here are some pharmercy headcanons
  • fareeha and angela are really gentle with each other, and they trust each other implicitly. 
  • very safe an consensual sex life, but most of their time together is spent being really amazed that they’re alive and able to experience life together
  • fareeha dresses better than angela does, and therefore helps angela dress sometimes
  • angela drinks coffee because it’s practical, but she actually likes tea more
  • fareeha love black tea
  • they have memorized each other’s favorite tea combination
  • the first human that angela actually interacted with lucidly after the Swiss Headquarters were destroyed and Reyes’ resurrection was botched was fareeha
  • they lived together for a time
  • prior to Recall, they often met on the battlefield until pharah was specifically assigned to Helix.  mercy remained in crisis areas.  Angela and Fareeha still found time to call each other.
  • Angela sometimes needs Fareeha to reassure her about her realness
  • Fareeha sometimes needs Angela to reassure her of her worth
  • they fall asleep easier when next to each other
  • angela has the ability to fall asleep anywhere
  • fareeha needs quiet to sleep, but finds ways to block out noise
  • it’s perfect because angela sounds dead when she’s asleep
  • on the nights when neither can sleep, though, they go outside and look at the stars
  • angela buys too many books to ever finish reading, so fareeha always finds random books around the house
  • like half of them are trashy romance novels
  • the other half are fantasy/sci-fi
  • angela aspires to do a complete couple cosplay with fareeha
  • fareeha likes to send angela songs and pictures that remind her of angela
  • angela is really good with a knife, but they both know how to cook
  • they alternate kitchen duty.  whoever cooks dries the dishes while the other washes. they both put away the dishes
  • angela loves running. it’s the closest thing to flying she’ll ever come to
  • when she starts working with fareeha, it revolutionizes her entire life
  • she loves that fareeha lets her latch on. fareeha shows her the true joys of flight
  • angela owes many things to fareeha
  • she doesn’t feel like she needs to run away anymore

chiefrosepetal  asked:

What do you think about the little nod Hiccup gives Gobber in the second move right before Gobber announces the Chief is home? I always thought that it was Hiccup's way of saying "Just do it." Like he knew Gobber was going to say that.

That’s a really cool idea! 

I’m closely rewatching footage and it looks like the moment Hiccup specifically nods is right before Gothi marks him as chief. After Hiccup rises, though, he and Gobber exchange a meaningful look. Once that meaningful look is exchanged, Gobber pipes up his voice and exclaims, “The chief has come home!” As short as this moment is, there is so much subtlety of body language and a lot of emotion. I find it cool you look at this moment as Hiccup understanding what Gobber will next say.

Personally, I read this moment a little differently. I see nervousness and unsettlement in Hiccup’s eyes. He is looking to Gobber, someone who has been a long-term mentor, someone who has been treated as basically family for Hiccup’s whole life. In this huge, daunting moment, Hiccup looks to someone who will give him support and encouragement. Gobber provides that encouragement with a personal smile before making a public gesture that brings Hiccup into the social interaction of everyone on Berk. “The chief has come home!” This allows Hiccup to not only receive encouragement from Gobber, but the support and applause of everyone in the tribe.

Gothi nudges Hiccup when he is embracing Astrid. Hiccup looks down, and Gothi gestures toward the ground. She obviously wants to do the official mark making Hiccup chief. Hiccup realizes what she desires, and it is at this point he steps forward and nods. He is accepting that this must be done and gives Gothi the “go ahead” to get this done. You see a little bit of nervousness and seriousness in his eyes before he smiles to acknowledge Gothi, so you can tell how big of a deal this is to Hiccup. However, he gives that smile and nod to let Gothi know he is ready for this event - he’s going to step forward and do it, even if it’s a little daunting.

Gothi marks Hiccup’s forehead and he rises. The first thing he does is look at Gobber. It is to note that Gobber was standing back before to let the ceremonial gesture go uninterrupted. But, right when Hiccup rises, Gobber steps toward the new chief. Gobber is already thinking about what he wants to do. Gobber wants to be there for Hiccup, and therefore gets in the location where he can engage with the young man. This is already a gesture of care, solidarity, and support.

Because Gobber is stepping forward into Hiccup’s line of sight, it makes sense that Hiccup looks to Gobber first. But this is also a great person for Hiccup to look at. He has been officially marked as chief, and he’s going to feel the weight of this moment. In fact, when you see Hiccup look at Gobber, one can still see nervousness in the young leader. When Hiccup looks to Gobber, he’s looking for some support and encouragement from a source that has consistently helped him for two decades.

