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Why did you guys stop talking? You seem to be in love with eachother!

I’ve been asking myself that same question all this time. The only thing that felt weird during graduation and high school was that he suddenly became distant. I just… I don’t know what went wrong, especially after that summer break we spent together after junior year. 

I thought that maybe, like me, he too felt— 

I just… I thought we got better, but I guess it was dumb of me to assume such because when school hit, he made me feel like I never existed… again. 

But enough of that, this stream is becoming sort of a therapy session, don’t you guys think? Haha, sorry! Um, are there any other questions-???

“A mug’a hot ink with a side of annoyed demon? How’d you know my favorite?”

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so,,,, what would u do IF jeremy went to vidcon. and what happened senior year??? D: (also, to mod jack- what happened to your wrist??)

I’d just tell him how much I miss him because having him back in my life, even only as a… friend, would be amazing.

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do you know any good bottom jimin as aprecciation fic??

Hi there! I’ve actually answered a similar request here but(t) (≧∀≦) I’ll gladly rec more! I wasn’t sure whether you preferred only jikook or not, so I just included other pairings too ;)


Title: Hello, There
Author: Yourpocketmonsterhoyeah
Rating: Teen
Genre: Mutual Pining, Fluff
Summary: How can anyone look at it and not think that it is the most perfect bubble in the whole wide world? Because Jungkook certainly does.

Title: Squeeze
Author: Polkari Seuta
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff
Summary: It was just there. Round, soft, and big.

Title: Unconditional
Author: goog
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jeongguk left his boyfriend for 4 months without saying goodbye. Now he has to make it up to him.


Title: Can You Make it Clap, No Hands for Me?
Author: themelonlord
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: yoongi will never not be grateful for jimin filling out - aka yoongi can’t keep his eyes off jimin, nor his ass and jimin notices.

Title: What a Lovely…
Author: bethejitomyhope
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Hoseok really loves Jimin’s ass.

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What's Reigen and Serizawa's relationship like?

They get along really well, both as friends and as work partners. Seri’s anxiety calms down with Reigen (since he is a therapist after all) and the two benefit each other. At first, after Seri stopped working for Claw, Reigen took him into his company and had him do hugs for each therapy session. Needless to say it did help- both the customer and Seri himself. They probably still do it (cause who doesn’t love free hugs from a giant cuddly bear?)

((Also i want to thank you so much to those who commented on my post about blog activity! It really made me really happy :D ))

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alsksgsf NOT FAIR u can’t make me do all of them at once SIGH okay fine have these:

drake’s band is called The Commoners lmao

liam is a poli sci major and he’s very serious about it he also wants to go to law school and gets Stressed about the GRE constantly (like once he brought his study guide to a party and maxwell threw cheetos at him)

at the annual Beaumont Halloween Party 2k17 (theme: horror hos and slasher bros) maxwell drake and liam go as the pretty little liars (plus MC because they needed four)

maxwell: drake you’re spencer
drake: wtf NO liam is absolutely spencer
MC: yeah but we like liam
drake: why am i friends with you guys

maxwell tries to get everyone to do the slutty mean girls jingle bell rock dance with him at the annual Beaumont Christmas Party 2k17 (theme: dicks out for santa claus) but no one will so he does it by himself and then it goes viral on YouTube for like a day

liam still has a flip phone and he doesn’t understand why it’s an issue

60% of mc’s clothing is actually maxwell’s clothing

drake is a history major because of course he is

drake: i wish we could go back to the 50’s, the aesthetic was so much more my scene
maxwell: drake no

maxwell’s favorite emoji is this: 🌚

hana is on model UN and is constantly being High Maintenance about her country even though she literally has Liechtenstein

maxwell: hana that’s not a country
hana: wow u wanna tell that to my GDP??
maxwell: cool i don’t know what that is

when maxwell and mc first kiss they don’t tell anyone for like a month and then maxwell finally blurts it all out at a taco bell and liam is like wait you guys hadn’t kissed before that? like liam genuinely thought they were already dating

liam: wait but so like when we all came over to surprise her for her birthday and you guys were asleep in the bed together that was like a platonic thing?
maxwell: uh yes
liam: or when we all went to see the purge and you guys held hands the whole movie
maxwell: it was SCARY ok!!!!
liam: what about the time you brought her flowers and said they were for ‘your little blossom’
maxwell: omg AS FRIENDS
drake: do u know what friends are

there was a weird week where drake tried to be vegan that nobody talks about

kind of like that week where he was super into MC which was also coincidentally the same week when she and maxwell kissed

basically no one talks about drake is the point here it’s just better for him that way

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How do you think the "courting with all the courtesy would have gone? Do you imagine Laurent would have played hard to get? What would damen have to have done to get laurent's heart?

Given the fact that in that scenario Auguste would still be alive and all the stuff with Laurents uncle wouldn’t have happened, I think Laurent would have approached the whole situation completely different (obvs). Laurent would have had a massive crush on Damen and I don’t think he would play hard to get. He’d probably flirt in ways that go way over Damens head and having the time of his life.
Damen eventually makes a move on Laurent but it takes month of them dating and small hints from Laurent for Damen to figure out  Laurent was flirting with him the entire time…

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Can you reccomend me a twisted live jikook fic.. Unhealthy rls etc.. With top kook

Hey! No problem, I hope these fit what you had in mind!

Title: En Passant
Author: Error401
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst, Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: “Hey,” Jungkook said, voice low, “whatever he did, he didn’t deserve that.” “Oh?” Choi said, mouth twisting in amusement. “Did you know his boyfriend likes to sever heads and preserve them? I hear he’s got quite the collection.” Jungkook felt his eye twitch. “That’s disgusting, and also not funny.” He glanced at the crying boy, who’d now curled his legs up to fit on the chair, his feet bare and as tiny as the rest of him. Lines of red were spilling from under the cuffs, dripping onto the table. “I’m going to find a first aid kit and treat those.” “I wasn’t joking,” Choi said, as Jungkook slipped out of the room.

Title: I’ll Take What I Want, I’ll Put My Mark in You
Author: xsxuxgxax
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Smut
Summary: Jimin has a hardcore fan of his tiny self (stalker is an ugly word)
Warning: Rape/non-con

Title: Stockholm Syndrome
Author: Yoongi_Cutie_Yoongi
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: Who was that man?

Title: Well Done!
Author: annafeu
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Romance, Horror, Angst, Fluff, Smut
Summary: Running low on provisions to last them through the winter, wolf-pack leader Jungkook captures an unsuspecting rabbit to have for his Christmas dinner.
Warning: Major character death


Series Title:
Making a Murderer
Author: seokjinim
Rating: Explicit

Title: Strumming My Pain with His Fingers
Genre: Angst, Smut
Summary: Park Jimin is an avid stalker of his schoolmate, Jeon Jungkook, a handsome playboy, known across his University. However, when Jimin’s sick obsession crosses the line, he begins to realise Jungkook isn’t really the man he says he is.

Title: Code of Conduct
Genre: Angst, Drama, Smut
Summary: After escaping prison with a little bit of assistance, Jungkook reunites with his partner in crime, Park Jimin. Together they begin to pursue a life of crime aiming a spot on Korea’s most wanted list.

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hello! i was wondering if you could recommend me your favourite jikook fics when you're free? preferably new ones but if you can't then that's alright, thank you though!

You bet I can!!

honest you do by mnsg [T, 26k]

The Omega Revolution by PinkBTS [jikook, E, ongoing]

expensive lips by flitter [M, 12k]

Eidolon (Come Back Again) by TrappingLightningBugs [T, 8k]

you make my life colourful (i think you’re magical, i think you’re wonderful) by sunkissedyoongi T, 7k]

past the point of no return by busan_brat [M, 11k]

-admin talia

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Might I suggest bartender!Flower that absolutely adores Bunny!Sid and sees how Zhenya is romancing (read: corrupting!!!) Sid. And Flower doesn't give a shit who Zhenya is or how much money he has. He marches up to Zhenya one night (with casino security guard Tanger watching close by) and says "I don't give a shit who the fuck you are. If you hurt Sid I will fuck you up." Zhenya doesn't even mind the insolence because it's good that Sid has people to watch after him while Zhenya is gone.


