Jimmy Page Fanfic Chapter 2

okay guys so I wrote chapter 2 of my fanfic please let me know what you think. I’m sorry if this sucks and if you guys don’t like it, I’ll stop writing this

Chapter 2

Brianna’s POV

Once the car stopped Jimmy grabbed my hand and told me he would walk me inside. We walked up the stairs to my apartment. I didn’t know if I should invite him or not. Once we got to the door I felt a bit awkward not sure of what I should do.

“I had a wonderful time with you tonight, would you like to come out to my house tomorrow? I cook an excellent spaghetti if I must say” Jimmy asked in almost a shy manner.

You weren’t sure if this was a dream or reality but either way you couldn’t believe what was happening. He asked for your number so he knew what time to pick you up. Once you two exchanged numbers, he leaned down a gave you a quick kiss on your cheek. And with that he was off.

You stood there still mesmerized by the kiss he just gave you. You couldn’t believe Jimmy fucking Page wanted to you to come to HIS house.


You were currently laying in bed it was 2am and you kept replaying in your mind what happened only hours before. You knew you weren’t gonna get any sleep so you decided to plan out in your head what you were gonna wear later on.

Finally you woke up to the sound of your phone ringing. I guess I did end up getting some sleep after all, you th out to yourself. You rummaged through your purse to find your phone. You looked at the number and saw Jimmy’s name.

“Hello love, sorry if I woke you” a soft voice said from the other end of the phone. it was Jimmy…

“no it’s okay I had to wake up eventually.” You chuckled.

“I was thinking how about I come get you around 3?” Jimmy said with a soft sexy voice.


Once you got off the phone you glanced at the clock and noticed it was already 12:30. So you quickly got in the shower and dried your hair once you got out.

You applied makeup, eyeliner, mascara, and a nude lipstick. And as for hair, you curled it in lose bouncy waves. You ended up putting on black high waisted jeans and a white long sleeve crop top, which didn’t really show too much skin.

You glanced at the clock and noticed it was 10 minutes to 3, just in time you thought.

Jimmy’s POV

As she opens her door, she looks absolutely beautiful once again. I can’t help but stare, I have to unwillingly take my eyes away from her gorgeous figure.

“You look absolutely beautiful” I tell her. She blushes and thanks me.

I grab her dainty little hand and we walk together to the waiting car.

Brianna’s POV

We both are now sitting at his dining room table across from each, eating his delicious spaghetti. He tells me in depth about his days being in the yardbirds and led zeppelin.

Soon we found ourselves sitting together on the couch. I was currently laying on his lap and he was playing with my hair. We continued discussing each of our lives, even though his was way more interesting.

He ran his fingers down my arm and at the curve of my waist, it was sending goosebumps throughout my entire body. He gently lifted me up, and guided my body to practically sit in his lap. I was facing him and we looked directly into each other’s eyes. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of our breathing.

Jimmy pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and with his softest voice he said “may I kiss you?”

The only response I gave was leaning over to capture his lips with mine. His lips were so soft and they moved gently against mine. His hands gripped my waist, and the kiss became more ravenous, once he was sure I was okay with it.

He lips went to my neck and I’m pretty he left a mark. I captured his lips with mine once again. He ran his fingers up and down my body.

We continued to make out for at least twenty more minutes. As I finally pulled away, he smiled at me and asked me to stay the night with him.

I couldn’t say no, especially after our little encounter just a few moments before. He kissed me once more before lifting me off his body and grabbed by hand. He brought me upstairs to his bedroom. Once in his room, he left.

I sat there on his bed not believing what just happened. I could die happy. But now I was nervous… Are things going to go to the next level? I mean I didn’t think we were gonna sleep together, I’ve imagined it so many times but doubtful I was even going to get a kiss out of him. But here I was sitting in his bed still not believing I just got done making out with Jimmy Page.

My thoughts were interrupted once Jimmy was back in the room. He had a shirt in his hand and handed it me.

“Love I brought you this to change into” Jimmy said looking me up and down.

I went into the bathroom and changed and fixed myself in the mirror. Once I got out of the bathroom i saw Jimmy laying in his bed. I cautiously went over to the other side, not sure if I was sleeping in here with him or in another room.

Once I got to the bed I sat down and he shifted his body to sit up. He pulled me down onto his pillow and kissed me again. His hands ran up and down my body, and once he got to my shirt, well his shirt, he asked me “may I?” Asking to undo the buttons.