Gobber is the first to smile. It’s a smile of encouragement. Hiccup is not the first person to smile or nod at Gobber - what Hiccup does is a response to Gobber’s action. It is to note that Hiccup’s smile is not a full smile, but a mere tightening of some cheek muscles. He doesn’t fully smile, potentially because he’s feeling something like butterflies in his stomach. You can see the seeking look Hiccup has in his eyes for Gobber’s support, and a bit of gratefulness that Gobber is here by his side.

Now that Gobber has given that support and Hiccup feels more encouraged, Gobber helps Hiccup even more by opening up applause to the entire tribe. “The chief has come home!” he exclaims. Hiccup turns, for with that sort of announcement, he has to acknowledge the crowds now.

But what Gobber does by this is show that 1) he supports Hiccup as chief, 2) he is going to stand by Hiccup as he gets solidified into this new role, and 3) he can help Hiccup remember how much the full Berk population believes in Hiccup, too. So Gobber, by his actions, shows that he and the full tribe support Hiccup!

As I read it, it is an exchange of encouragement and understanding, coming from Gobber’s twenty year long support of Hiccup as a boy and now a man. Especially as Gobber is someone who treated Hiccup as chief even when they were flying the dragon babies back to Berk, this is a moment that shows his support and respect toward Hiccup, and Hiccup feeling gratefulness for Gobber being there through it all.

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New Wonder Woman trailer said to be 2 minutes 24 seconds long and will drop next month in front of doctor strange with fantastic beasts trailer. Consumer Protection BC has rated the trailer and TrailerTrack is also stating this a well.

Yes, I’ve heard. Very exciting.

new playlist;

1. James Blake – Voyeur (bear/face bootleg edit)
2. The Neighbourhood – A Little Death
3. Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music
4. Rihanna Love On The Brain
5. Tame Impala New Person, Same Old Mistakes
6. Jarryd James Do You Remember
7. Miley Cyrus Stay
8. Charles William We Are The Ones (Own The World)
9. Halsey – I Walk The Line
10. Little Mix – Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo
11. Ariana Grande Moonlight
12. Rihanna Russian Roulette
13. Tea Leigh & Luke Reed Do You Sleep
14. Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN
15. Kygo & Labrinth – Fragile
16. Carly Rae Jepsen – All That
17. X Ambassadors – Lowlife ft. Jamie Commons
18. Katy Perry Unconditionally
19. Beyoncé  Listen
20. Beyoncé Formation
21. Toto Cutugno Cantando
22. Jason Mraz I Won’t Give Up
23. Red Hot Chili Peppers  Higher Ground

enjoy my lovers!

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In a few days I will have a bake sale and need to sell a lot of food so I wondered if you would have a sigil to help me with that? and if so how could I load?

I have a sigil for I make many sales. Let’s see, you could use your baking to help you charge it. Maybe if you’re oiling a pan or something, draw the sigil in the oil and it’ll charge as whatever you make is baked. Or if you’ll have a cash box, draw it on the cash box to be charged anytime you put money in the box.

thehufflepuffshuffle  asked:

Oooh drabble requests! I have two suggestions, so either one would be wonderful to read! I saw that you mentioned villain!Valka, which I have never considered but am IMMENSELY intrigued by, so any story about that would be awesome! A second drabble suggestion would be about Hiccup and Fishlegs familial bonds? Maybe on a late night when Hiccup is exhausted from all of his kingly duties, so he and Fishlegs catch up and reminisce about the past? Thanks for accepting requests; either would be great!

Oooh oooh oooh ooooooh, both of these ideas are really cool!!! 

Because I’ve written a 57,000 word fanfiction about villain!Valka with a half-finished sequel (I’m slightly obsessed with villain!Valka, just maybe heehee), I’m going to opt for the second drabble idea. Thank you so much for the fun request. I LOVE Hiccup and Fishlegs’ relationship! Take care and have an awesome day!


Takes place a good several years after the events of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury.

One lonely longship drifted through constellations, navigating between Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia. Starlight above, starlight below, an infinity of sparkling points, stretched further than the eye could spy.

Hiccup could hear a faint tinkling in the background, providing harmonies to the waves lapping against the ship’s stern. Though Fishlegs sat scarcely three meters away, Hiccup could barely hear the soft notes his companion played. At times though, the bard would mumble, and these words Hiccup could hear. “…legends of the dragons… dragon legends… myth of the… no, no, none of those are quite right. Mythical beasts of land and sea? Is that too flowery?”

