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Kise-kun, are you friend with takao-kun?

Aomine: Sadly they’re friends…

Midorima: I’m going to lose my mind because of those two…

Kasamatsu: I have permission to kick Takao, right?

Kise: Please don’t hurt him senpai….

Takao: Caoch would never agree to that, so no worries.

Coach: Go ahead.

Takao: Oi!

Kise: Don’t worry Takaocchi, I won’t let him hurt you!! Please kick me instead, Senpai!!!

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kaijo team confessing to s/o that they like them but being very awkward but also adorable about it?

I love the Kaijou babies.

HAYAKAWA: Whenever he got too nervous or excited, Hayakawa started babbling. And that was what he did. When he stood in front of you after school, a bouquet of flowers in his hands, he was ready. He had everything he was going to say planned out. But then he got too nervous and excited. You giggled at his enthusiasm as he blushed slightly. “If I got it right, are you asking me out?” He nodded. “Then I would love to go out with you, Hayakawa.”

KASAMATSU: Kasamatsu knew that when he was ready to confess to you, he would serenade you. So he called you out to the music room during break time and was seated, ready to sing to you. His palms were sweaty and he was basically shaking. But he managed to get through the song and even made you smile. “I like you too, Kasamatsu.” He breathed a sigh of relief. Then there was a burst of cheers and the two of you turned to the window to find the basketball team all creeping behind bushes, staring at you two. Dear God.

KISE: Sometimes Kise was full of bright ideas. After doing a public serenade slash confession through the PA system of the school, he showed up in the cafeteria where you were with a huge arrangement of flowers and a giant teddy bear. He professed his love to you and, despite his nervousness in the beginning, you would be the one who ended up stammering and shy by the end.

KOBORI: Being the quiet and only normal one in the whole team, Kobori would ask for advice from his teammates, which might not always be the best idea. He would opt for a simple box of chocolates that spelled ‘I like you’ and handed it to you. You thought that the idea was flattering and adorable and Kobori would be blushing the whole time. But when you hugged him, all his worries dissipated as he silently thanked his friends.

MORIYAMA: Moriyama’s crazy confidence was one of his redeeming points. And it came in handy, especially when he confessed to people he liked. However, if he was really, really into you, he would stutter a lot. Moriyama liked things simple and would just tell you his feelings with a single flower, hoping for the best. Although he was nervous in the beginning, your acceptance of his feelings was a definite stress reliever.

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What's an embarrassing drunken antic GoM + Nijimura and Kasamatsu have done? :,)

Kise: I tried to suck Murasakibaracchi’s dick at Kurokocchi’s Birthday party to prove that I was better at deep-throating than him…

Kuroko: When I get drunk I get loud and I suddenly love everyone. I’ve made-out with the whole team, including the goms, over the time period of three get-togethers.

Aomine: Momoi told be that while I was completely shit-faced at a party, I was all over Kagami and groping him in places I shouldn’t have….

Murasakibara: I once picked up Aka-chin and just carried him around for the rest of the party…. He wasn’t happy the next morning; he was still in my arms. Somehow I made it home to my bed with no one attempting to save him.

Akashi: Apparently I get a little friendly when I’m drunk….

Midorima: You call trying to give me a lap dance a little friendly? (Shin-chan is prude and doesn’t get drunk)

Nijimura: I started crying once at a team get together because Shougo wasn’t there. I left the party and drunkedly stumbled all the way to his house despite not having seen him in almost 2 years and sobbed into his shirt for two hours while mumbling stupid things until I fell asleep.

Kasamatsu: I kept biting Kise during a team Rakuzan get-together for no reason.

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may i have a scenario in which akashi and kasamatsu see their ex- s/o (that they broke up cus the boys couldnt get out of an arranged marriage even if they really didnt want to go thru with the marriage) years later with their leg amputated or something bad in general?

You guys have scary minds HAHA. I hope this is okay! It seems a little… weird as I wasn’t really sure how to write this well. x:

Akashi could not recognize when he met you again. You seemed too thin and small to be the (f/n)-chan he knew before.

“(f/n)-chan?” he called out, furrowing his brows when you froze.

You seemed to contemplate turning behind for a moment before you did it. The same gorgeous smile still hung on your face as you greeted him but your usual cheerfulness was not there at all.

“Akashi-san,” you waved, eyes darting about as though you were nervous.

Never one to beat about the bush, Akashi cut to the chase.

“What happened?”

You blinked at him for a moment before looking down, hands twisting each other tightly.

“I… I was diagnosed with cancer after you left.”

