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Hiiii I think you already know I've been lurking on your blog for a few hours lol I've been reading your posts about mitam and sott, sweet creature etc. Is it possible you could make one for more songs on the pink album? I would love to see woman or only angel!!! Specially woman tbh. I know it's a lot to just ask but it would be amazing! If you already have a post about this just ignore me lol (or direct me to it) thank you, sea xxx

WOMAN has always puzzled me, and I have read a lot of good interpretations, but I was still not really satisfied for my own musical curiosity. So here goes nothing. 

I am basing my interpretation on these lyrics, and will refer to times from this video:

Someone very fortuitously discovered an allusion to Charles Bukowski’s poem, Old Man, Dead in a Room

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On Oppsite Sides

Prompt: On Opposite Sides

Characters: Sasuke/Sakura, Sarada

Sarada has seen her parents fight before (“it’s not fighting, only a discussion,” her mother would say and her father would agree), but never once would she have imagined that they could become so passionate over something so trivial.

The family of three had been lounging in the kitchen. Sasuke and Sakura both stood at the counter, preparing the family’s routine dinner, while Sarada sat at the table recounting the day’s events.

“I don’t know how,” Sarada paused for a moment to find the right words, “but Boruto managed to make the farmer even angrier than before, and this was after he accidentally sprayed the wrong pesticide all over the crops!”

Sasuke snorted, but otherwise the two parents were silent while their daughter continued her story.

“So I’m thinking, well this mission is a complete failure, but I can’t see how it can possibly get any worse.” Sarada said.

“Oh no,” Sakura intoned.

“Oh yes! Mitsuki, the poor soul, had thought that it would’ve been a good idea to ask the farmer a question to deflect the attention away from Boruto. Except, it only made the farmer explode at us. He kicked us and Konohamaru-sensei off his property!” She pushed her glasses up in a huff, as they began to droop down the slope of her nose. “I can’t ever face Hokage-sama again, not with a mission failure!”

“Sarada, I can assure you the idiot has other things to worry about.”

Sakura stopped chopping the vegetables she had in front of her before throwing her husband a glare, and walking over to face her daughter at the table. Putting her hands on the dark haired girl’s shoulders, she looked into her daughter’s eyes. “What your father means, is that while Lord Seventh is an incredibly powerful ninja now, he wasn’t the most talented ninja at your age.”

“That’s giving him too much credit.” Her father now faced the two.

The woman rolled her eyes and ignored her husband’s comment. “I can’t tell you how many d-rank missions we failed as a team, many of which were Naruto’s fault.”

“Really, Mama?” Sarada asked in disbelief.

“Oh yeah. Big time.”

The family was silent for a moment, while Sakura processed the new information given to her about the Hokage.

“So what was the question Mitsuki asked?” The pink haired woman was curious about what had gotten the farmer so riled that it cost her daughter a successful mission.


“What did Mitsuki ask the farmer?”

“Oh!” She had forgotten to mention it. “He asked if tomatoes were fruit or vegetables.” She hid the grimace on her face, for she knew that her father enjoyed the little red balls of pure evil.

There was a pause in the Uchiha family. The knife Sasuke had been using to slice thin strips of salmon clattered on the wooden cutting board. “Well, that’s easy,” the father responded monotonously. “Tomatoes are obviously vegetables.”

Her mother clicked her tongue, and replied to her husband. “That’s where you’re wrong. Tomatoes are classified as fruit.”

“I think I would know if tomatoes were fruit, Sakura.”

Standing besides the elder Uchiha female, Sarada watched as her mother crossed her arms haughtily, with a smirk upon her lips. “I suppose the great Sasuke Uchiha can’t know everything.”


“Yes, darling?”

“Fruit is sweet. Tomatoes are savory, acidic almost.”

“So?” Sakura asked.

“I hate sweet things. I think I would know if I enjoyed eating it.”

Her mother in return replied with what seemed to be the most sugary voice imaginable. “Well,” she shrugged, ”you enjoy eating me.”

Sarada was horrified, and didn’t even register the blush that resided upon her typically stoic father’s face. “Ew! Ew! Mama! Do you have to say things like that when I’m in the room?”

Sakura had the decency to look a bit ashamed. “Sorry Sarada.”

“I knew Papa and Mama were dirty.” The girl shook her head in disappointment.

The man in the room cleared his throat. “As I was saying, there isn’t a possible explanation as to why tomatoes would be in the same category as another fruit such as a banana.”

Sakura Uchiha moved towards her husband, poking her index finger solidly into her husband’s chest. “There are plenty of explanations, Sasuke-kun, you’re just choosing to be ignorant..”

The man rolled his eyes, and gestured for his wife to continue.

“It’s not about the taste, silly. It’s about the way the fruit is developed.” She emphasized her point by sprouting her hands together, in the form of a plant sprouting. “They come straight from the ovary of a flower, same as cucumbers and other types of squash. I wouldn’t typically tie those together with other more commonly acknowledged fruit, but I can’t change what it is. And what it is, is fruit!”

Sarada was amazed that her mother had put such such thought behind her argument, but it was clear that the same sentiment was lost on her father.

Both renowned shinobis simply stood in the kitchen, practically nose to nose, but on opposite sides of opinion. It was almost comical, for her mother stood on tip toe to seem more intimidating (and almost succeeding if it were not for the flour smeared upon her cheek), and her father, always strong and lean, clad in a frilly yellow apron.

Said man pinched the bridge of his nose with his sole hand. “Sakura, you’re being stubborn-“

“I’m being stubborn? You need to accept science, Sasuke-kun!”

Their daughter, still seated at the dining table briefly pondered if she had enough time to run up to her room to grab her phone to record the squabble between her parents before deciding that the risk of missing too much was greater. Boruto would just have to believe her when she would tell him about what his idolized sensei did in his spare time.

“Well then, science is wrong.” Her father retorted.

Sarada almost burst out laughing at the wild eyed look that her mother took on. The pink haired woman began to sputter, “I- You- What?!”

“You heard me.” The Uchiha male smirked. “Your precious science is wrong.”

“You can’t argue against a classification!”

The salmon on the cutting board was starting to look tempting. Sarada wondered how much longer they were going to argue before they went back to cooking their dinner, she was hungry, she thought glumly as she patted her empty stomach. She hadn’t eaten all day after losing her appetite from the failed mission. The girl cut off the quarrel between the two adults to ask a question. “I get that you both have, uh, passionate opinions on this, but can you do this after dinner?”

It was almost funny how quickly the couple seemed to gain a sense of self-awareness. Immediately, her mother and father seemed to almost deflate.

Sakura had the decency to look sheepish, and apologized. “I’m sorry sweetie, I guess we got a little carried away huh?”

Sarada shrugged, but gave her mother a warm smile in response. She also was able to see the red that tinged the tips of her father’s ears, and burst into giggles. “Papa, can we go out to get ice cream after dinner?”

She knew that normally her father would decline, but figured it was worth the shot. Especially since he seemed to be feeling a little guilty.

He grunted in agreement.

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 30- The Defining Decade
: It’s Time to Go
Summary: It’s almost time for their lives to turn upside down, and at the same time he’s happy about it, Uchiha Sasuke is also really apprehensive. How will they deal with their remaining time?
A/N: Ahh!! I didn’t like this theme at all!! I mean… 10 years is a lot, and yet it’s not enough to be defining! There are two important decades in their lives, and due to the amount of time I have and the fact that this is a one-shot, I ended up forcing myself to write something really really short! For I’m still going to write a long pic about their journey, I’ve done my best to hold back the details of how I think it happened and all… The next theme will be better, I promise! I hope you like it, and please, leave me a Review!
It was not until early March that his anxiety started to kick in.