“Working on the epic?” Hiccup asked. He turned his gaze away from the sea to glance at his friend. In the dark, Hiccup could see little but a faint glint off Fishlegs’ glasses. It looked like there were two translucent moons floating side-by-side.

Those two moons nodded. “Yeah, but it’s not coming along very well.” Fishlegs sighed and set his harp on his lap.

“If it makes you feel any better, this business trip isn’t going so well for me,” said Hiccup. “Part of me hoped that being King would mean more peace between the tribes. Guess not.” A groan. He rubbed his forehead, careful not to disturb the crown on his head. “Diplomacy. It’s never easy, is it?”

Keep reading

grayworkshop  asked:

Your art tutor? Better get ready!!

Keira: I haven’t seen him in over a year or 2! And I’m guessing Princess Celestia has told Canvas that I’ve moved to Ponyville. Maybe he wants to know if I finished the assessment he gave me before I left Canterlot. I’ve long since forgotten the assessment! I’ve been so focused on the Elements of Harmony, my art shop,Discord, and now this!

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The CW will have another series from Jason: Searchers. deadline(.)com/2016/10/searchers-cw-action-drama-the-100-creator-jason-rothenberg-greg-berlanti-1201842759/

Nooooooo, pass it pls and thanks CW, there are other interesting options. Anyway I’m not watching anything developed by this individual ever again.

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I like how Gal said she'd use Krav Maga on Trump if he tried to touch her when she was in Miss Universe. With Cher just laughing cause she hates Trump and thinks he's an idiot.

I saw that. What she said was she would have used it on him if he touched her inappropriately. It was funny. Gal and Cher was a pairing I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it.

anonymous asked:

Could we talk about the fact that in season 3 the riders speak to their dragons tons of times without clear gestures or commands and somehow the dragons understand?

Somewhat related discussions on the topic of dragons understanding human speech:  [1] [2] [3] [4]

It’s incredibly fascinating how responsive the dragons are to their riders. It’s also cool that there has been a subtle growth in how well human and dragon fly together.

The first time the youths ride on their dragons, they’re not very functional in the skies. Granted, the youths do a better job than expected riding on the backs of wild, untrained beasts. Still, that said, you can tell they are unfamiliar with it, that the humans and dragons don’t always have the same ideas, and that there are some problems as the Vikings and dragons try to cooperate and coordinate. As seen below, even flying in a straight line - safe and out of danger - is a bit rough. Snotlout is bouncing wildly up and down on Hookfang; Meatlug’s sudden dip causes Fishlegs to shift forward and almost fall; while the twins are obviously having a jerky ride.

Their flight abilities do improve by Riders of Berk. Still, at the start of the television series, we see more instances of mismatched ideas between humans and dragons when they are flying together. The human thinks that one action would be best and instructs the dragons to do one things; meanwhile, the dragon does not listen and does something else. A good example of this is the start of “The Terrible Twos,” where Hiccup leads the dragon riders through the trees for “low-level evasive maneuvers.” Even Astrid, who is very quick to learn how to ride on a dragon and form a bond with Stormfly, makes a critical mistake. “Stormfly, up!” she first shouts, and then a few seconds later gasps, “You were right, Stormfly. It was down. I almost died.” Meanwhile, Snotlout crashes through so many branches he looks like a bush, while Meatlug crashes and Fishlegs gets stuck in a tree.

This is just one example of the youths not coordinating with their dragons. Throughout Riders of Berk and even some of Defenders of Berk, we see the youths going through exercises to try to learn how to control their dragons and work better as a team with their beast. And yet we often get people like Fishlegs saying, “I’d rather do my trusting on the ground,” at the start of “In Dragons We Trust,” or Snotlout miserably failing the latest training exercise.

The point is, they’ve still got a lot to learn.

How the humans and dragons coordinate is still impressive, and in fact, even back in the first seasons, we see some of which you observed - the dragons attuning to exactly what the human wants, despite a lack of clear verbal or gestural communication. Somehow, the dragon just KNOWS what needs to be done. This occurs a lot especially in combat. An example of this is in “A View to a Skrill Part 1” when Hiccup is confronting the Skrill in the lightning storm.