Your voice was so soft and weak that he almost could not catch it. He stumbled back at the information, gasp escaping him.

“Is it… Are you… What…”

For the first time in his life, Akashi was at a loss for words. He was overcome with so much regret and pain that he had problems breathing. If not for the arranged and loveless marriage he was in now, he would be by your side taking care of you immaculately.

“I am sorry,” he settled for an apology, yearning to meet your eyes again.

However, you kept them downcast. You were not willing to meet his eyes, not willing to let those heterochromatic eyes melt your barrier which you kept your feelings behind.

“Sorry doesn’t help me, Akashi-san,” you sighed before turning away.

“Wait, can we… can we talk?” he asked desperately, wanting to be in your presence just a bit longer.

“There is nothing we can talk about anymore, Akashi-san. We were over the moment you chose your family over me,” you smiled bitterly, shaking your head and continuing on the path you were on before he disrupted you.


Kasamatsu was stunned silent when he met you again, his eyes meeting yours in a quick glance.

“(f/n)-kun?” he murmured, hand shooting out to grab yours when you tried to turn away.

Your body seemed unusually small in the wheelchair and you grappled uselessly with the big wheels as he stopped you.

“Let go,” your voice was ice and snow, piercing him in places he didn’t know could hurt.

“Wait, let me explain,” he said desperately.

“No. Let go of me, Kasamatsu-san,” your voice was full of unshed tears and you yanked it away.

Kasamatsu didn’t grab you again, knowing that it was fully his fault for leaving you for this useless arranged marriage. He broke your heart when you were at your lowest and you didn’t have it in you to forgive him.

“What happened?” he asked, the plea clear in his expression.

“What happened? This happened. I lost my leg,” you hissed, avoiding his eyes.

You knew you would turn soft if you ever met those pitiful eyes so you avoided them, clenching your hands tight.

“Are you… Are you okay?” he kneeled down to your eye level, his warm hand covering yours.

“Do I look okay?” you laughed.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry,” he murmured, trying to find your eyes.

“Sorry won’t bring back my leg, Kasamatsu-san,” you whispered.

He stilled and you grabbed hold of the chance to push his hands away gently, quickly wheeling away. You didn’t need his presence in your life anymore. He made that decision himself when he walked out a few years ago without looking back.

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Kasamatsu + Miyaji's girlfriends comforting them after their loss to Jabberwock (fluff)

fck that match rekt me. and hmm why haven’t i gotten anything on nash gold jr (◉౪◉)

KASAMATSU: “Forget about it, guys.” He patted the back of his teammates. “Let’s head back. We’ve got more practice tomorrow or the coach will kill us.” Kasamatsu couldn’t deny the frustration bottled up inside of him but he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t just show his emotions to everyone else. It wouldn’t be right.

You stepped up to him afterwards only to have him offer up a shaky smile. “Hey, you were watching?” You were dumbfounded. You knew your boyfriend well and he was a strong man and responsible and oh so stubborn. But at that moment, you felt the hopelessness settle deep in your gut. “Sorry you had to see that, baby.” He wrapped you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

But you knew better. His fingers were trembling and his breathing uneven. You looked up and kissed his jaw. “You don’t have to fake it in front of me, Yukio. Just let it out. I don’t want you trapping everything inside of you.”

Kasamatsu gulped, looking guiltily with a smile at you. “I’m sorry. Could you lend me your shoulder?” His forehead landed on your shoulder as the tears of frustration fell from his eyes. He thought that nothing could compare to his final loss in last year’s Winter Cup but this one came close. Fuck. To be looked down like that. To be proven wrong. To be humiliated. To have let down his team. My God.

You stroked his hair lovingly, kissing him softly. “Those guys were assholes who don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re a great guy and a great player. Keep working hard, Yukio. The others will crush them.”

MIYAJI: Miyaji could feel his blood boil with every word that spewed out of those assholes’ mouths. He was this close, this fucking close, to actually throwing a damn pineapple at them. Kasamatsu held him back, telling him that it was okay, that the next match would probably be better.

But he knew it wouldn’t be. The Jabberwock team was insane, full of bastards gifted with natural talent that only fueled their arrogance. Miyaji held back with gritted teeth. God, he wanted to smack some respect into their dense heads so badly but he couldn’t do that, not if he wanted to save his and his team’s pride.

You jogged up to him and cupped his face. “Kiyoshi.” You whispered, only to see his darkened, angered eyes. “Baby, look at me.” He didn’t and you stepped back. Space. Give him some space. So you did. For a while, as you drove back to his house, you let him have his space.

