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Yamada played by BobcatXtreme

Monokuma played by WTPyroFreak

Lyrics by RecorderdudeBobcatXtreme, and WTPyroFreak

(Lyrics can be found here)

Mixed by N0sSyndromeBobcatXtreme, and WTPyroFreak

(Content Warning: DR Spoilers)

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Fuck Togami (Naegi Extra #1)
  • Fuck Togami (Naegi Extra #1)

Naegi becomes the Super High School Level Drunkard and tells the world how he really feels about everyone’s favorite heir! 

Naegi played by CrucioThe3rd (Who was ACTUALLY drunk when he recorded this. Posted with permission of course!)

(Content Warning: Swearing)

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Tsumiki played by Kleffytime

Monomi played by Double-pistols-and-my-dick

Monokuma played by WTPyroFreak

Hinata played by SoloTheYoloRolo

With backups by Naegi, Oowada, and Daiya!

Lyrics can be found here 

(Content Warning: Contains swearing and spoilers to Chapter 3 of SDR2)

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Pekoyama played by Huntress

Kuzuryuu played by MrCakeDragonMan

(Content Warning: SDR2 spoilers)

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While Naegi tries to cheer Hinata up over his blog woes, they’re paid a beary special visit by our two favorite plushie mascots! Though something seems…alittle off about them…more than usual anyway!

Naegi played by CrucioThe3rd

Hinata played by SoloTheYoloRolo

Monokuma played by WTPyroFreak

Miracle Girl Usami played by Fresh-Prince-Twogami

Komaeda played by N0sSyndrome 

Scripted by Fresh-Prince-Twogami & WTPyroFreak

Mixed by WTPyroFreak

(Content Warning: Deliberately EXTREME OOCness on Monomi’s and Monokuma’s parts)

[[Extra Note: I will NEVER voice Monomi-kuma ever again DEAR GOD -Mod-okuma]]

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Monokuma played by WTPyrofreak

Lyrics written by WTPyrofreak & RecorderDude


MomoMoopa who the hell’s that?

This blog’s for Dangan Ronpa, you Twat!

How dare you mispronounce my name

See how you like it when I do the same!

Wait just a sec, you’re only an anon

Spineless and cowardly braindead moron

You don’t deserve clever insults like these

I’ve smarter bastards to displease

(Hope I’ve filled you with unease!)

Monokuma, show some respect

Get my name right or your punishment’s next!

You will live in deep despair too

Like the Monokuma, upu pu pu!

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