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How do you think Rin will react to all of this? I mean he is the LAST to know about all of his brother's issues and I'm sure he will feel responsible somehow for not realizing it all along. I'm very curious how rin will handle this matter especially that this time it's revolving his own little brother.. + why was bon surprised about his answer at the end of the chapter.. isn't it obvious that he knows nothing?? His look at the end broke my heart already :(

He’s going to be extremely upset no matter what happens.

If he goes to Yukio, only to find him not there, he’s going to go flying off the handle to get him back. That’s his little brother.

If he gets there to see Yukio with blue flames, he’ll be remembering when Shiro died the same way. And he’ll definitely blame himself, just as he blames himself for Shiro’s death.

I’m no sure about Bon’s reaction actually. If someone who knows Japanese could look at the original wording they might know better. The translation I read had Rin saying “Did something happen” instead of “What is it?” or “What about him?” which might account for Bon’s surprise. Rin already seems to suspect something, because he does know that Yukio hasn’t been acting right lately.

I wouldn’t say Rin is the LAST to know. He’s told Yukio again and again that he’s there to talk. And has expressed concern over it.

Just from what I can remember here’s some manga panels (sorry for the lack of order)

Rin has been worried about Yukio for a long time now, and he’s been reaching out and trying to be there for him.

Don’t forget that before Rin knew the truth about his heritage he was always very proud and protective of his little brother, even with the truth about he being a half demon and Yukio being an exorcist, Rin still holds those habits and traits. A lifetime of protectiveness, of being the older brother, doesn’t just go away, even when Rin’s world was turned upside down.

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How would the Exwires+Yukio react to summoning a half akuma as their familiar, who has a bit of an attitude and is so angry that they were able to summon them at all?

Hahah ahh I love this it really made me laugh!!

  • Ryuji’s half-demon is suuuuuuuuuper mad
  • Just stares at them in shock as they yell at him
  • Ryuji is protesting “What?! I didn’t want this to happen either. It was an accident!”

  • “I didn’t even know this could happen, I’ve never read about this before!”
  • Tries reciting a verse to exorcise them 
  •  This annoys them even more “you can’t drag me all the way here then try to EXORCISE ME”
  • Koneko summons a middle aged man holding an iron
  • “….I was kind of in the middle of something”
  • Koneko is SO apologetic
  • Very embarrassed 
  • A bit tearful
  • He doesn’t deal well with failure
  • The half-demon then feels bad and gives him a hug
  • They end up becoming unlikley friends 
  • Shiemi is disappointed that it isn’t Nee who she summons
  • “Oh. I was hoping for my greenman. Who are you?”
  • “Oh well that’s just great. GREAT. Not only have I been so RUDELY snatched out of the air by some teenager… but I’m not good enough for you?!”
  • Instantly apologetic, Shiemi replies “oh no of course you are! You just weren’t who I was expecting.”
  • She calls after them as they angrily (and confusedly) march out of the room, “It was nice to meet you though!”

Originally posted by r0ymustang

  • Renzo’s half-demon is a teenage girl
  • She got summoned just before getting into the bath
  • Appears in a towel and with a shower cap on her head
  • She won’t stop screaming
  • Shima literally thinks he’s died and gone to heaven
  • Turns to stone from staring so much
  • “D….d-do you want to be my familiar?”
  • She just stares back in response 
  • Izumo actually has worse attitude than the demon she summoned
  • “Well don’t look at me like this is my fault! You must’ve done something!”
  • “What are you staring at me for?! Leave already!”
  • Her outburst is mainly for show
  • Deep down she thinks its really funny
  • Erupts into laughter
  • Turns into nervous laughter
  • Insisting it was a total accident
  • Squirms under Yukio’s RUTHLESS glare 
  • He kinda just side steps out of the room really slowly
  • “I’m just gonna… go…. over here..”
  • Yukio gives the summoned half-demon an embarrassed smile
  • And thent immediately tears up the paper
  • “We should end the lesson here”
  • Probably takes Rin to one side and blames him
  • “What did you do?!!”
  • Glares at Shura who is on the floor laughing

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Do you have any Rizumo childhood friends head canons? 👀

Yess always! Let’s pretend Izumo’s family is fine and Illuminati didn’t get them tho right?

