Madaya: residents of besieged Syrian town say they are being starved to death
Activists in the mountain town, where 30,000 people have been trapped since July, speak of families eating leaves to survive
By Emma Graham-Harrison

“Residents of a Syrian town a few dozen miles from the capital, Damascus, say they are dying of starvation as a result of a months-long siege by forces loyal to the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Families are eating leaves, grasses and water flavoured with spices in the town of Madaya, where rice is sold by the gram because a kilogram costs as much as $250 (£170). Some have killed and eaten their pets.

“People are dying in slow motion,” said Louay, a social worker from the town told the Guardian in a phone interview, his voice weakened by months of abject hunger. “We had some flowers growing in pots at home. Yesterday, we picked the petals and ate them, but they were bitter, awful.”

He sent pictures of emaciated bodies of several elderly men, recent casualties of the starvation. He had not taken the pictures himself, but said the men were well known in the town.

“We used to say nobody could ever die from hunger, but we have seen people actually die of hunger.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you support Putin and Assad?

No. I disagree very strongly with some of the weird “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” type thinking of some parts of the left. Putin is an extremely conservative imperialist. Assad has killed thousands upon thousands of his own people, unarmed civilians.

To support governments like that just because they are opposed to the US in global politics is infantile and just sad and it pisses me off a lot when I see it happening on the Left.

If you want Assad’s government toppled, one the most secular, pro-women’s rights governments in the region, that actually supports the freedom of their Christian minorities, then here are your choices for Syria:



2) “Moderate” Jihadist al-Qaeda rebels

Choose wisely!

As soon as truce “cessation of hostilities” has taken effect, protests erupted in all parts of non-Assad and non-Daesh controlled parts of Syria.

In the video, protesters from Aleppo are renewing their commitment to topple dictator Bashar Assad and his totalitarian regime with it’s allies.

Hillary Clinton emails show Google coordinating with State Department to overthrown Assad in Syria

Strange to see Google’s fingers slipping into areas of military and foreign policy. Having a private contractor working on military business isn’t a new thing, but it’s alarming to see how much power Google has in the US government.

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Today we have witnessed a devastating tragedy which showed us two distinct group of hypocrites. One, the hypocritical nonsense of the U.S foreign policy and their allies fighting against ISIS, while their main goal has always been getting rid of Bashar al-Assad. The other being the hypocrisy of the so called “pro-Palestinians” who try to pretend like they are the champions of human rights, and specifically that of the Palestinian people. I will not be sharing the picture or video of this disgusting act due to how graphic it is, but you can find it for yourself online. Many people have already heard the news or watched it themselves. A group of “moderate” anti-Assad rebels in Syria, Nour al-Din al-Zenki, openly backed by the United States, many of their NATO allies, and a bunch of fanatical Islamist regimes obsessed with getting rid of Assad, financially and militarily, captured a Palestinian child who was accused of being “pro-Assad”. Since being pro-Assad or on the side of Iran, or any of these ‘kufr’ ‘majoos’ Shi’a, as the ‘moderates’ like to call it, is considered treason equated to apostasy, the “moderate” rebels, the alternative to Assad in Syria, beheaded this child! A Child!! A fuckin’ child who looked so weak and scared! But, why does it even matter? After all, the so called, “anti-ISIS coalition” has known for a very long time that these so called “moderates” that they are supporting are simply ‘moderate’ enough to not behead the people who give them their money and weapons. On the other hand, where are the pro-Palestinians? I am sure the next solidarity rally in Toronto or New York will take place some time this week, I mean when ISIS attacked Yarmouk, a camp housing and providing medical care and schools for Palestinian refugees in Syria by the Assad government, they didn’t seem to care, maybe this will make a difference? There are really no “good” sides in any of this or anywhere in world of politics today, but one thing is for certain, there definitely are a huge number of hypocrites who give themselves a name and a title, pretend like they care about a cause, when in reality, it is all there to mask their ulterior motives!