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Hi! I just started reading your actual full blog and I must say I love reading your posts! I've really been enjoying your Pirates of the Caribbean overlay post in particular. The line "One day someone will have the decency to fix this." Is kind of how I feel about a lot of things at Disney right now. So I was very curious. What are your goals? Do you want to go into work for Disney? (Also I'm with you. #justiceforfigment. Though I guess for me it's more #justicefordreamfinder.)

I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my big blog, and I can totally get behind #JusticeForDreamfinder!

As for my goals, yes, I’m an aspiring theme park designer, specializing in writing and story art, and I’d love to work for Disney.

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what do you mean with the management and Sophia?

Well…honestly Sophiam has been managed very similarly to Eloun*r, but better. [I discussed some of these issues here]. They kept everything that people like about Eleanor, including:

  • Normal girl [hometown narrative, student narrative]
  • Pretty [as we see in her public icons and pap pics]
  • Blandly stylish
  • Living the dream [attending concerts]
  • Blank personality perfect for projection
  • Dates that are: 
    • Relatable [malls]
    • Appealing to the fandom [amusement parks]
    • Aspirational [fashion shows/celebrity parties]

Then they took away the things that caused unpleasant drama and gave fuel for fandom dislike:

  • Private Twitter, which means:
    • No interaction with haters
    • No glimpses of personality that would make her less relateable to some people
  • Private Insta, which means:
    • No fights in the comments
    • No glimpses of personality again
  • Bonus of only a small section of the fandom that believes Liam is in a relationship with another band member [inherently less fandom fighting caused by Liam publicly being in a relationship with a woman that you would get for Louis or Harry]

And therefore, they got the best of Eloun*r without any of the downsides:

  • Vehicle for limited product promo directly to the target market [can be difficult to promote products aimed at women by using men, and the girlfriends provide a way around that]
  • Re-affirm the heterosexual image of the band [whether Liam is straight or not, the public nature of his relationship affirms his (and by extension Zayn’s) heterosexuality]
  • Provide an aspirational figure for young fans, which does seems to be appealing to the fans and valuable to the brand. [I think this is the most important. I don’t fully understand the value that they see in creating a figure like this, but they clearly do find it very valuable.]

Add in Liam actually appearing to like her (although to be fair Louis sold Eloun*r a lot better at first), a healthy dose of Larry shippers immediately supporting the relationship in a bid to appear less “deluded”, and the already appealing nature of the every-girl done good narrative, and you had a perfect recipe for fandom acceptance.

And it worked. The fandom as a whole loves Sophia, and the relationship is regularly trotted out to manage narratives and keep the band at the front of the fandom’s mind. Which is not to say that it isn’t real. But it has been well-managed in a very intentional way.


This is a short film of our hiking adventure across the South Island of New Zealand. Over the summer of 2014 we hiked in four different national parks: Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, Mt Aspiring National Park, Arthurs Pass and Fiordland National Park. We met amazing people, were witness to rare moments of beauty in nature, and had unforgettable experiences. New Zealand truly is one of the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth.