What happens when you get your mom into fanfic
  • Mom:What if Cedric didn't die? And what if after the Tournament, he secluded himself in a cabin in the woods to try and cope with everything that happened in the cemetery? What if Viktor Krum came to visit because he wanted to apologize for Crucioing him when he was under Imperius? What if Viktor loved the quiet, and was content to just sit with Cedric? What if he ended up staying, and days turned into weeks, and then one morning Cedric realized he was in love with this stoic, sensitive man? What if Cedric walked up to him while Viktor was making tea, carefully set his mug down on the counter, cupped his face, and then asked if he could kiss him?
  • Me:I have never been more proud that you are my mom.

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I just want to say that I have been sitting on the edge of lapidot hell for days and your highschool au is what finally pushed me over. I hope you're happy.

i am happy!!!!!

And just for you here’s Peridot helping Lapis set up her town in animal crossing because Lapis has been sick and has been bored out of her mind while she can’t go to the school or swim. She thinks it’s really cute that Peridot came by to give give her homework she missed and give her a game to tide her boredom over. She’s totally not blushing!! She just has a fever!!!! (Ok sure whatever you say Lapis).

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omg but like surly teenager derek annoyed he cant go hang out with his friends at their beach house because he has to go to paris with his annoying uncles (uncle and his husband) but while waiting to board the plane he sees a bambi-esque mole spattered teenager laughing with a puppy like boy who has a crooked jaw and they're seated next to a man who is clearly related to bambi and a woman who is clearly related to crooked jaw and they're across the isle on the plane (1/)

and bambi is telling the puppy to calm down it’s only a week that he won’t get to see allison and the entire plane ride to paris is bambi fidgeting and laughing too loudly at the movie and derek just wants to get to know this kid better but he’s also not in a good mood and isn’t going to express interest because that would mean admitting defeat to his uncles. meanwhile, stiles is even more flaily than usual trying to get hot surly boy’s attention. plot twist they’re all from the same hometown and derek’s uncles/dads know stiles’s father and stepmom

Ooh I like this version too, anon!! Give me all the surly teenage Derek slowly getting won over by adorable, flailing, but surprisingly snarky Stiles. All the vacation!Sterek.

I think it’s probably about time for some summer/beach Sterek recs, don’t you all think?

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tw: violence mention; idk what to warn it as concisely but there is a reference to a corpse

