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Just curious, but it's been debated whether the black blood you see on Lexa in the trailer is actually black, or if it's some kind of censorship/lighting effect for tv. I tend to think it actually is black going along with the whole NightBlood title but I could also be crazy. Can you shed any light on this pretty please? :)

The word “nightblood” was indeed a huge giveaway. Yes, Lexa’s blood is black. And that’s all I will say about this. 

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What is Damian's and Jason's relationship like?


They don’t really have that much on-screen interaction. 

Thing is, back in the preboot days, they didn’t overlap much– by the time Damian was around consistently, Jason was the crazy dude shooting up the city. As usual, we’re gonna skip right over Battle for the Cowl where Jason literally shot Damian in the chest and start with old B&R.

Damian wasn’t a fan.

So yeah, that’s not great. Thankfully the n52 is a bit of a different story. 

They still don’t have that many interactions, but the ones we get are pretty nice. There’s War of the Robins, where Damian decided to attack all the other kids to prove he was better than them (10/10 please buy):

Which, if nothing else, proves they both know how to land an emotional punch. Sibling 101, you know. Anyway–

That brings us back to my favorite issue of RHATO (#17). This scene took place directly after Death of the Family.

Of course Damian died about a week after the issue was published, but I like to think this scene is a different kind of foreshadowing. It’s “hey we’re similar” and “please let me help you.” Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship to me, you know? Especially now that they have the whole zombie thing in common. And speaking of

That’s about as much as I can give you, canon-wise. Basically, the relationship hasn’t been developed very much, but I think it has a lot of potential. As you might know, this is one of my favorite team-ups (angst, angst, angstfluff, fluff, fluff, fluff).

If they had a lot in common before, they’re really rockin it now.

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(1/2) So I saw your post about referring to autistic people as such, and I was just wondering about that because currently I am in an Education program to become certified in ESE and they taught us to use "person first language" that is say "child with autism". The idea isn't to talk about autism like it is a disease, but I believe the idea is to put the person first and not dehumanize them with labels.

(2/2) So do you feel more comfortable if it is a phrase like “with autism” oppose to “have autism” or do you still feel like that is labeling it as a disease. And I guess my question is what is your view on “person first” language in general? Thank you for your time. I truly want to do my best to serve the children and their families in my future classrooms.

The idea that calling us “autistic people” is dehumanizing has been pushed a lot by groups of non-autistics, like Autism $peaks, who have to separate us from our autism in order to see us as human.

There’s actually a vibrant autistic culture where we see “autistic” as just another descriptor of who we are. I’m a tall person, I’m a feminist person, and I’m an autistic person. The fact that only one of these adjectives is seen as dehumanizing is a result of ableist ideas about what it means to be autistic.

Person-first language is very uncomfortable for a lot of autistic people because its advocates are usually the same (usually allistic) people who advocate for “curing” our autism and who frequently imply that we won’t be whole people until we’re not autistic.

Autism $peaks and its ilk will talk about how a child is “missing” because she “has autism” and can’t be “found” until she behaves like a non-autistic child. They’re not just trying to separate people like me from our autism linguistically: they literally say outright that they must separate us from our autism to find the lovable neurotypical person underneath.

This line of thinking has resulted in abusive training for many autistic children, with the idea that we must be forced to stop showing any autistic traits to be part of society. It’s also resulted in a lot of sympathy for parents who murder their autistic children, because “people with autism” are actually barely people at all, since our autism has made us “lost” etc. - so murdering us doesn’t count, especially since our autism is such a burden on our families.

This context is important. Autistic people face higher rates of abuse than non-disabled neurotypical people because of ableist thinking like this. This history - and current situation - is why most autistic self-advocacy groups reject person-first language. That language is a direct and immediate reference to the idea that we are basically neurotypical people who suffer from The Autism, and must be saved from it if possible.

Autistic people like myself find our autism an integrated part of our selves - autism colours our experiences and drives our passions. It’s a different model of brain, not something foreign imposed on a “normal” brain, and while we may need to learn in different ways to allistic people or need more support to function in an allistic world, we can’t ever not be autistic. Getting people to acknowledge this is, in my opinion, one step in achieving freedom from ableist abuse.

If you plan to work with autistic children at all in the future,  I encourage you to seek out resources written by autistic adults. Much of the available material on autism is dominated by non-autistic people who feel simply knowing an autistic person makes them an expert on autism, and this can cause distortions and inaccuracies.