I nodded slowly, and he undid each one at a slow pace, once he opened the shirt his eyes widened. He took his hands and gently kneaded my breasts while kissing my neck. I was moaning softly as his beautiful hands ran up and down my now almost naked body.

His lips found mine again and moved softly over mine. He felt so good against me, I just wanted more. He kissed down my body, and got to where I needed him most.

He looked up at me silently asking if he could remove my panties. I nodded and he slowly pulled them down.

“You’re so beautiful” he said sounding astonished seeing how wet I was.

He kissed my thighs and finally got to where he was needed. He entered one finger into me and I moaned softy. He added another and increased the speed. I fell back into his bed and moaned his name. He watched me intently and smiled at my naked form.

He removed his fingers and replaced it with his warm tongue. I moaned even louder and arched my back. Oh god this felt good.

“Oh my god Jimmy, don’t stop” I whispered out of breathe.

The only sound you could hear was the sound of his tongue deep into my wetness. My body started to move uncontrollably and his strong hands gripped my hips as he devoured me. The pleasure he was giving me was otherworldly. I moaned his name over and over again, and that seemed to please him as the speed of his tongue quickened.

I was so close to releasing but I didn’t want this feeling to stop, he felt so good. “Jimmy, I think… I think I’m gonna… Ahhhh..” You vision blurred for a moment as you tried to collect yourself from the intense orgasm. Holy fuck you thought, no wonder why so many girls fell in love with him.

As your vision came back into view you saw him sitting there watching your body, not taking his eyes off you. You finally gained the strength to get up and crawl into his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a kiss with so much passion he moaned.

While in his lap you felt his rock hard member, you slowly grinded on him. He moaned into the kiss, with his hands gripping onto your ass.

You started to unbutton his shirt and pulled it off his body. You kissed all over his neck and gently pushed him down to lay down. You kissed down his chest until you got to his pants. You quickly undid his belt and unzipped his pants. You slowly pulled down his jeans and saw what you have been waiting for the entire time. He was so hard you thought.

You grabbed his member as he watched you. You slowly started to move your hand up and down. You brought your full lips to his cock and sucked on the head.

He fell back into the mess of sheets on his bed and moaned “ fuuuuck…” His hands massaged your head and gently guided you up and down. “Yeah that’s right baby… Just like that” he encouraged you on to take him deeper. He was so big you couldn’t fit him all in your mouth so you sucked all you could fit in your mouth and used your hand for the rest. “Fuuuckkk.. brianna I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Ahhhhhh….” He released himself into your mouth and came down from his high.

He grabbed you off the floor and brought you up to where he was previously laying. “you are amazing my love” Jimmy softly whispered as he stroked my hair. We both laid down and he wrapped his arms around my body. Feeling him against me like this felt incredible.

My eyes started to close as I felt his lips giving light kisses to my neck….


Anonymous said: Does Dean or Cas ever ask each other out on a date??

Dean did ask Cas to hang out, he insist that it isn’t a date though. By the afternoon shift everyone in the hospital knew about it because of Jimmy.


firefighter!Dean and doc!Cas au

anonymous asked:

My apologies if this is ignorant, but who is it that is getting all the Australians worked up? I'm from the states and this is all very confusing to me.

tony abbott, who has 

  • said that he feels ‘threatened’ by queer people (what the fuck does that even mean)
  • said that schools should teach students less about indigenous culture 
  • said that ‘jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to australia.’ because apparently it’s jesus’s decision as to who gets to seek asylum in australia
  • implied that women get abortions because it’s convenient to them as opposed to, you know, not being financially or emotionally capable of supporting a child
  • ‘I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’ (does this one even require comment really)
  • thought it was appropriate to pose with political supporters in front of signs calling former pm julia gillard a bitch and other misogynistic slurs
  • believes that queer people should operate on a don’t ask/don’t tell basis when it comes to their sexualities (this presumably extends to gender identity as well)
  • has literally zero respect for indigenous australians and has commented that [sometimes] it is their 'place’ to pick up trash in their community

this man is the worst kind of human being imaginable tbh

anonymous asked:

Yeah, laugh it up. But coming out of the stable is a big deal. We risk being made fun of for liking a girl's TV show, people look at you like you're weird for it, and girls won't date you because of it. The fact that you make fun of our struggle is seriously insensitive, especially with all the more privileged groups you defend. Seriously, educate yourself on our struggles before you start using bronies as a punchline, or maybe you just don't know how it feels to be really oppressed,.



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