- Rin and Izumo going to the same school and start talking bc Izumo is “the weird girl who can see domes” and Rin is “that demon boy Okumura”
- Izumo immediately tells Rin he isn’t a demon bc she knows what real demons look like and that’s kind of how they become friends
- Rin gets into less fights bc Izumo just straight up talks bullies down
- Rin and Izumo learning how to cook together and often both families eat together
- Shirou has to spill the beans a little early bc Izumo accidentally reveals that he’s an exorcist
- Really really accidentally as in she just wanted to know how to get rid of a lot of goblins and he’s a priest so he must be an exorcist, right?
- Rin and Izumo often go outside to play in parks because both rather enjoy being outside then inside
- Izumo’s little sister Tsukumo adores Kuro so when Izumo has to look after her sister bc her mother is busy, Rin and her put her with Kuro
- Rin and Izumo playing pranks together because mischief is fun and yeah their sweet kids and couldn’t hurt a fly but half demon and sb with relations to kitsune?? No way they wouldn’t play pranks
- Surprisingly the more “cruel” one is Izumo who is very sure of herself while Rin has more doubts
- Yukio is kind of terrified and amazed by Rin & Izumo’s friendship and as they grow up he just prays that they will never find a reason to prank him
- Shirou trying to help Tamamo out because he knows that attending your duties and raising kids at the same time is hard. And, when Shirou is out for a mission, Rin & Yukio go over to the Kamikis
- So lots of sleepovers basically
- And lots of game nights
- Mike and Uke don’t like Rin at first simply because he’s a boy
- He grows on them tho
- Yukio and Paku as the Voices Of (more) Reason(able) Behavior
- That one time in which Rin is revealed as Satan’s son and Izumo glares at everyone

I’m sorry this is such a mess I just wrote down everything I could think of :D

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if yuri was a witch does that mean that rin and yukio have magical powers besides demon power?

Maybe little mundane magics, a couple of my favorites which could potentially tie into their behaviors.

The ability to find good luck charms more often than not (such as 4-leaf clovers or coins in anew jacket pocket)

The ability to always remember where they set something down. A cellphone? Sitting on the third from the left, second column cafeteria table. Yukio’s officially prescribed exorcist rosary? Hanging up next to his coat. Rin’s homework? It’s nestled between pages 44&45 in Ukobach’s favorite cookbook.

Or the ability to instantly identify a magic circle or sigil as long as they’ve seen it at least once. Have they seen it once in a textbook? Another in an ancient scroll? Maybe a powerful tamer sketched in on the ground during a mission? Too easy, Rin knows exactly that that exorcist is summoning a Snow Lion and Yukio knows that that other exorcist just created a protection sigil that will repel spirit demons, neither of them had to think about it, they just KNEW.

Dating the Okumura brothers would include:


 - Being a young exorcist with Yukio

 - Rin knowing you as “Yukio’s friend from school.”

 - Knowing about his and his brother’s satanic roots

 - Becoming an exorcist teacher along with his little brother

 - Him having quite the obvious crush on you

 - You liking him back but hitting him with the “I don’t date students” rule

 - Him eventually hounding you until your strict rule was forgotten

 - He is VERY protective of you

 - He turns into an injured puppy if you so much as glance away from him

 - Lots of physical affection

 - Lots of Rin’s amazing cooking

 - Him getting angry if you call on him in class but getting jealous if you don’t

 - He’s afraid his flames will hurt you

 - You loving him for who he is and telling him he could never hurt you

 - You becoming what motivates him to achieve his goals

 - Getting him to study

 - Rewarding him with cuddles and kisses, he’ll sometimes wrap his tail around your waist to put off doing work for a while

 - His grades steadily improving

 - Using the same method for normal classes but he needs a little more motivation

 - That extra motivation being, in his opinion, a very hard earned and well deserved make out session

 - Rin being the most amazing and considerate boyfriend you could have ever asked for.