  • by the time Jason returned to meet with Percy, it was too late 
  • he stood outside of his dear friend’s estate which had been burned to the ground, Octavian’s flag flying high over the ruins 
  • they searched the remnants of the house and found an unrecognizable body which they took to be Percy 
  • Jason had seen a lot of things in his Legion days but seeing Annabeth’s burnt body was nearly too much, and his eyes burned as he knelt in front of her 
  • he knew it was Octavian’s calling card to have his enemy’s families displayed as a warning 
  • he rose and said an ancient blessing, vowing to make Octavian pay for taking her life and her husband’s 
  • Jason gathered his men and marched into town to find out what had happened but not before taking down his enemy’s flag and stomping on it 
  • he found Percy’s men gathered in the center of town looking weary from battle and being tended to by some nurses 
  • Jason approached one of the soldiers that he recognized, Travis he thought it was, “Solider, what happened here?” 
  • Travis stood up, despite the dark haired nurse’s protests, “Sir, Octavian’s troops tried to take the town so we met them at the border but we… we were too late to save the Lieutenant” 
  • Jason placed his hand on Travis’s shoulder and looked him right in the eye, “You honored him today… You all did.” 
  • Jason found a spot in the middle of all the soldiers and stood on a step, “Soldiers, I know you have lost many friends today and I cannot promise you that you will not lose anymore. But what I can promise you is that if you follow me into this war that awaits us, I pledge on the Honor of Rome to make Octavian pay for what he has done to Percy and Annabeth. He will answer for that in this life and the next.” 
  • the solider’s all stood one by one, placing a fist over their heart and bowing their heads a bit to Jason who nodded back
  • he jumped down from the step and headed out of the building and looked to his next in command, Nico, “Let the men rest for tonight and at day break, we march for the capital” 
  • “Jason, you have to think about this. I know you want to avenge Percy, we all do, but Octavian has complete power in the capital and-” 
  • “Nico, enough! I gave my orders, now fall in line,” 
  • as Jason tried to turn away, Nico grabbed his arm, “You’re not the only one who owes Percy a debt and getting ourselves killed isn’t going to repay it.” 
  • Jason turned back towards his old friend and took a shaky breath, “I’m sorry. I just.. I got him and his wife killed, Nico. If I hadn’t come to ask for his loyalty-” 
  • “This is Percy we’re talking about. His loyalty was never something you had to ask for. Besides, if it hadn’t been you, Octavian would have showed up with an offer and when Percy turned him down his fate would have been the same. All we can do now is honor him, like you told his men.”
  • Jason nodded solemnly, trying to clear his head of all the emotions and think like a Roman 
  • “Does General Zhang still have control in the East?” 
  • “That’s what my informants tell me. He’s got the best trained troops in the Empire and Octavian is trying to court him but he was loyal to the last Emperor and doesn’t seem impressed.” 
  • “Good. We’ve got the North holding strong, and with Percy’s men we can secure the West. Do you think General Zhang would be interested in an alliance?” 
  • “With you? Absolutely. He thinks the Emperor was grooming you to take over.” 
  • “Good. So we take full control of the West, and then once that is secure I ride to the East to meet with General Zhang. Cutting Octavian off from the outside provinces and their resources is out best bet to take the Capital back. Can your informants find out who is taking control in the South? ” 
  • a mischievous smirk played at Nico’s lips, “they don’t call me the shadow whisperer for nothing” 

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Patrochilles body swap au? (Thetis thinks that if Achilles spends time in Patroclus' body, he'll realise how fragile and boring he really is. She's so wrong lmao)

OH MY GOD i love this prompt? thank you so much???

