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It’ll be cool if you could reblog if you post any of these :

- Johnny Depp


- Marvel 

- Gothic / Punk stuff

- Pierce The Veil

- In This Moment 

- Black Veil Brides

- Bring Me The Horizon

- Slipknot

- New Years Day

- Sleeping With Sirens

- Motionless In White

- Emmure

- Suicide Silence

- All Time Low

- August Burns Red

- Of Mice & Men

- Upon A Burning Body

- Miss May I

- Memphis May Fire

- Asking Alexandria

- Fall Out Boy

- A Day To Remember

- Attila

- Escape The Fate

- Marilyn Manson

- Alter Bridge

- Green Day

- Issues

- Beartooth

- Paramore

- The Amity Affliction

- Falling In Reverse

I can like My Chemical Romance.
I can like One Direction.
I can like Black Veil Brides.
I can like Nirvana.
I can like Yo Yo Ma.
I can like 5 Seconds of Summer.
I can like Of Mice & Men.
I can like Frank Sinatra.
I can like Pierce The Veil.
I can like AC/DC.
I can like Asking Alexandria.
I can like All Time Low.
I can like Nickelback.
I can like Lana Del Rey.
I can like Sleeping With Sirens
I can like Radiohead.
I can like Arctic Monkeys.
I can like Queen.
I can like The 1975.
I can like Bethoven.

I can like whatever the hell I want to like.
What I don’t like is when people tell me I can’t listen to a certain kind of music because I’m a girl or because I “can’t like pop and classical and metal” and “just have to choose one.” I don’t like being told I can’t enjoy Nirvana or The 1975 or Arctic Monkeys because that’s “too mainstream” and I’m “just a teenage girl who’s a fake fan.” I don’t like being told I’m a “fake fan” when I don’t know all the band members names or when I can’t name a few songs or when I don’t dedicate all my time to loving them.

Is there really anything such as a “fake fan?” If you like music and you enjoy listening to it, you’re a fan. There’s really no possible way to be a “fake fan.”

Those lyrics that just hit you so hard you want to write them on the walls and tattoo them on yourself and scream them to the world.

I didn’t name a song, but you just thought of one