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This may sound rude, but... what would you like people to ask you? Besides the AU Candy Love, I don't know much to ask you. This isn't ought to be rude, really. Besides, i discover recently your tumblr, so I don't know much.

You can ask anything lol
You can ask about things that you think i like(like tv shows, comics, books, movies, games whatever) personal stuff, if i have seen something and my opinon about it, drawing tips, etc etc etc
You can ask me anything you want, i Just don’t like when people spam by inbox with things like “draw me draw me draw me draw me” “why you didn’t draw my candy??? >:(” “Draw my oc/ my comic” “why you draw this but don’t draw that??” “I’ve send that ask multiple times why you don’t answer?!”
And that happens all the time

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Would Echo overlap with that soulless Papyrus AU?

[Soulless AU][The Great (Echo)]

I haven’t drawn Echo in a while and this was a good excuse!

ANYWAY, what he shrugged! The short answer, it doesn’t really fit into any of the ideas I have/had for Echo very well, so I don’t have any plans for that. But it’s not really out of the question.

The long answer is that the setting I’ve pretty much settled on doesn’t really rule it out. There is, when Echo first wakes up, no known anomaly, and as Asriel is alive, it’s not going to be Flowey. He may be determined enough to be the anomaly, but as far as the “canon” backstory of that idea goes, he’s never triggered anything and it’s never occurred to him to try, because he has no basis to believe that it’s possible.

Echo is deep into denial about the lack of feeling love and compassion, unlike Flowey who was desperately and wildly experimenting to try to feel something genuine and real again, which lead him to far greater extremes than Echo’s strategy of hide away and pretend everything is okay and business as usual. As a result, Echo’s playing it safe when it comes to himself and what he sees and does. He’s not going to let himself die, or help it along. He’s already died once! No thanks! Not again!! 

I really did consider making him Flowey2.0, but I liked some other ideas for him instead, so instead the setting is, at least at the start, reset free, and with Echo’s morality warped but still present, and Sans unaware that any version of his brother lives on.

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Do you have any recs with lots and lots of frottage? I adore you by the way :)

Of course ;) Here you go, and thank you so much my lovely anon ♡♡

Title: All of the Above
Author: kamuu
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut, Slight Angst
Summary: Jungkook bumps into Jimin at a bar when he’s having a terrible day.

Title: Baby, I was so Close
Author: jiminpepper & squsihy_satan
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Jungkook loves it when Jimin begs him for more, so he brings him to the point of almost-orgasm, which makes Jimin so frustrated and he just wants to cum. Jungkook watches Jimin’s thighs begin to twitch, his pretty stomach clenching with pleasure. As soon as he feels Jimin’s length tensing to the point of orgasm, he removes his hand, pinning down Jimin’s hips and he lets out a long moan of frustration.

Title: Break Me Down and Build Me Back Up
Author: faithful_lie
Rating: Mature
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Summary: Jungkook will never stop wanting to please Jimin.

Title: I’m Just Your Early Morning Company (if You Get Me)
Author: groovypark
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: nobody knows what jeongguk does when he’s closed his bedroom door shut late at night.

Title: Guess Whose it Is?
Author: yoongidontdoit
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jeongguk’s definitely just imagining the sexual tension at this dance practice right? Like, the hip thrusts and body rolls aren’t especially hip thrusty and body rolly are they? It’s just because the choreography is suggestive, right?When Jimin looks at him like that, Jeongguk thinks maybe he’s not imagining it.

Title: Move Your Body
Author: novilunar
Rating: Mature
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Summary: Jimin has nothing on his mind but practice, and Jungkook has ways of getting into places he shouldn’t be. The dance department of Jimin’s university is one of them.

Title: Stand by Me
Author: Merixcil
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jimin and Jungkook start out rooming together for practical purposes and soon discover the full benefits of having each other around

Title: This Must be a Blooper (but it Feels a Bit Too Perfect)
Author: kamuu
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Jeongguk manages to meet Jimin and fall in love with him all in the same moment.