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  I’m so happy we reached such number I can’t put it in words. You’re great and all I have to say literally is thank you for following Zoro and for giving me a lot of fun.

  To celebrate this occasion I’ll make a votation so you can choose what should I do and both of us win! ( because I want to please you besides I have no ideas… ) so that’s it.

Now have these “behind the scenes” down here, guys.

and once again thank you.


키엑 >> KiiiiiiiEEeeeeeeeeeeeKKK


LOL…. In my country Switch will coming in…. Later… Later……la….t… ㅠㅠㅠ

I want to play Mario Odyssey more….!!! and yeah Suit is always answer LOL

Scan and clean up with Photoshop! makes my feeling Haiiiiya!

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Luffy, Sanji and Zoro reacting to their s/o giving them a flower crown? (Btw love your headcannons!)

Awww! I love this request! And thank you very much friend! That’s so sweet of you to say!


  • This sweet lil bean will definitely grin that beautiful signature grin of his, and laugh his signature laugh. To his s/o, it’ll somehow be better than all the other times he’s done those things. In fact, whenever Luffy grins and laughs when things revolve around his s/o, it’s always better and brighter. I mean, that’s from his s/o! It’s romance, man! They love him to death, and he loves them the same! Of course Luffy’s gonna show his appreciation through the two biggest things that make lots of his allies happy! Plus, he just can’t help but laugh and smile. His s/o made this masterpiece and gave it to him. What an honor!
  • He’ll get really hyped about it and show everyone who’s around him at the time how pretty and cool the flower crown is. If someone in the crew isn’t with him in the room at the moment, he’ll go hunt them down to show them.
  • He’ll try to return the favor by making something for them too. It would most likely be his own rendition of the thing his s/o made for him. Therefore, his “masterpiece” would basically be a bunch of twigs, flower petals, and grass all mixed together into one stuck together mess. He WILL get super disappointed if his s/o doesn’t wear it, so they better do it or face the wrath of his sulking and sadness. You’d be heartless if you didn’t pity that face.
  • NO ONE CAN WEAR THE FLOWER CROWN BUT HIM! He’ll treat it like his special seat, and so if his s/o made it for Luffy, then Luffy is the only one that can wear it at all. That’s how his logic works, and to him, it makes perfect sense.
  • He’s definitely going to have it around the base of his Strawhat. Needless to say, it’ll be adorable.


  • “(F/n)-san…you made this for me?”
  • Congratulations to his s/o, because they just made his entire day. He’ll have those hearts in his eyes and he’ll twirl, and he’ll just be so happy! Not only is the flower crown the best work of art ever, but it was made by his s/o! Like Luffy, he’ll think it’s quite the honor to be the one to wear it, but he’ll take it way farther with the appreciation. He’ll have it on for days afterwards, and will fight anyone who makes fun of him for having it on. Especially Zoro. It’s like whenever he has it on he seems genuinely happier!
  • He’ll keep it somewhere in his room/mens’ quarters when he can see it. It reminds him of his s/o, obviously, and so looking at the thing that his s/o made for him helps him sleep with a smile. It’s like they’re watching over him. He’d never tell anyone that; even his s/o. It’s just something personal that he likes to keep to himself in his heart.
  • Will lose it if it breaks even just a little. Like dude, chill man. It’s a flower crown. Flowers are pretty delicate. But no. Sanji ain’t havin’ any of that. He’ll frantically try to fix it himself. If he fixes it, he’ll be so relieved. If it breaks more, he’ll need a paper bag to hyperventilate into. He’s not gonna tell his s/o about this! He’ll be convinced that they’ll be beyond pissed if they see it broken.
  • His s/o might make him a new one if he’s worrying about it that bad, or maybe they’ll just comfort him with an amused chuckle. Seriously, chill out man. Things happen. It’ll be even more hilarious if it wasn’t even his fault. “(F/N)-SAN, MY LOVE, I HAVE DESTROYED YOUR MASTERPIECE THAT EXCEEDS ALL WORKS OF ART IN THE WORLD!” Like whoa, my blonde homie a petal just fell off from the wind we can put it back on?? Dear lord cool yo jets thanks.


  • We all know who Zoro is. The big muscle-y tough guy that can’t be affected by anything or anyone. Now, he’s going to try to react that way when his s/o presents the flower crown to him, but it’ll be impossible to miss the small blush that will turn his cheeks red. Why will it be impossible to miss? Because someone’s (probably one of the idiot trio) gonna be like, “OOOO GUYS CHECK IT ZORO’S BLUSHING YO AW MAN THIS IS GOLD!!!” And they’ll all scamper to him to see the blush like it’s some kind of some museum exhibit.
  • Of course, he’ll spring to his feet and deny that he showed any emotion other than stoic. This might even result in a fight with Sanji if Sanji doesn’t first realize that Zoro’s hurting his s/o’s feelings by not taking the crown and ignoring them. 
  • Zoro will look over to them and feel pretty bad inside. He’ll order everyone out to save his dignity and silently walk over to his s/o and put it on his head firmly. “Thanks, (F/n). It’s amazing.”
  • Of course, he knows that the crew didn’t leave at all. It’s obvious that they hid and eavesdropped, so that will be that until Zoro catches his s/o alone. He’ll look like he’s trying to push his blush down, but in reality, he’s letting it go. He’ll gently kiss their forehead and take their hand in his.
  • He’ll wear it around the crew reluctantly. He has no trouble wearing it when alone though. In fact, he’ll like studying the craftsmanship of the object, running his fingers along the weaves and bends of the stems and petals, and wonder in awe where they got such a skill for creating things like this from.  

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Gah I love Your Sanji. (Sanji is like my favorite I know I’m weird but jeez I’ve got a soft spot for him) also your messing with law thing was hilarious. Don’t mess with the surgeon of death seriously who thought it was a good idea? Also just your art in general is amazing