  • I’d say Thetis decides this around the time she gets the first signs that war is coming, around a few days before the messenger of Peleus comes to pick them up from Mount Pelion and after Patroclus and Achilles get together
  • She does it with distaste; the idea that a mere human would be in her child’s body, even for one day makes her physically sick, but it’s his life, she knows of Patroclus’ oath, she knows Achilles will join him if needed
  • So one morning, Achilles and Patroclus both wake up but they switched bodies
  • It’s such a difference for both of them; suddenly, Achilles has to work living in a far more human body, with no blood of the gods running through his veins, he doesn’t have the ease in living he was given from the beginning
  • Patroclus suddenly has to live in a body that has an unusual strength and swiftness, his mind wouldn’t need time to wake from its usual slumber, his limbs wouldn’t feel heavy with sleep in the beginning, it’s all confusing
  • They don’t notice that quickly though, it’s until they look each other in the face that they start to panic and figure things out, Chiron needs to advice them, who easily tells them it’s a trick from Achilles’ mother, and they end up feeling slightly better. 
  • Of course Patroclus feels horrified at the idea of Achilles in his body; even though ages ago it became clear Achilles never focuses on his lack of strength, the other’s constantly reminder how human he is couldn’t be good, right?
  • Achilles is more confused about it all, though, because even though his strength lacks, he still has a swiftness and youth in his body of a young man, he had thought he would be more fragile, but on the way, he realizes Patroclus chooses to be. He asks Chiron for another training, and even though he is panting after a climb up to a good place to train, it doesn’t entirely feel unusual
  • Meanwhile, imagine Patroclus being a major clumsy dork, he isn’t used to so much strength, he is very afraid to touch Achilles because ‘what if i break your bones?’ Keep in mind that Chiron has told them that Achilles’ destiny is killing, he doesn’t know how much Achilles has to keep himself in and he doesn’t want to hurt the other with his experience in a human body
  • Achilles, at the same time, is enjoying it. It’s, of course, weird to touch his own body and to kiss his own lips, but even then, Patroclus’ body would still respond the same way? Imagine the way he responds to it, they feel each other’s love for each other, and as it is in an entirely different body, i could imagine it’s a weird but nice experience?
  • So Patroclus looks at Achilles fighting with his body, he is horrified to try it himself in Achilles’ body, since it’s built for fighting and he’d always choose fleeing if he could, even in this body
  • Imagine how much of a revelation it is to feel how strong Patroclus can be, imagine how much Achilles suddenly realizes why Pat doesn’t choose fighting, just imagine how much respect the demigod has for his lover when it ends, he’s tired, but his muscles are not aching, Patroclus is strong enough with daily exercise.
  • They swim, they run, they compete with each other, experiencing how it is to switch roles, Achilles loves the way he can suddenly feel a limit in his body, he feels like it’s a challenge he would like to overcome, and he can see the joy in his own face as Patroclus wins, all of a sudden. They are in each other’s bodies, but Patroclus still holds himself the same in Achilles’ body, still his own little smile, Achilles loves it. 
  • At night, before they go to sleep entangled with each other’s bodies, Patroclus asks him if he disliked to feel so fragile, and Achilles would, of course, shake his head
  • ‘I respect your strength and your choices, Patroclus. You have always competed with me with this body, you’ve run from Phthia to Mount Pelion with this body to join me, i have always been told by my mother that humans are weak, but i now realize they are stronger than me, because they work to achieve what i got at birth.’
  • Patroclus can only feel relief as he falls asleep, only needing one small warning of Achilles that he is squeezing the other too much, and the next morning, they’re back to normal, and Pat can see that little respect he seems to have earned from Achilles, a certain extra wonder and admiration, and he really likes it
  • Thetis is pissed off that her plan doesn’t work, tbh, but yeah who can stop them from loving each other? No one and nothing really can
Ame & Yuki Au! -closed-

This was going to be her first day in college.Of course she was more than excited and checked her things more than once.She was just happy to finally got a place and have the money live on her own.

Away from her horrible family.

With a big smile she took the train and drove to her new college.What would happen in these years?Would she be good in it? Would she have fun? Those where just a few question that went trough her head.As she looked at her watch she saw that she was late for some minutes.

“O-oh no oh no!” Just as the doors of the train opened she squezed trough and ran as fast as she could.And she wasnt the fastes person , but somehow she still managed to come just in time into the big room.

As she was about to pull out her things she noticed a guy in the corner.She hadnt seen him as she first meet the people of her classes.He had long blond hair and when she leaned a bit forward she could see a bit of his pink dyed locks that framed his handsome face.As he looked over to her a blush came to her face.

He really was beautiful.Quickly she had looked away to her paper and took notes.

// ask-the-waylon

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Ok so deaf!mickey but what about blind!ian tho- Ian being really independent and Mickey getting angry because Ian won't let him lead him around or help him but always does it anyway despite Ian's protests. And when Ian doesn't reach to grab things that are in the right spot Mickey slips it over to him and let's Ian act all smug bc he did it all himself, he would also read to Ian from all kinds of shitty magazines and articles and how they look while they are fucking tbh blind!ian ftw

oh dear i love blind!ian !!

  • mickey holding ian’s hand because he’s an uncontrollable sap he has to lead ian around somehow
  • ian gets tetchy during slow work days and makes mickey read celeb magazines to him, even though mickey complains that he hates them and is super bored of hearing about their tragic love lives. but he ends up reading them anyway, for ian :^)
  • ian is 500% more dedicated to making mickey loud while they fuck, because he has to rely on that alone. it’s all well and good to touch him and feel his heart pounding and his chest heaving and his lips parted, but hearing him moan, and shout, and sigh his name - that’s the real prize for ian.
  • asking mickey what he looks like and mickey gets uncomfortable and hesitantly describes himself in the details ian can’t touch to see, like eye and hair color. when he says he has some freckles, ian demands that he put ian’s hands on them so he can tell where they are, and he reverently traces all of them. there’s one on his neck that he has memorized, and he always leaves hickeys over it when they make out :)
  • blind ian!!!!!!!!!