  - You’re in the same class (non-exorcist stuff)

 - You telling his fangirls to leave him alone

 - Him thinking you’re an okay person and gets to know you more

 - Hanging out during lunch

 - Protecting him from the fangirls you’re this kids bodyguard

- Finding out about his exorcism after getting bitten by Amaimon’s hamster form 

- Starting cram school

 - Yukio helping you catch up on everything you missed

 - Yukio distancing himself from you when he realizes his feelings go deeper than friendship

 - Him using “I’ve just been busy” as excuse when really he fears what you’ll think of him if you find out he’s Satan’s son

 - When you eventually find out, you being the first person to except it and stand up in his defense

 - Rin treating you as a little sister after that

 - Being the one to confess to Yukio

 - Surprisingly, him then asking you to be his girlfriend

 - His fangirls giving you the most intense glare whenever they see him holding your hand

 - Him teaching you how to shoot since you picked the Meister of Dragoon

 - Not as much physical affection as you would like

 - Cheek kisses being the most intimate action at the early stages of the relationship

 - Him actually being really open to cuddling

 - He’ll do his best to protect the one he loves with every fiber of his being.

I really love the Okumura bros, hope you enjoyed this send me an ask if you want more <3

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well then here we go (•⌣•) Can I request some hc for Meph, Amaimon, Rin and Yuki and their smol s/o who has angelic voice? thank you (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆

Of course you can my love  (=^·^=)

  • Very public with his s/o
  • He loves to show you off
  • Grabs your hand and spins you round like a ballet pirouette 
  • If you get dizzy he catches you from behind
  • And hugs you into his chest
  • Lots of kisses
  • And buys you lots of presents
  • They’re usually ugly pink and purple dresses and polka dot hats
  • You pretend you love them and wear them anyway
  • Very playful with his s/o
  • Buys you lots of candy
  • Eats most of it before he gives it to you
  • You forgive him of course
  • Likes to stroke your hair
  • Especially while you’re drifting off to sleep
  • You go sightseeing together around major cities in Assiah
  • He lets you wear his jacket if you get cold 
  • (It’s really big on you since you so smol)
  • Rin loves his s/o’s angelic voice
  • It calms him down if ever he’s upset or about to lose control
  • He’s always smiling when he’s around you
  • Loves to hold hands
  • Cooks you the MOST delicious sukiyaki
  • It’s also super spicy but you eat it anyway
  • While sneakily gulping water
  • You two cuddle in bed with Kuro and watch sad romance movies
  • Rin almost always cries at them
  • Yukio is more private with his s/o
  • He takes you out to fancy restaurants 
  • And he likes walks in the park
  • He gets really cute and shy if you kiss him in public
  • He’s trying his best to open up to you about his feelings
  • One time when you reeeeeally begged him, he let you shoot his gun
  • You accidentally missed the tree you were aiming for and shot a beer can out of Shura’s hand
  • He found it HILARIOUS

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I keep getting annoyed by this pattern I see in AoEx discussions where Rin and Yukio are blamed or held responsible for each others failures. I get why this happens. The narrative and the fact that they are twins makes it very easy to put them in opposition to one another and add to that Yukio is officially in a position of power over Rin. But I don't think it's right. Shiro caused this huge power imbalance and the pressure that finally broke Yukio, and failed Rin too. Mephisto does the bare

(Cont.) Minimum, mostly for his own amusement at their struggle. No other adults are presented as authority figures and that’s terrible. So fans of Rin over Yukio (Hi!) can easily blame Yukio for being as dickish as possible when educating the brother deliberately kept ignorant his entire life, and those more sympathetic to Yukio point out how stressed he is and how Rin makes it worse by acting out/being a dumbass. And I feel like these and similar perspectives miss the point that this… 

(cont) misses the point that they are kids who still need adult supervision and shouldn’t be held fully responsible for themselves at this time. Many of the twins failings are a result of failure to provide help or guidance, a failure that might or might not be a deliberate move to keep them both easier to manipulate. Sorry for the rant but this has bothered me for some time and you seemed like someone who might be interested in this kind of thing. 

