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romantic headcanons for amaimon, lewin and yukio please :3


  • doesn’t experience romantic attraction very much (grayromantic)
  • has no preference when it comes to gender 
  • will toy with people’s emotions just for the fun of it
  • prone to short flings and casual sex
  • when he gets into a long term relationship, it is long term


  • will put work and family over relationships
  • would probably keep a relationship secret from Rin
  • dislikes casual sex and would never enter a relationship he sees no potential in - he’s not the type of guy to give someone a chance
  • he doesn’t develop crushes often - when he does, it’s on friends
  • doesn’t know his own sexuality. poor kid. but he’s 15 so give him a break

I don’t really know enough about Lewin to accurately write any headcanons for him… my bad. : / I’ll come back to it in the future if that’s alright.

OOC: Possible delays on answers

Ok, this sounds pretty stupid on my part, but a mosquito bit a finger on my drawing hand, and now I’m violently seeking revenge. The constant itching sort of interferes with my ability to draw, so I’m pretty ticked off. I don’t know if I’m more disappointed that I didn’t see it on my own finger, or that the mosquito evaded my electric racket once already. But I’ll try to keep drawing! Thanks for the understanding (if I managed to get any). ^^

Yukio: … *sigh* 

[[ Congratulations to harukikoutake for submitting the winning costume suggestion! Yukio will be in this costume for a full week starting now! He’ll answer stuff in this costume, but don’t forget he’s still the same old Yukio!

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