His heart would beat faster, consequently raising his blood pressure, as his levels of stress had never been higher. The lack of sleep made itself evident due to the deep, dark circles around his eyes, and a sudden fear of the world was taking over his senses, making the oh-so-powerful Uchiha Sasuke keep an eye open to whatever could crawl from under a leaf.

He was paranoid, to say the least. And it was all because of her.

It was all because of that one, pink haired woman, who had been traveling with him for over a year and who had been annoying him ever since. With those viridian eyes, and that round, round belly of hers, Uchiha Sakura was driving him crazy. She has always been reckless and irresponsible, and now that she had the company of a baby in her womb, the pinkette didn’t really see a reason why not to continue acting that way.

Pregnant or not, she was still the same Sakura she used to be, but with a different last name. She would punch the ground, jump around trees, heal people, and consequently, she would leave him on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That pregnant woman would be the death of him, he knew.

But as he watched her surrounded by all those 5 kids, as one of her bright smiles decorated her face, Sasuke knew he couldn’t be any happier than at that very moment.

His wife really is annoying, he thought, with a smirk decorating his face.

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Queen of the Water (3)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.4k+

Warnings: none!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

Originally posted by i-dont-have-gas-im-in-love

Y/n groaned at the sound of her alarm. She threw her arm to her side and slapped her clock shut. Her door opens and she groans again when Peggy pulls the curtains open and tugs her blankets away from her body.

“Five more minutes, Peggy, please,” Y/n whined against her pillow, squinting through the harsh light pouring into her room.

“Absolutely not, young lady! Today is the day! Your mother’s getting married and you have a big role to play! We’re leave in 90 minutes and I’m tasked at getting you ready!” Peggy barked back, stepping into her closet. “You’ve been here for a week and your room is already a disaster! When your mother and Edward are on their honeymoon, you’re cleaning your room!”

“Only if you let me pick what I wear. I am not wearing that ridiculous dress. I look stupid,” she said, trying to negotiate what she was suppose to wear to the ceremony and to the reception.

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poly relationship scenario with zarya x f!reader x mccree? (this anon.. has a bit of a Weakness for those two)

me too anon <3

You pulled Zarya a little closer and let out a pleased sigh. She giggled and wrapped her arm a little tighter around your upper body. It was an amazing feeling; her warmth and the touch of her skin on yours was the best thing you could imagine.
“My two favorite girls.”, you heard a raspy voice at the door and you saw Jesse, entering the bedroom. 
“My favorite cowboy!”, you replied and pulled the blankets aside. “Join us!”
“Gladly.” He threw his had on top of the commode, his boots landed in the corner of the room.
“So, how was the mission?”, the pink haired woman asked him. “Did everything go well?”
“It was okay.”, Jesse said and shrugged his shoulders. “Morrison was a pain in the ass tho.”
Zarya chuckled and pulled him into a warm hug. Jesse nuzzled his face into her chest and sighed exhausted. You sat up to reach his back and comforted him gently. Zarya pulled the two of you as close as she could and placed a gentle kiss on Jesse’s forehead. 
“My girls…”, he mumbled before falling asleep in her arms.

Anniversary +1 || C.H

warning: quite long

I M A G I N E 

“You look fantastic, Y/N,” Calum softly compliments, his almond eyes twinkling at the sight of you. His hand snakes upon the clothed table to place it on top of yours lovingly. A candle sat in the middle of it all, with a flame lit and dancing to its own music. Two plates, one for each, was ornate with food you made. 

“You’re not looking so bad yourself, Hood,” you reply, staring at the boy admiringly. Your bottom lip was found between your teeth as you nibbled in adoration. His calloused thumb rubbed the top of your hand as he smiled. “I can’t believe it’s been one year.” 

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- (n.) finding something good without looking for it.

UvoShal based on the line: “There’s no point in getting a bed if you can’t sleep in it too.”