Woah. These are one of the best asks I’ve ever gotten aaah. Definitely interested!

Rin and Yukio have been pretty much raised to feel like they are responsible for the other. Rin protecting Yukio from bullies and everyone who says bad stuff about Yukio. Yukio protecting Rin from demons when younger and now from the Vatican as well as Rin himself.

This mentality they have internalized as well as the narrative and the twin thing you’ve pointed out already, of course leads many to blame the twin they like less for the suffering of the other. Which I think is done on purpose because it highlights a whole other perspective.

Who benefits from such a relationship between Rin and Yukio? Mephisto.

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  • Rin: Vampire with vampire cape. Like. Every year. Sometimes he’s a zombie or a mummy
  • Yukio: Hasn’t dressed up voluntarily since fifth grade but each year Rin drags him somewhere, making him break out his trusty cat tail and ears. 
  • Shiemi: Her and her mom used to make costumes hand made every year, she tries to do something creative each year, this year’s a dragon.
  • Izumo: Loves to do a twisted take on princesses and popular media but this year she’s keeping it mellow and going as Howl from Howl’s moving castle, really skilled at makeup and costume work.
  • Shima: Werewolf 
  • Bon: Werewolf
  • Koneko: Werecat 
    • They’re a werepack 
    • They always coordinate their costumes
  • Nemu: Lilo’s little doll from Lilo and stich, u know the one. The one thats green with button eyes.
  • Shura: Witch! Not even a sexy witch, (though thats on underneath) she wears a full medieval peasants gown and boots with a pointy hat and broom.
  • Lewin: Cowboy
  • Mephisto: He wears his fursuit to parties 

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hello there~! can I request Meph, Amaimon (your husbando), Luci, Rin and Yukio's reaction (a few hc) when they saw their s/o sleeping naked in their shared bed? Thank you! <3

((Two Mephisto gifs for you bc he’s your fave!!) <3 

  • Mephi is not at all surprised
  • You guys sleep naked together every night
  • But it never gets old for him, he absolutely loves it
  • Gets in bed with you and whispers in your ear
  • He smirks at you and you know exactly what it means
  • Things probably heat up reeeeeally fast
  • Cutie Amaimon is enjoying the view
  • ……But now hes bored
  • He doesn’t like being ignored by his s/o while they sleep
  • So probably wakes his s/o up
  • Sexytimes.jpeg
  • Luci thinks his s/o looks adorable
  • Enjoys watching them sleep peacefully
  • Has a couple naughty thoughts but tucks them away for later
  • He knows their sleep is very important
  • He will probably treat his s/o in the morning
  • HECK
  • Rin is blushing like crazy
  • Has to cover his face with his hands to quieten his giggles
  • Snuggles up in bed with his s/o
  • Maybe a cheeky butt squeeze?
  • But he is a gentleman
  • So he covers his s/o with a blanket
  • Keeps his hands to himself
  • But lies awake all night thinking about it

Here’s Something No One Asked For!! 
AoEx Characters as Boku no Hero Academia Characters! 

Rin Okumura - Kirishima! 

Yukio Okumura - Iida! 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - Kacchan! 

Shima Renzou - Kaminari! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Deku! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Uraraka! 

Izumo Kamiki - Jirou! 

Noriko Paku - Hagakure! 

Nemu Takara - Shouji! 

Shura Kirigakure - Midnight! 

Mephisto Pheles - Nezu! 

Amaimon - Dabi! 

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I think it's unfair how teachers treat Rin, especially Yukio is insensitive in that aspect. As his twin brother, he should know that Rin has a hard time learning, and after having all the demon shit dropped on him, studying hasn't suddenly gotten easier. But instead of helping his brother (specialized learning, tutoring sessions, anything) he condescendingly gives him children's books and basically says "Good luck with this shit" I mean, if Rin was given proper help, he'd probably do better.

