Ask the woman in pink

  • White slash shippers: Don't use the word bromance ever. It undermines romantic gay relationships and is therefore homophobic.
  • WOC: Yet you guys use it all the time to describe 100% of relationships involving women of color, specifically black women which is blatant misogynoir and active participation in the history of the desexualization of the black female body.
  • White slash shippers: ....
  • WOC: ...
  • White slash shippers: Shut the fuck up

1D came up in conversation the other day at work and an older woman who we call “pink haired Sue” asked me who my favourite member was. I told her it was Harry and she was like, “oh I like Harry too. Isn’t he gorgeous? He’s so gorgeous isn’t he? If he asked me to marry him I’d definitely say yes.” I don’t think I’ve ever been so endeared by a little lady with pink hair who then serenades me with a pitchy ‘Steal My Girl’.