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The pink matriarch stared in silence and awe at the smaller, white, human - she has such pretty hair. Ragyo almost looked a miniature human version of White Diamond..Was this lady really human? In thoughts so deep she likely hadn't realized she'd been staring curiously at the other for a good solid five minutes as she looked down toward the other.

Ragyo just smiled while motioning away her servants with her eyes now glancing back at the much larger and pink being behind her. Her smirk now emerging. An another space rock she has to deal with she would think to herself, noticing its not an another yellow this time.

Slowly did the woman begin to hover and fly off to her, her arms now crossed as she addresses herself towards Pink Diamond.

“Pink Diamond I assume?” 

The woman asked, her rainbow aura glowing like a goddess…

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ItaSaku + coffeshop au

Itachi Uchiha wondered if it was possible to break biology.

He had seen physics broken more times than he cared to count (being in prolonged contact with Naruto Uzumaki tended to make one question whether or not physics was just a fake science developed to make students cry), but three weeks into the first term of his third year at the University of Konoha and Itachi was questioning whether or not biology fell into the same category.

At this point, he wasn’t even sure if science was real.

How was it possible for such a tiny body to hold so much caffeine every day without tearing apart at the seams?

“I need a large dark roast, tripe shot espresso,” the pink-haired woman in front of him told the barista.  It was the exact same order every day, and without fail, every day the barista’s eyes would bulge a little and he would repeat the order, just to be sure.  When she would nod impatiently, the barista would lock horrified eyes with Itachi, who would blink impassively and turn back to the display of muffins to decide what he would select today.

Little did the barista know, every day, Itachi was just as horrified as he was.

He just did a much better job of hiding it.


The rich smell of coffee made its way up to his nose before his chest started burning.

“Oh, God, are you okay?” the pink-haired woman asked.  Despite the urge to swear as she had before, Itachi merely nodded and pulled his soaking wet shirt away from his skin.  A quick glance down revealed angry red burn marks that would certainly start peeling over in a few days.

He sighed softly.

“I am fine,” he said.  “I apologize for your coffee spilling.”

Green eyes blinked in disbelief.  “I burned your chest and you’re apologizing to me?”

He shrugged.

“My name is Sakura Haruno,” she introduced herself.  “I’m a health science major here, first year.  I can treat your burn.”

“Itachi Uchiha,” he replied smoothly.  “Political science, third year.  I am fine.”

“Let me amend my statement.  Hi, I’m Sakura.  I’m gonna treat your burn in the bathroom.  Now,” she said firmly, taking his free hand and tugging him towards the back.

Itachi was right.  It was entirely possible to break biology.

There was no other explanation for why his pulse seemed to pick up in that brief moment.

Marlin had separated from Rose a little while ago to sneak out toward one of the bigger balconies, hoping to blend in enough where no one from his family could see him pull out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. There were a few people out there laughing and talking and having drinks, but he went toward the far corner to pull one out, stick it between his lips, and cup around the end to flick the stone of his lighter and cherry the end. Once the smoke filled his lungs, he felt his muscles relax and he sighed out the smoke from his lungs. He flicked the ashes to the wind at that point, pacing around until he felt a presence come up behind him. He looked up to find a woman he didn’t know.

“You’re Marlin Caulder, right, sugar?” asked the woman, maybe in her forties, dressed obnoxiously in bright pinks and yellows. 

Marlin took another quick drag from his cigarette before he let it down at his hip and blew the smoke away, shrugging and nodding. “Yeah?”

“Oh my goodness,” the woman said with a slight giggle as she sauntered up to him. “You look just like how your Daddy did when he was younger. You are practically twins, aren’t you?”

Marlin stifled a groan before he nodded, sarcasm starting to coat his tongue. “Sure am,” Marlin said as he raised the cigarette back to his lips.

The woman gave an almost pathetic sigh. “Too bad you’re not property. I’d eat you right up,” she moaned.