I thought I had already answered this aah! Sorry anon!

100% agree. But I also think that Yukio doesn’t really know how to teach Rin/has no idea how Rin could learn. Because Yukio himself is just a teenager who just got the whole teaching gig dropped on him. Never mind that he has to study for normal school as well to keep up his grades there, go on missions for the Order and prepare lessons for his exorcist classes. Even when they were younger, Yukio was always busy so how the hell should he know how his brother learns besides the fact that he doesn’t? That also most likely because I imagine that Rin never had any luck with teachers so “why bother when the result is always the same?”

And my boy Yukio is stressed and - as we all collective now know (and if not SPOILER:) - everything Yukio carries is enough to make him suicidal.

Back to Rin though. He’d benefit much more from being an apprentice to one exorcist instead of attending class. *cough* Anybody willing to write a story of Shura entirely teaching Rin? *cough*

Because then he‘d be the center of attention and could learn the stuff other people already know because they grew up in exorcist families or informed themselves before attending classes in peace without feeling bad for it,

Also, while I think that education is good and all, considering Rin’s situation I think it’s stupid to have him attend normal classes. He has so much to catch up to, normal classes are just hindering him at this point. Never mind that Rin hadn’t wanted to attend school in the first place and probably can’t keep up there either, so it’s even more stress.

So, yeah. #get Rin another teacher 2k17 and #get Yukio some help 2k17

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Once during a training session with the exwires and they were testing out different weapons and everyone was laughing at Rin saying 'well he's only good at cooking so why would he be trying out other weapons?' And Rin just takes a bunch of throwing knives and hits the target every time,and then takes a bow and a few arrows and does the same,looks at the exwires,glares at them then walked off and slams the door.Please headcannon the exwires & yukio's reaction

  • Rin shows proficiency with throwing knives, a bow and arrow, and Yukio’s pistols. It kind of scares everyone how much potential Rin has to be a Dragoon. 
  • Ryuji stares in shock at how accurate Rin was in that department. He wants Rin to teach him some shit about being a Dragoon because that shit was awesome. Although he did play a pretty big part in the teasing, so he’s humbled and is the first to apologize to Rin. 
  • Renzo and Koneko are frozen in shock, jaw’s agape, and now they know they’ve messed up. Koneko apologizes immediately after Bon does, Renzo doesn’t say ‘sorry’ at all, but he does go out of his way to compliment Rin as if that’ll make up for it. 
  • Shura starts cracking up. She teases Rin a bit. “How long have a been holding out on us, ya blue monkey?!” Rin pouts but is ultimately quick to forgive her first and Ryuji second. 
  • Izumo and Shiemi didn’t really take part in the teasing but apologize nonetheless because it’s the right thing to do. Izumo gets Rin to teach her some Dragoon tips after that because she wants to add a second Meister to her roster. 
  • Yukio is lowkey possessive of his pistols, however, he doesn’t look Rin in the eye for about a week straight before he manages to swallow his pride. He skims around the apology for about five minutes of talking and compliments Rin on his talents and abilities before Rin just kind of starts laughing and tells him to get it over with. They bond over this and come closer as brothers (hopefully.) 

thiscityneedsyounow  asked:

aah, I love your stuff so much!! <3 Any chance we can get a headcanon thing where Rin, Yukio, Shiemi, Bon, Amaimon and Izumo realize they're falling in love with their best friend?