Miyaji was quiet and he was never quiet so you grew more worried by the second. In the end, you decided that you needed to call an intervention. He sat blankly in front of the television, staring silently at the moving images but not completely processing it. You straddled him and kissed his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his jaw and finally his lips. “Kiyoshi, if you need to let it out, please do. I don’t want you to hold it all back.”

He pressed his lips together before he dropped his head onto your chest. He felt the tears begin to fall. He hated showing weakness in front of you but he was a jumbled mess at that moment. Anger, sadness, disappointment. All those emotions consumed him completely. All you could do was whisper soothingly in his ear and waited for him to release all his pent up feelings. “It’s okay, baby. Let it all out. I’m here. Forget about all of them. Forget about those bastards. Forget all of it.”

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☾☠ ☼ ♤

☾ : Sleep headcanon

this one is gonna be a bit more sad.

Because of his past, Yukio tends to have a lot of nightmares. Most of them are painful memories that were blown out of proportion making them all the more terrifying and hurty. So, with that being said, Yukio tends to cry a lot in his sleep and can even be heard murming “Please” or “don’t do this” or even the names of some of his tormentors.

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon

Oh gosh.

Yukio wouldn’t ever drink.

But for the sake of this headcanon….

If Yukio managed to get drunk. He would be terrible. His intelligent speech would just… not exist anymore. And he would talk until someone clasped their hands onto his mouth telling him to shut up. Yeah, it would be that bad.

♤ :  Cooking headcanon

It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes.

But when he’s alone, he likes to treat baking as though it’s chemistry class. saying things like “Mother I am in need of 20 fluid ounces of H20” or “The mixture seems to be inflating, should it explode We would all be in dire peril. I must keep a close eye for futher analysis.”

but of course that was only when he was a kid. He doesn’t do that anymore.
Ask Rin and Yukio Okumura

((So~ From now on, along with this Ask Yukio blog, I’ll also be doing Ask Rin and Yukio with godspoison~ :D Obviously I’m doing the Yukio half, and it will be run similarly to this one, but with art answers thrown in sometimes~ So you should check it out~

And as a note, both this blog and ask Rin and Yukio will be updating tomorrow. So ask questions!))

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What I like the most about Yukio is that he isn't especially shy. He's not like other shota types, he's very well-spoken and eloquent. I don't know very much about him yet to make more of an opinion about him, but gosh you know how much I love your art, Yu. You drew him beautifully <3

SAM,SENPAI, BIG SIS, GRANDPA I DOn’T EVENaf;jldkjdl;s THANK YOU SO MUCH I JSUT. WOW THANK THANK THANK. fakljafs;ka ugh gosh you are gr9 okay Sam jsut way too gr9.

Yeah. I’m trying REALLY hard to make him not fit the ‘Shota' stereotype and it feels so good to know that someone noticed just wow. believe it or not Yukio is vary much based off of me and that is how I talk to people who I don’t know very well and yeah…vuv


THANK SAM. THANK YOU SO MUCH. i am kind of sort of cru because yu is a baby and i don’t even think you know how much i look up to you and stuff and for you to say this i just  ajadjsflafkjfj i love you okay sam.

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Aomine, Haizaki, Kagami, Himuro, Kasamatsu and Yamazaki Hiroshi (from KiriDai) seeing the his boyfriend being bullied by their boyfriend team mates :3c

Bless you for sending me mixed characters sinceriously

Used male pronouns as requested.

Kagami the bae, Aomine, Haizaki, Yamazaki: those four are the type to barge in without checking the situation first. They’d see their boyfriend being bullied and they’d see red, not even recognizing the bullies. They’d immediately shout at them to leave him alone unless they wanted the beating of their lives, and tbh just the sight of their furious glare and snarl would be enough to send the bullies away. If they weren’t that intimidated by their appearance alone, I’m certain they wouldn’t mind getting a little physical, Yamazaki especially.

Kasamatsu the bae: similar to the three above, he’d be the type to act first and think later, though he wouldn’t come in waving his fist around. He’d stand protectively in front of his boyfriend, glaring at the bullies and demanding to know what the hell they thought they were doing. He’d be hesitant to get into a full out fight because it might affect his basketball career, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to run away if push comes to shove.

Himuro: he’d be furious, and his words would be low and incredibly threatening. A fist fight isn’t exactly his first option as he’d like to settle everything without having to get physical and risk having his boyfriend hurt in the process, but he’s no pushover and knows how to hold his own in a fight as we’ve seen before. His first priority is to get his lover out of danger as soon as possible.