Marlin nearly choked on the smoke at that point before he gave the woman a horrified, pissed off look. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” Marlin snapped off, only for a shadow to cut right into the conversation, causing him to step back.

A Bustling Uchiha Christmas

Title: A Bustling Uchiha Christmas

Pairings: Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto and Hinata

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto


Christmas lights hung in the air, illuminating the crowded street. Light snow dusted the people filling the crowded city, as light music filtered through the air. Beautiful stars twinkled in the black night sky, and a daring moon shined on the Earth pleasantly.

It was getting late, and the temperatures were dropping rapidly. A very pregnant Sakura was nursing a hot chocolate at that time, urging her stubborn husband to get a move on. Uchiha Sasuke was currently in a war of ring toss with his best friend Naruto. The two wives looked at them with exasperation.

Sakura currently, could not contain her irritability. She, who had walked around the festival for hours, had been promised that this was the last round, at least five rounds ago. Her good friend Hinata Hyuga, was doing her best to calm down the tired woman.

Hinata was pregnant herself as well, but only at manageable four months, unlike the Uchiha matriarch, who was having a hard time moving around, nearing at her nine month mark.

“Sakura, this is the last round, I swear.” Sasuke muttered, as she tugged once more on his sleeve. Grumbling, Sakura snatched her hand away, and fumed quietly.

“Come on, Sakura-chan! One more game?” Naruto pleaded, looking at the both of them with puppy dog eyes. Hinata could not help, but give in to his request. Sakura on the other hand, had enough of their foolish antics, and could swear she felt her feet swell the more she stood on them. At least, she felt their swelling, with what little feeling she had left in her feet.

“Do whatever you want!” Sakura exclaimed, before waddling towards the end of the street, intent on getting home and laying down in a hot bath.

“Sakura-chan!” Hinata cried out, following her.

“I’ll be fine, Hinata, stay with these idiots, make sure they do not get into any trouble.” Sakura grumbled. Hinata, was torn, she was sure Sakura would be fine, but if she did get into trouble she would not be able to forgive herself.

“I am coming with you Sakura!” Hinata insisted, walking next to her.

Surprised by her determination, Sakura obliged to this, appreciating the company. For a while, the girls were silent, enjoying the cold winter air. Hinata looked over at the Uchiha matriarch, admiring her large stomach. Everyone knew that Sasuke was beginning to be on edge with the arrival of the new baby being so close, but Naruto had insisted that Sasuke attend the festival to loosen up.

Now that Hinata could observe her friend painfully waddle down the streets of Konoha, she realized that it might not have been the best idea for Sakura to attend the festival. “How are you feeling Sakura-san?” Hinata asked.

Sakura chuckled slightly, glancing down at her round belly. “I am alright. It is painful of course, but eventually it will all be worth it.” The rosette sent a radiant smile towards her abdomen, rubbing it gently. “I just wish I left sooner, my feet are killing me.” Sakura groaned.

Hinata smiled sympathetically. “I’m sorry, I should have helped you usher them away.” Hinata mumbled, kicking herself inwardly.

“Do not worry Hinata-san.” Sakura insisted, sending a smile towards Hinata. “It is not your fault! It is those stupid idiots.”


“Alright, Sakura,” Sasuke said, stretching his arms behind his head. “Let’s go home.” Turning around, expecting to see his pregnant wife, but instead saw the other people of the festival leaving. Looking around the general vicinity, he could not spot his wife. “Sakura?” He called out.

“Hinata?” Naruto asked as well, not spotting his wife as well. “Maybe they went to grab something to eat?” Naruto suggested. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he spied all over the grounds.

“Let’s go look.” Sasuke agreed. He dashed off, not bothering to wait for Naruto.

As the pair approached the food carts, they noticed them packing up their supplies, since the festivities were beginning to end. “Excuse me?” Naruto asked the closest vendor.

