or executed in fear of mass rape and other atrocities they may face. Aleppo and Hama have suffered chemical attacks that have left seemingly unharmed children lining mosque floors dead. The about 100,000 people left in the city that haven’t died or been displaced are moving from one neighborhood to the other as regime and Russian forces close in. They are running only to fruitlessly go through the action, only to feel like they are trying: it’s of no use. The city is blockaded and there are ongoing airstrikes. There is no way out. There is no escape. This is essentially a cat and mouse game. There is no hope. We are literally asking God for divine help and miracles.

There are claims that “Aleppo is falling”; however, it has FALLEN. Russian and regime offenses have taken 96% of the city. Officials say that Russia and the Syrian regime have agreed to a peace deal and/or ceasefire, but live reports from Aleppo confirm it has yet to be implemented. The siege is ongoing. There is no going back from this. What has occurred these past two days is a genocide that was live-streamed to a world still in denial about our suffering. All we asked for was an end to emergency/martial law, yet we received six years of pure agony

Humanity has failed us. The international community has failed us. We are the worst human rights violation since World War 2. We are Obama’s and the UN’s Rwanda. Please save us. Call your representative. Donate to the White Helmets, Syria Relief, Save the Children, etc. Spread the word. Tell the truth. Do anything you possibly can.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, December 14th 2016, the Turkish-Russian peace deal and ceasefire has FAILED. Syrians have been waiting since 5 AM for evacuation busses and NONE HAVE ARRIVED. Regime and Russian forces have started shelling the city AGAIN.

Please, don’t forget us! This is not getting better, this getting WORSE. They have won. The city has COLLAPSED yet they will not cease their offense. This is still ongoing. This is a nightmare that will never end. We Syrians are trapped in this city with war crimes still happening! Please continue spreading the word.

UPDATE #2: As of Thursday morning, December 15, 2016, the ceasefire has (for the most part) been held. Preparations for evacuation are just about complete. There will be a safe passage from Eastern to Western Aleppo that the International Committee of the Red Cross will oversee. Evacuations should begin soon. We are hoping that Western Aleppo will react kindly to the under 100,000 civilians coming in from Eastern Aleppo and that it will be, for the most part, successful.

Just remember: surviving Eastern Aleppo citizens are being transported on busses that are overtly and excessively decorated with the face of their butcher. At least it’s a slight reprieve from the past couple of days. Please keep the residents of Aleppo in your thoughts and continue to spread the word.

UPDATE #3: First convoy of 1200 Aleppo evacuees have arrived at Idlib, of which 200 were immediately hospitalized and most in critical condition. A second convoy of about 1198 people has crossed the West Aleppo countryside and has just about arrived, as well. There may be a third evacuation convoy if all remains fairly unhindered.

Please keep in mind that remaining waiting Aleppo residents and even the evacuees are facing harsh winter conditions as homes have been destroyed and it gets brutally cold, especially during the night, in Syria. They are also facing extreme hunger. The Syrian regime is providing them with nothing more than transportation to Idlib. Continue to donate what you can and call your representatives.

This will be the last live update I can provide from Aleppo unless an emergency or crisis (more than the now usual) occurs or important updates must be made. Please keep spreading the word, supporting civilians in anyway you can, and remaining vigilant and informed on the crisis in Syria. International mainstream media failed us and many of you didn’t even know what was happening until you read this post. The Aleppo genocide was one of many crises over the past six years and will be one of many more. Keep Syria in your thoughts and prayers. Spread the word.
The pundits were wrong about Assad and the Islamic State. As usual, they're not willing to admit it
The rollback of Islamic State must come as a shock to those who spent years insisting that such progress would never happen without toppling the regime of Bashar Assad.
By Max Abrahms and John Glaser

We were in Syria to topple the Assad government.  Defeating ISIS was a convenient excuse to sell our involvement there.

The writers here assert, basically, that the media’s role in the war on terror is to sell war to the American people.

Thursday 20 October, 2011…

After finally managing to control his emotions, having heard the tragic news of Muammar’s murder, Bashar decides that he has to break the news to Hafez the now fully-grown camel… after all, he was Uncle Muammar’s first.

The sun is setting, and Bashar, just about holding it together, drives to this camel farm, arriving at twilight.

The owner of the camel farm looks surprised. He’s only ever seen Bashar dressed casual, at the weekend, with his kids. It’s a Thursday, he’s suited, and his eyes are a bit red.

‘Your Excellency, what are you doing here?’

‘Oh… I thought I’d see Hafez, alone.’ His voice is already trembling as he says ‘I need to break the news to him about-’

‘Of course,’ the farmer says, a little shocked to see Bashar like this. ‘Come with me.’

There is Hafez, fully-grown, his fur a lovely golden colour.

‘Should I leave you alone with him?’


The farmer walks away. He enters the farmhouse where he sees his wife watching TV, turning it off when the gory images appear on the screen.

‘Hello, Hafez,’ Bashar says breathlessly, gently stroking Hafez’s face. There’s a cold chill in the air as he strokes Hafez’s neck. ‘There’s something I need to tell you… and it’s not… it’s not good…’

‘Remember Muammar?’ he asks tearfully. ‘He used to look after you, before you came here, to Syria… well… he’s… he’s…’

He can’t talk anymore; tears are streaming down his face before he can even try to stop them. He rests his head on Hafez’s neck, tickling his ear - he’s not sure for how long, but it’s dark when he stops and says ‘See you on Saturday, Hafez.’