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((I finally finished it!  And so without further ado, here’s my own personal arrange of Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream, as a request for my 100th follower, AskPersonasOfWriggle!

Here’s the download:

Also, AskPersonasOfWriggle, if you want the song to be longer, just let me know and I’ll loop the song a few more times for you. ^_^))

EDIT: Made some modifications to the song.  Download link has been changed accordingly.

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I couldn’t eat for days after that incident…

((Apparently you can’t see the video from the Dashboard, so you’ll just have to watch it from the blog itself :3))


((I made another boss fight in Danmakufu, this time featuring yours truly. =3  Make sure you watch with annotations on, and enjoy the video.))


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It finally happened!  100 followers!  Thank you for sticking with me, everybody! ;w;

As promised, I shall present my super special awesome gift to the lucky 100th person who decided to follow me….

A personally-made MIDI arrange of the Touhou song of their choosing!

And the lucky winner is…

External image

So, please send me a message with the Touhou song you’d like me to arrange, except for Futatsuiwa from Sado and Watatsuki’s Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue (Because I already remixed those songs here and here, respectively :P)

((Anime Boston Shenanigans))

((So, as I mentioned last week, my absence for the past few days was due to the fact that I was at Anime Boston 2012!  WoooOOOooOOOooOOO!~

For this momentous occasion, I cosplayed….for ze very first time…. o.O

… Dick Gumshoe from the Ace Attorney series.  AskFujiwaraMokou was there too, as Miles Edgeworth.

External image

(on the left is our mutual friend cosplaying as Kay Faraday :P)

I also met Ask-Kogasa (cosplaying as Louise) and AskHinaKagiyama (cosplaying as someone from Homestuck….sorry, I’m not too familiar with Homestuck, so I didn’t recognize who she was xD), but I didn’t get their pictures. :(

Anyway, the con was ridiculously fun.  I got tons of Touhou merchandise, impressed many of the guys in the little Touhou section of the video gaming room with my mad skillz, and made quite a few friends.

After I take care of the schoolwork I’ve got pressuring me this week, I’ll be getting back to answering questions. :D))

Well would you look at that...

I haven’t really been paying attention to my number of followers lately, but look what I just realized:

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Adhering to the general trend with the ask blogs around here, I’ll do a little something for my 50th follower, 100th follower, and maybe if I’m really lucky, my 150th follower (oh look at me, I’m getting way ahead of myself >w>).

The lucky winner is:

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Sadly, it seems Mr./Mrs. Neoheart has no way for me to contact him/her directly.  So if you’re reading this, Neoheart, feel free to PM me with a request you’d like me to draw. ^_^