Though it’s only an askblog, I believe that Askconman is the best out of all the Conrad Achenlecks on Tumblr for the HiNaBN fandom. The mun is always nervous if she’s portraying the character wrong, but it’s quite the opposite. Even though she doesn’t technically Roleplay on here, I hate to see her feel insuperior to the other Conrad rp blogs. She is definitely the best Conrads I have seen on the web and perfectly canon in every way. Plus, her art is top notch & right up there with Tessa Stone’s!

Uh, for some reason I believed it was a more than one volume thing and they had just completed the first, woopsie. Now that I think about it I haven’t seen anyone talking about her “probably disappearing again” in a few months. Maybe they just needed to be sure it was finished.

What ticks me off the most are the people saying they didn’t want to buy it because “she’s a flake” “she didn’t apologize” “I’m still angry about HiNaBN” and stuff like that. It’s really disrespectful toward both Tessa as an artist and her and Ananth’s hard work.

Know Your Meme: Wizard

The 30-Year-Old Virgin Wizard is an internet myth saying that if a person manages to still be a virgin at the milestone of age 30, he will attain magical powers on the level of a highly skilled wizard. Various requirements have been made up surrounding the myth. The phrase was first coined on Futaba Channel.