[[Thank you so much sweetie! 💖]]

Rin -

• at first he doesn’t realize he’s falling in love
• he interprets it as just being very close to a good friend
• though when he explains the situation to his brother and his friends they know what’s up
• but they let him find out on his own
• once it becomes clear to him how he feels, he turns into an awkward, dorky mess around you
• he makes super lame jokes and wags his tail constantly
• eventually he’d gather the courage to ask you out
• but only if he expects it to go well
• otherwise he’d be too shy poor baby

Yukio -

• he’s aware of his feelings as soon as it happens
• but he tries to isolate himself and push the feelings he has for you away
• he doesn’t want to get too attached in case something happens to you or him
• eventually he realizes he can’t avoid you forever
• and he tells you how he feels
• you manage to calm him down a bit and explain to him that you feel the same way
• and you’d always be there for him
• he wants to take things slowly with you

Shiemi -

• at first she’s not sure about how she feels for you
• she enjoys your company and she goes to you first before anyone else
• she thought perhaps that you two just had a close platonic bond
• but then she realized how attractive you were and how she admired you so much
• so she eventually realized how she really feels about you
• she becomes blushy and nervous and stumbles a lot when you’re around
• but she eventually tells you how she truly feels though you can definitely tell she’s nervous
• she makes you homemade herb cookies often

Ryuji -

• he’s aware but also kind of oblivious
• he thinks what he’s feeling is just a small crush that’ll go away eventually
• but alas, that’s not how it worked out
• as he realizes he’s in love with you, he’s not sure what to do
• he doesn’t want to potentially ruin your friendship
• plus he also is very serious about his education and isn’t sure about a relationship
• but considering how well he balances things normally, he figures he can tell you
• he pulls you aside after class and tries to get it out
• kind of beats around the bush to avoid telling you straight up
• how cute

Izumo -

• she gets along pretty well with you
• seeing as how you two are best friends that’s no surprise
• but when she becomes more and more aware of her feelings she sort of changes
• acts like she doesn’t care for you as much and tries to
• tries to do things on her own, too
• though secretly she wants you to offer to tag along or help her
• when you confront her about this new behavior she gets defensive and blushes
• but she eventually spills the beans, no matter how uncomfortable she is doing it

Amaimon -

• at first he has absolutely no clue what he’s feeling
• he really considers you to be someone he tolerates being around rather than a friend
• but it seems he tolerates you a little more than he lets on
• he’s upfront about what he’s feeling and asks you what it might mean
• you find it somewhat amusing that he’s so oblivious
• but then again he’s a demon, of course he’s not familiar with how he feels
• when you explain, he’s pretty chill about it
• he doesn’t ask again, but he’s under the assumption you two are together without him even asking

hetaliagirl24  asked:

I'm back with a request! ^_^ Mephisto, Rin, Yukio, and Bon (cause I started liking Bon lol) with a s/o that has hearing damage so they tend to use sign language more often than not while they talk and sometimes just uses sign language instead of talking. (I due this a lot due to my hearing problems lol) thanks! ^_^

I started liking Bon too!! Coming right up sweetheart ༼∩•́ω•̀∩༽

Originally posted by ayesofthedork

  • Mephisto already knows sign language
  • And several other languages
  • Instantly responds with sign language to make things easier for his s/o
  • Sometimes even finishes their sentences
  • Rin is like “hey what’s that thing you’re doing with your hands?”
  • Tries to teach himself from books but keeps getting confused
  • Asks them to teach him because he learns better from experience
  • (And enjoys spending time with them)
  • Yukio knows pretty good sign language 
  • Stays up all night brushing up so that he’s even better for them
  • Encourages all his relatives and colleges to learn it too
  • Bon doesn’t speak it yet
  • But instantly sets about learning it
  • Is insanely good at memorising sequences of signs
  • Learns how to say cute things like “you look good today” 

Here’s Something No One Asked For!! 
AoEx Boys as Sailor Scouts! 

Rin Okumura - Sailor Moon! 

Yukio Okumura - Sailor Mercury! 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - Sailor Mars! 

Shima Renzou - Sailor Venus! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Sailor Mini Moon! 

Nemu Takara - Sailor Jupiter! 

Mephisto Pheles - Sailor Neptune! 

Amaimon - Sailor Pluto! 


Lewin Light - Yuuichirou Kumada! 


Kuro - Luna!