“Ah! Naruto-san!” The merchant exclaimed, “Would you like anything to eat before you go?”

“No thank you!” Naruto said pleasantly, “Have you seen a Hinata-chan or Sakura-chan go past by?”

“Who?” The vendor asked.

Growling Sasuke approached the vendor, “A very pregnant woman with pink hair? Have you seen her?” He snapped.

Taken aback by his ferocity, the vendor shook his head. “I saw you two walking with them earlier, but besides that, I have not.”

Sasuke looked down the road, doubting that Sakura would want to get anything fried at this time of night, even her cravings demanded more sweets. “Come on Naruto, Sakura and Hinata are not here.”

“Thank you!” Naruto said to the vendor, before following his friend. “Where do you think they went?” Naruto asked, his own anxiety rising by the absence of his wife.

“Sakura might have gone home.” Sasuke said, heading towards the exit.

“Why would Sakura go home? We were not playing for that long, and Sakura and Hinata know how dangerous it can be at night.” Naruto said. Sasuke, who might have been able to rationalize the situation more, would have realized that Sakura heading home would have been a logical assumption, but with Naruto, he was not sure anymore. “What,” Naruto began, his thoughts whirring at the thought of something happening to Hinata.

“Let’s not assume anything Naruto.” Sasuke said, trying to calm his friend down, as he himself, began to worry. Why would Sakura leave him in such an advanced stage of her pregnancy? As he reflected, he realized that he spent an uncomfortable amount of time by the game, but that did not excuse Sakura’s actions. “Let’s think, where would the girls go?”

“Well,” Naruto thought aloud, “They are pregnant, so what if they got hungry? Or maybe they went to see some friends? Or, or-“

“Sakura would not go and see friends in her condition, and most places close at this time of night.” Sasuke mumbled. Where would she possibly go?


“Would you like to come inside Hinata?” Sakura asked, as they approached her apartment. Hinata glanced behind her at the falling snow. Instinctively placing a hand on her stomach, seeking for the child growing within, she nodded. Inside the apartment, it was deliciously warm. A fire still crackled in the fireplace, dimly illuminating the modernly furnished room.

“Thank you Sakura-san.” Hinata acknowledged appreciating her hospitality.

“It is no problem Hinata-chan.” Sakura smiled, waddling towards the cupboards. “Would you like anything to eat? I am starving!” Hinata willingly obliged, feeling an unusual sensation at the mention of food. Sakura pulled out an assortment of candies, pastries, and other assortments of foods. Without any grace, Hinata dug in, enjoying herself. Sakura let out a small grunt as she ingested her own share.

“Are you okay Sakura-san?” Hinata asked mid-bite.

“The baby is just enjoying herself.” Sakura said smiling, a hand placed on her stomach as she learned back on a kitchen chair.

“How do you think the boys are doing?” Hinata asked, as she pulled off a part of a croissant.

Shrugging, Sakura looked at the clock. “If they aren’t here in an hour I will have Kakashi-sensei find them.”


“Well I did not see Hinata-chan at any of the ramen shops.” Naruto said, meeting Sasuke at the main plaza.

“Did you ever think Hinata eats at other places other than ramen shops?” Sasuke asked.

Scoffing, Naruto laughed, “It’s my baby Sasuke, all she eats lately is ramen.” Sasuke snorted at this, glancing at the sky.

“Naruto, I think Sakura might have gone home, I should check there.” Naruto shook his head furiously.

“Nothing is that simple Sasuke, especially with our lives!” Naruto exclaimed, observing his surroundings. Sasuke gave him that, before looking up at the sky, wondering again, why his wife left him.

“Where else would they go?” Sasuke asked looking at him, “They would not leave the village, and there is no way we would not hear the commotion of someone trying to take Sakura.”