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I didn't see all the hp au posts, have we discussed the possibility of Edgeworth being part veela? He has no idea cause he has no known living relatives and maybe it's more subtle in males. And when they do find out Phoenix is like I KNEW IT

omg goOD SHIT

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titanic au but instead of being jack and rose, ian and mickey are the old couple hugging in bed

thanks sweetie ( ^ ³^)*・゚  never talk to me again

on second thought:

  • young ian and mickey falling slowly in love, going swing dancing on dates and hiding out from their families, and looking so beautiful and happy whenever they’re together!
  • ian always lays with mickey and fantasizes about getting out and seeing the world, always wanting adventure, and even though they can’t afford it mickey swears that they will someday, and from then on he works as hard as he can so he can show his bb the world one day
  • growing older and ian talks less and less about traveling and seeing everything, and mickey knows he still wants to do it but that he thinks they never will, and he feels bad belaboring the point when they just don’t have the time or money :/ mickey secretly starts putting away money so they can go away one day
  • finally, when they’re very old, mickey finds the stash of money and buys them tickets to get on the titanic when it sets off. ian’s so fucking happy and beautiful for weeks beforehand, and mickey goes along with him excitedly packing and talking nonstop about the trip
  • they have the best time on their little cruise together, ian never stops talking about all the things they’re going to do and see when they get to shore, and mickey’s never seen him so happy :’)
  • when the ship starts to sink, they know that two old gay men will never get a lifeboat. instead, they hold each other as the ship goes down. ian whispers nonstop that he loves him and mickey spends his last moments with his eyes closed, remembering ian’s beautiful, excited face when he talked about adventuring for their whole lives, and feeling love and sad and calm
  • :)

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Plans for the fourth?

FAHC Geoff: I stayed up all night making this god damned picnic and you fucks set it on fire!
FAHC Ryan: Your so-called picnic was literally 3 bottles of booze and half of a watermelon.
FAHC Geoff: It was made with love and you destroyed it.
FAHC Ray: Geoff please…

Imagine (Luke): Him and michael are fighting over you

You had just spent the day out shopping with one of your friends you haven’t seen in a while, and while it was great to catch up, you’re looking forward to relaxing when you get home.

Except when you step through the front door, you know there’s no relaxing happening any time soon. You hear shouts coming from your living room, and you sigh. You hate when your mom lets your friends into the house when you’re not there. It’s awkward.

You set down your bags at the foot of the stairs and head into the kitchen where you figure your mom is, and you were right. She’s sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper. 

“Mom!” you say. She glances up at you. “I told you to stop letting them in when I’m out! It’s weird.” 

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” she says. She has this sly look on her face, and it’s creeping you out. “They wanted to ask my opinion on something.”

“Wait, who’s ‘they?’” You never thought to ask which of your friends are actually here. 

“Luke and Michael.”

“Why did they need your opinion on something? They can ask their own parents.” You cross your arms. 

“It was about you.”

“Me?” There’s more shouting. “Honestly, what the hell is going on in there?”

“Maybe you should go find that out.” She looks back down at the paper. You roll your eyes. 

When you enter the living room, it’s totally not what you were expecting. It’s like a screaming match in there, and they don’t even notice you. Amused, you quietly sit down on the couch and take in the scene that is in front of you.

“What makes you think you can have her?!” Luke yells at Michael.

“Um, we were friends first!” Michael shouts. 

“But when have you started liking her as in ‘more than friends?’”

“A couple years ago, maybe.”