Here are some more perspectives on identity-first language and person-first language for you to explore.

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What did Lexa mean when she said "I swear fealty to you" what does that mean?

It means that Lexa promises to never betray Clarke, to be loyal to her.

It means that Lexa promises to treat Clarke’s people as her people.

It means that Lexa promises to protect them as she protects her own.

It means that Lexa will never pick anyone over Clarke ever again.

It means that Lexa is openly and willingly giving her heart to Clarke without expecting anything in return. 

That what that moment meant, anon. 

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I remember a post about Dick swearing but do the others do that? Jason swears a lot in fanon but I don't recall him or timmy swearing in canon. Damian says "damn" in son of batman, what else?

Okie dokie here is Shelly’s post about Dick swearing, and here is a Jason comparison. So I’m gonna limit myself to the younger three Robins.

Bear in mind that this isn’t even close to a complete list– it’s mostly pulls from the series that I’ve recently reread (Red Robin, Batgirl (2009), both Batman and Robins, Batman Eternal) plus whatever panels I already had on file. Here we go!

Alrighty so I find that pretty much every member of the batfamily uses “damn” and “hell” often. Here’s Tim with 

assorted hells

couple damns

And my personal favorite: “I am so screwed,” when he realized Ra’s was watching him.

I also noticed that Tim is more likely than the others to use fake swears like these

Freaking, darn, and nuts. All in all? Pretty lowkey. Steph on the other hand:

Lots of variations on ass

One bitch and a few damns

Two screwed, couple hells

And a single fuck. Interestingly enough, Steph might have the highest swear rate. I stopped screenshotting after a while because there were so many.


Lots and lots of craps.

And Damian varies a ton by writer. In his very earliest appearance you get

(Side note: Alfred’s response to that is something like “ah, memory lane” while he glares at Bruce, so I’m guessing Bruce was a mouthy kid too)

Weirdly enough I couldn’t find a single Damian swear in the first section of the preboot B&R series. But as soon as it switches over to Tomasi, we’re back in business.

Lots of hells, three asses

Couple damns and two bastards. 

And there you have it

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What do you think the big stydia moment will be tomorrow and who do you think is carrying Lydia out of eichen

i think lydia is going to die from all the screams like meredith predicted (honestly just the thought breaks my heart) D: and so parrish in confused hellhound mode, is going to carry her body out like he’s going to the nemeton, but the pack will stop him.

then we have this some time soon after the rescue because it looks like lydias in her eichen robe:

and it looks to me like deaton is injecting lydia with the same serum theo used to bring tracy back and that’s why she’s shooting up from the table and appears to have a blanket/sheet over her?

as far as the stydia moment, it could be anything. jeff said he doesn’t want to spoil too much because he wants it to be “surprising” so it could be a number of things :)

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You talk shit about bellamy in your review yet lexa did the same and you did was praise her

Honestly, you guys need to realize that comparing Lexa’s actions to Bellamy’s actions is like comparing apples with cars. These characters are NOTHING alike. They’re not in the same level or even the same social world, to put it lightly. It’s never going to be a fair comparison. But fine, you want to play? Let’s play. 

In “Ye Who Enter Here” both Bellamy and Lexa kill someone. 

Commander Lexa kills the representative from the Ice Nation because he blatantly disrespects her in front of all the ambassadors from the clans that form the coalition. Remember, in grounder’s culture, to disrespect the Heda, the Commander of ALL the grounders, is basically the same as committing a capital offense. The grounders are big on traditions, and their ways are harsh. This, we already know. This, we have already seen. When Gustus lies to Lexa about the poison in order to stop the alliance from happening, what is his punishment? Death; and who delivers the final blow? Lexa. 

Now, take into consideration that that was Gustus’ punishment; Gustus, who was Lexa’s personal bodyguard. Someone that had been taking care of her since before the coalition was born. Someone that she trusted and considered family. Someone that probably saved her life more times that she can recall. If Gustus paid with his life because of his actions, do you honestly believe that Lexa would just let an insolent man offend her in the way that he did without retaliation? She’s the Commander of all grounders, and to have someone talk to her in the way that man did and do nothing about it would have made her look weak. Would have made everyone believe that her actions and her power could be questioned. Would have been like inviting Nia to might as well take Lexa’s throne because if the Commander cannot put an end to an offense by a simple ambassador, what chance does she has against the Ice Queen? 

