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Lixue@May: "Hiya hiya~! Didn't startle ya, did I?" -chuckles- "My name's Lixue! You look like a strong and wily Lucario, have you ever considered participating in a battle tournament? I work at one as an organized fighter, and the atmosphere alone is INCREDIBLE! Lights, cameras, flashy banners and a roaring audience! Plus the matches are tense and super thrilling, and customizable~! Not to mention pretty good pay as you win more matches! You look like you'd fit right in!"

May: It sure has been a while since I’ve been in one, haven’t been in one since my tactics coach passed a while back ago, Not to mention I haven’t sparred in a while either….

May: I mean on sight of the facility? I’d like to give it a shot, but I’d like to know if there is anyone I could train with and have a better idea for everything that’s in the tourney, I’m a bit rusty in the ring I’ll be honest with you. 

Out in a rather large and verdant forest clearing, it was your typical sunny morning. The sun would cover nearly the entire glade, with only a small area being engulfed in shadows cast by a group of trees on one side. Near the center of the clearing was a hole with what looked like a staircase going downward. The stairs disappeared into the darkness, making it impossible to see further ahead.

Turning to the left of the entrance, you would see a sign that read “Home of Rocco The Typhlosion”, with a piece of paper stuck at the bottom that also said “Shout before you enter”. It made sense. There didn’t look like a door or anything to keep people out. Suddenly, you would hear footsteps coming from the stairway, and you unsurprisingly saw Rocco himself step outside. “I knew I heard somebody out here!” He clapped his hands together and excitedly grinned, his bright yellow eyes dead focused on you. “I wasn’t really expecting people though, at least not so early. The house ain’t really finished for just anybody to waltz on in yet too. So, could I help you with anything? ‘Cuz if not…” His excited grin would soon drop into a plain, bored expression. “You probably won’t find it very exciting here. Not right now, at least. I don’t really have much time for chit-chat, ya’ get me? But I guess I can let it slide.”

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For your amour drabbles: stars

“Here it is, Serena! The best seat in the whole town!”

While the golden-haired girl certainly had had her misgivings about Ash’s suggestion, the moment she saw the night sky, she realized that there had been sense in it after all. The boy eagerly extended his hand to her to give her a boost, and together they helped her step onto the roof of his house.

“You can see everything from here,” Serena breathed as she settled herself onto the blanket beside him. “I feel like I can almost touch the moon!” She extended her hand outward towards the sky, and the beautiful harvest moon glowed behind her outstretched fingers.

“Climbing up here wasn’t that hard, either!” Ash commented with a wink, then asked, “How was your first moon viewing festival?”

“I loved it!” Serena smiled brightly as she recalled the day’s events. “I wish Kalos had something similar. I loved seeing all of the stalls at the Viridian Festival and learning about the traditions. I’ve never seen so many chestnuts!” Ash chuckled as she continued. “Plus, I had the chance to wear a traditional yukata. Are you sure your mom doesn’t mind me borrowing this?” she asked, suddenly aware of the fact that she had risked climbing a ladder while wearing this beautiful garment.

Ash nodded reassuringly. “Of course! She seemed really happy when I told her I had a friend who needed to borrow a yukata, and you saw how big her smile was when she saw you step out in it!”

Feeling less guilty as well as slightly flustered now, Serena changed the subject. “A-anyway, those rice dumplings at the gym were delicious! Now that I’ve tasted some, I may want to try making them.”

Ash turned toward her with eyes sparkling. “Oh man, would you make your own tsukimi dango for next year? I bet they’d be delicious!”

Serena’s faced turned an even deeper shade of pink. “Next year?” she echoed. He was inviting her back?

“Yeah, it only comes once a year,” the Pallet Town native explained, completely missing the point of her question. “I had a really great time at the festival with you! Of course, every day is fun when you’re around,” he added as an afterthought. “So what d’ya say?”

Unable to find the proper words, she simply nodded. Ash seemed satisfied enough by her warm smile and gentle, grateful gaze, so he turned his attention back to the sky. “We should have a really good harv– whoa, Serena! A shooting star!” He sat up straighter and pointed wildly. “Are you gonna make a wish?”

The performer shook her head and laid down on the blanket. The silver moon, the twinkling stars, and the blazing tail of the shooting star all danced within her shimmering eyes. “Not this time,” she murmured. “Right now, I think I have everything I could wish for.”

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So has it always been the three of you since the beginning? Or did you have 'parents' or a creator? Rayquaza mentioned a brother, so was there a mama and papa quaza?

You see each world in each realm, will normally have 1 god of each.

One Xerneas, one palkia, one reshiram…..of each titan…you get the idea.

[Though this doesn’t apply to some breeds of gods like Mew and Lugia..]

AH anyway this is due to territory issues and making sure that not too much chaos can happen. The last thing any world needs is 4 kyogres and Groudons fighting each other.

Before the other gods are born, the titan eggs are placed in the appropriate environment

There is only one of each for each world. If one is destroyed…so is the world.

However…the titan of the skies egg for this world….my egg….was different  from the other eggs oddly...

This was not of much concern for the other gods…..that was until…

…..This confused….and enraged some gods….

….To us though…it was a blessing, we weren’t alone in the skies, we had each other and the stars….

…Those where very good times for me and my brother.

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My favorite part of Sinnoh was its focus on exploration. Almost all of the Pokemon were based on real animals and locations they would thrive in. HMs were great to use in Sinnoh because as a kid, seeing/imagining your Pokemon move boulders or surf across the waves made you feel like an exploration team instead of an army. There was also the underground where you could find treasure and the fact that so many characters like Cynthia and Roark were passionate about archaeology and ancient ruins.

That’s an absolutely wonderful way of wording it - the focus on exploration. And the underground is probably my favorite game feature in terms of how it supplements the lore and aesthetic of the region. I spent hours unearthing things in the underground. 


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Things she will ask about:

  • Where are we/what’s this place
  • What kind of Pokemon are found here
  • Have you encountered any Mons you’re not used to lately
  • What are you doing
  • What the one she is talking to is (if she’s never met the species before)

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You look different then other Wurmple Robin. In fact, what do you for fun in the cave?

“Momma’s been gone so long today I almost ate all the bewwies she left fow me. It’s also getting dawk, so I hope she gets home soon.”

“Oh yeah, and Momma says the reason I look diffewent than other Wuwmple is because I’m shiny! But I’ve never seen another Wuwmple, so I don’t weally know how I look any diffewent fwom them.”

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Hi there! Sorry to bother you but this is just a quick PSA that this blog (pkmon-art) is reposting art (including yours) without permission. Unless I am unaware that this person got permission from you to post your art D: I mentioned it to my followers to leave asks for this person not to repost anymore. I just thought I would let you know!


I generally don’t mind people reposting my pokemon art if it is not in tumblr already and credits (with links) are given.

Not sure if this was done in the blog you mentioned (I try not to follow ANY pokemon related blogs these days due to sun&moon spoilers), but it is a shame when people do that without asking the artist first.