Exasperated, Naruto placed his hands on his head, trying to sort it all out. Then with sudden enthusiasm, he snapped his fingers, “The hospital!” Gaping, Sasuke’s face paled. Without a second thought, Sasuke bounded off towards the hospital. “Wait, Sasuke!” Naruto called after him.


A knock at the door, stirred the two women who were conversing peacefully. Hinata cautiously stood up, making her way slowly to the door. Sakura placed a protective hand on her stomach, wondering who would show up this late up at night, without calling first.

Hinata opened the door slowly, grabbing a small kunai from the shelf behind her. In the outside hallway, Kakashi stood, a grin showing through his mask as he entered the small apartment.

“Good evening Sakura, Hinata.” Kakashi bowed respectively.

“Hello Kakashi-sensei!” Sakura said from her lounge chair.

“I regret to inform you Sakura, but your husband has practically torn down the hospital looking for you. I had to render him unconscious before bringing him here.” Kakashi motioned behind him, and through the threshold came Naruto carrying Sasuke bridal style.

Gasping, Sakura moved to get out of her chair, before Kakashi pressed her back down. “What happened?” Sakura barked.

Naruto frustrated, and a little ashamed, sighed and laid Sasuke down on the couch. “Well when you two disappeared without telling anyone!” Naruto said, his eyes narrowing dangerously on the two women, but softening as he spotted Hinata safe and sound. “We of course searched all of Konoha to find you two, besides the hospital. I mentioned it and Sasuke assumed that you must have gone into labor, and he freaked out at the idea that you were having a baby without him.”

Fuming, Sakura glared at Naruto, “Why didn’t you two idiots just come home?”

“There was no way it was going to be that simple Sakura-chan!” Naruto exclaimed.

A laugh burst out of Sakura and she leaned back in her chair. A small grunt left her mouth then and she clenched at the seat of her chair. “Fuck Naruto…” She murmured slowly.

“What?” Naruto grumbled, placing an arm around Hinata.

“Why did you have to be right?” And with another grunt she felt herself going into labor.

A Good Idea

Fic request by sixbucksandwingless. Well, she wanted canon fluff. This is as close as it’s gonna get lol. Hope you like it, Gretchen! :)
A totally, 100% canon deleted scene from 10x20, in which Dean takes Cas to Hot Topic to get Claire a birthday present, and leads an employee to believe that they’re a couple shopping for their daughter.
{Rated T} | {~1.5k} | {Destiel} | {AO3}

“It’s Claire’s birthday.”

Dean turned to look at Castiel as he drove them away from the bar. “Yeah? What is she, twelve?”

“Eighteen, I believe.” Castiel looked thoughtful for a moment before asking, “What do eighteen-year-olds like?”

“Who cares?”

“I should get her a gift,” Cas explained. “But I’m not sure what she’s interested in.”

Dean nodded lightly. “You wanna pick something up right now?”

“I was hoping you’d let me, before we head to the motel, yes.”

Dean didn’t know how he ended up at Hot Topic. Cas had said something about finding a store “suitable for rebellious teenagers” and, before he knew it, Dean was glaring at a T-shirt with a cartoon horse on it.

“That hardly seems like something targeted toward young adults,” Castiel mused from behind the hunter.

Dean shook his head, turning around with pursed lips. “We need to get out of here before I burn down the store.”

Castiel seemed to take the statement literally, nodding as he headed toward the exit.

“Cas,” Dean called, rolling his eyes as he followed his friend. “I’m not actually gonna burn down the damn store. C’mon. Let’s just find something and get the hell outta here.”

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firestarteriisms  asked:

" Weird question, is fire beautiful?" asked a young woman with striking pink hair and a soft smile. She had taken a seat with the other in hopes of making a new friend since her escape.

“Is…what?”  Cheryl frowned, looking up from her laptop at the strange-haired girl by her side.  “Um….I guess fire can be beautiful,” she mused, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.  “But only when it’s under control and contained.  I don’t like uncontrolled fire.”