I never praised Lexa for killing that man -you seriously need to take your Bellamy googles on if you read that anywhere in my review- but I do admit that it was a necessary kill. Taking into consideration Lexa’s world -their culture, their rules- her killing that man was the only reasonable move. Lexa didn’t kill that guy needlessly. She didn’t kill him because she enjoyed or because she was cruel. She killed him because she was reacting to an attack and that is that.

The same, however, cannot be said about Bellamy Blake.

Like I pointed out in my review, Bellamy is a guy that knows how to fight hand to hand. He knows how to incapacitate people in close combat and he knows how to do it using guns. And in the tunnels, he had time to use both but he decided not to do it. Those grounders were just doing their jobs, they were minding their own business. Hell, there weren’t even warriors for all we know. There is not a single reason why they should have been killed -Octavia herself points it out- and yet, Bellamy decided to snap his neck just because he could. And this is why I grilled Bellamy the way I did. Because his kill was cruel and unnecessary and even incredibly out of character. Because he had absolutely no reasonable excuse to take that grounder’s life but decided to do it anyways. But mostly, the reason why I ‘talked shit” about Bellamy was because he had absolutely no remorse about what he did. 

If you can think of a single honorable, irrefutable reason why Bellamy killed that grounder, I encourage you to come and tell me. I’m being serious. Please, do.

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For the numbers thing :) with Zimbits: 77//48//393

You picked: telepathy, olympics, won’t fall in love… oops, in love

My God, he’s beautiful.

That’s the first thought Jack Zimmermann hears that’s not his own. Unfortunately it happens as he’s shooting what would have been a gorgeous goal that would have put Team Canada in the lead. He falters and the shot goes wide, but one can hardly blame him, under the circumstances.

He can’t help but feel a thrill of excitement; finding your bondmate is a joyful event and despite his best efforts even his heart skips a bit at the idea that he’s finally found them. But now? Here? This is the worst time, possibly in his entire life, to meet his bondmate. He can’t afford any distractions.

But he hears the voice again, during press. Jack Zimmermann. That’s his name. He thinks he catches sight of a blond head of hair turning around a corner, but he can’t break through all the reporters fast enough before it’s gone.

He finds himself on the ice early the next day, staring out at the pristine, white blankness in the empty practice arena trying to find his balance in a sea of confusing emotions and conflicting desires. A lone figure skates out onto the ice. It’s a slender young man in tight black warm-up gear that does his body all sorts of justice and Jack can’t help but think to himself how much he likes the view.

The man whips his head to the side, looking around frantically for a few seconds before he sees Jack and he stops, frozen. They watch each other for what must be a solid minute before the other man pushes off toward the edge of the rink and Jack finds his feet taking him down the stairs to meet him. He’s lovely, big brown eyes, a small nose with a dusting of light freckles across the bridge. He smiles at Jack, a bit shy, before smirking.

“Are you the one who thinks my ass looks great in these pants?”

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on a scale of 1 to mount weather how big do you think the tumblr explosion will be following this week's episode?

The explosion that ended life on Earth, probably. 

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civil war is going to be like relatives visiting and starting shit at the dinner table. i love tony but cap and bucky are my faves as well... and well this is ultimately a movie about /him/ and his friends so. idk how to feel about hearing someones going to die at the end *cough* ;-;

Relatives fighting, okay yes, maybe, fine, I’ll grudgingly accept that. BUT people dying? we’re not talking about that. nope.


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wait who did michael makeout with??!?

michael kissed miles during his first month officially living in austin and working with rooster teeth back in 2011!!! barbara talked about it during the post podcast show #338, but it’s only for sponsors so here’s what she said if you can’t watch it:

“Was [the time Michael was drunk in the backseat of Brandon’s car with a bunch of people sitting on top of one another] the same night that, uh, Miles and Michael kissed? Did I ever tell the story on the podcast? I think it was after the strip club. It was either like— I think it was Michael’s first week here or something, like after he just got hired, and they all went out and got really drunk. And, uh, it was either Miles or Michael who sent me a video of them being like, “Hey, Barbara, wish you were here… and, uh, here’s this!” and then they just started kissing. Like, not making out or anything, but they kissed each other, and I have that video still on my computer at home. It’s blackmail material.” 

and also i’m like 99.9% sure that this is a picture from that night: