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venus x and asma maroof on feminism, friendship and making it in a man's world

There’s cult status and then there’s occult status. For the past five years, nothing has drawn New York’s nocturnal creatives deeper into downtown’s darkness for nights of apocalyptic fun quite like the iconic GHE20G0TH1K parties. Last weekend saw the summer’s final fete, which brought together not only two of electronic music’s most progressive female fixtures, but two best friends: GHE20G0TH1K founder Venus X and Nguzunguzu’s Asma Maroof.

Venus X: I’m definitely a feminist, but I don’t agree with all of that stuff that people are calling feminism right now. Feminism isn’t just about women or just about gender, it’s about making everyone acceptable. People in wheelchairs, trans people, poor people, black people, everyone! But now, people are using feminism only to speak about sexuality and sexual freedom. The world doesn’t become a better place because you showed your ass in a thong on Instagram. That’s not intersectional. That doesn’t reflect the progressive ideals of feminism, it’s like going back two waves of feminism. It’s not the 60s, we already made those strides. In the 80s and 90s, feminism was redefined as something that should include racism and disabilities, but nobody’s talking about that. Nobody wants to say that the person who’s fat and doesn’t look like Beyonce is actually more of a feminism than Beyonce. Poor little feminism. The word is just getting pimped out!


Canblaster and the lovely Asma Maroof (one-half of Nguzunguzu) team up at Boiler Room. my favourite Boiler Room session. cant wait til she comes back to Toronto.

Nguzunguzu - Mecha

If any word rhymes to Nguzunguzu, pretty much convinced it would be “bangers”. This LA-based cool boy-girl duo finally giving us a new release since their late Warm Pulse EP and most recently, NA Nguzu’s solo release Xtreme Tremble. They’re prepping for their next release on Fade To Mind titled Skycell, which will be out November 5th. In the meantime, please enjoy “Mecha”, the banger that consists of sword slashing and killer thumping bass. One crazy tune indeed.