“Well, I’ve had a crush on her since primary school.” He smirks to himself and you stifle your laughter. “So I win. I get to ask her out.”

“Woah, woah, woah,” Michael says. “But who’s closer to her?” Luke is silent. “That’s right. Me.”

“Guys,” you say, not being able to control your laughter anymore. The look on their faces when they see you is priceless. “No need to fight over me.” You stand up. “Unless I’m worth fighting for…”

“Trust me, you’re worth it,” Luke says. You blush.

“Quit being such a kiss-up,” Michael says, rolling his eyes.

“How about we talk about this?” you suggest before the yelling starts up again. You prefer to be civil about things like this.

“I don’t think there’s anything to talk about,” Michael says. “You heard it all.”

“I know, but–”

“Do you like either of us?” Luke interrupts. “You know, in that way?”

“Um…” You think about it. They’re two of your best friends. You’ve never given a thought about being romantically involved with either of them. And you don’t really want that to ruin any of your friendships if things don’t work out. “I mean, you guys are great, but I like you in a platonic way.” You feel so bad, especially for Luke since you heard him say he’s liked you since you guys were little. 

“Yeah, yeah, I thought so,” Michael says. The disappointment is prominent on his face. 

“Yeah, same,” Luke says.

“I’m sorry,” you squeak out. 

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Michael says. “We’re all friends here, right?”

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MORE REVERSE TRIO HEADCANONS: Vlad is also demisexual and that's why he became friends with Jack in the first place, because Jack is an awesome person and Vlad thought he could get into that, but then he found out Jack is also fucking ridiculous so he was like 'no, I'll just keep the weirdo as my friend' which was a good call because Jack is straight. Vlad helped Danny figure out his sexuality when Danny got really confused at why everyone was like 'dating and kissing and look at that hottie'

and Danny was like ‘you know what’s really cool? SPACE!’ and he had no idea why everyone was so focused on dating when they could be focused on star clusters until he got a crush on a friend from summer camp or whatever (because the Fentons are normal and would totally send their kids to summer camp) and was like 'what is this feeling and why won’t it go away?’ and Uncle Vlad had to explain everything to him. Danny forever remains super bad at being able to differentiate between friend love and crush love because they’re basically the same to him for the most part. Jazz and Uncle Vlad are in on Sam’s plots to get Tucker and Danny together but they’re so thickheaded that nothing works but Vlad refuses to lock them in a room together until they talk because it’s too cliche and he feels they’re better than that. Jack thinks Danny and Tucker are already dating and Maddie doesn’t realize they have a thing for each other in the first place because she’s still a little confused about the concept of demisexuality, but Jack only understands better because he’s been Vlad’s friend for longer.

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hello!! do you know any sterek fairytale au? thanks!! :)

Sterek Fairytale AUs!

Hoards of Gold and Treasure - RiniRhyme (T | 7k) Slaying dragons, saving princesses—these are things that all princes are wont to do and Prince Derek is no exception. Excepting for the fact that Stiles isn’t a princess and the dragon isn’t as vicious as it seems.

Fair Lordhawke - flitterflutterfly (M | 12k) Scott “The Wolf” McCall is a master thief who escapes from the dungeons of Beacon Hills only to be nearly killed by the evil King Peter’s captain of the guard. Saved by the mysterious Derek and his pet hawk, Scott agrees to help the sour man break into Beacon Hills to kill Peter. Only, every night Derek disappears to be replaced by a strange wolf and a slightly hyperactive fair lord.

Far, Far Away - saucery (T-M | Series) A series of fannish riffs of popular fairy tales. Or, the series in which Stiles and Derek find each other in a multiplicity of different ways, in increasingly ludicrous realities. Featured so far: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Aladdin, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid.

Alpha Spikes - starbeast (E | 70k) Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year’s heat season, as a ‘thank-you’ to all they’ve done for their compounds throughout the year. Derek is an Alpha and…yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he’s just turned eighteen. This…is not his day.