At first, Hiccup says, “Okay, bud. Not too much. Just enough to bring him down.” Toothless looks at Hiccup, processes the request (already freakishly ridiculously impressive… that was NOT a straightforward linguistic command considering the fact dragons wouldn’t understand fluent Norse), and does as Hiccup desires. But THEN we get something interesting. The first attack doesn’t work, so Hiccup says, “So let’s see how he handles this.” There is nothing in that statement that processes a request, and Hiccup only leans forward on Toothless before the dragon does something else. The dragon sides up along the Skrill and fires several plasma blasts repeatedly at the dragon in a new maneuver.


And the more you watch the shows, the more complicated it gets. The more time the humans have with the riders, the more consistently and frequently the dragons and humans work together. There are fewer obvious instructions and fewer mistakes. You see a learning curve progress from HTTYD to RTTE.

A lot of the times, sure, there are obvious instructions, like Hiccup shouting, “Come on, bud, dive!” at the end of RTTE “Night of the Hunters Part 1.” Even Snotlout shouting, “Hookfang, hatchlings!” in “Crash and Burn” makes some sense because he points at the baby dragons, giving the dragon an obvious visual signal to go toward the infant dragons. In truth, usually there is some sort of physical gesture, often a verbal comment, to help direct the dragons.

But still. By the time of Race to the Edge, the dragons sometimes do ridiculously complex things with very little straightforward instruction. Some of it, such as destroying the part of the boat below a wench to free them from chains, could happen because of practice; the dragons just know that’s the place to fire from repeated engagements, and thus don’t need an explicit command. However, in many other instances, the dragons are doing precise, one-of-a-time sorts of actions that you couldn’t excuse as “repeated experience” or “prior general training.” 

Snotlout swings down and has Hookfang pick up the yak to protect it from the Singetail in “Turn and Burn” with no verbal command and nothing more than pressing down on the dragon’s horns to get Hookfang to fly in a slightly downward direction. How did Hookfang know that what Snotlout wanted to do was save the yak?

That is just one example, but there are many other such instances throughout not only S3, but also seasons 1 and 2, that are more complicated than what I listed.

What I find most revelatory about these interactions is that it speaks to the deep nature of the human-rider bond. The dragons respond to vague directions and yet doing exactly as their rider would want! This is not linguistic comprehension, this is not gestural comprehension, because the Vikings are not giving them much of either in these instances. What is happening is that human and rider are functioning together as a unit. They know what the other wants. Through a lot of practice, instinct, and understanding of how the other acts, human and rider can navigate complicated situations and do exactly as the other intends.

To be honest, even the fact Hiccup and Toothless can fly through the skies together is a massively complicated interchange of minds! And yet we see these dragons and humans, again and again, do more than even that!

anonymous asked:

Patrik Milanj will be the costume designer for Rick Famuyiwa's The Flash.

Yes, I’m very happy about that. I loved the costumes in Dope. It’s rare that costumes in high school movies or real life movies really stand out to me, but they did in Dope. They were just so creative and fun. It’s great because his costumes were so good in Dope that he definitely deserves to move up to the next level of costume design, as superhero and villain costumes will inevitably be more difficult, but with his creativity, I’m sure he’ll come up with something great. I’m excited to see what he does with Iris’s style because he’s dressed Kiersey before. He’s also a Latino costume designer, which is cool. We haven’t had a nonwhite costume designer in the DCEU yet. 

It seems Rick is bringing in a lot of his team from Dope onto The Flash, and I think that’s a great thing. We need more people of color behind the camera as well as in front of the camera. I’d love it if he brought on Germaine Franco to do the score for The Flash, as she did Dope and the music was great in that. He had a lot of women behind the scenes of the movie like the cinematographer, casting director, and set decorator. Tbh, I’d be happy with all of them coming back, plus some people who have done a lot of action films.

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When you do sigils, you should forget about them after they've been charged and activated right?

That is one way of doing it yes. The idea behind forgetting a sigil once you’ve activated it is that your subconscious mind is what interacts with the sigil to make it work. If you forget about it then you aren’t going to be worrying about it and possibly confuse the energy with your concern and desire for it to work.

Honestly, this way of doing sigils never really made sense to me. I’ve tried it and the sigils never seemed to work very well, so it’s not how I use sigils. I know that’s how sigils work for some people, but not for me. If that’s what you’ve been doing and it works, great. If you can’t seem to get sigils to work for you, that might be something to try. Maybe you’ve been forgetting sigil and you want to try them without that. No harm in trying. Either way is valid and you can choose or experiment to see if which way works for you yourself.

anonymous asked:

Maybe they're giving this guy too much freedom to just bring back anybody he wants from Dope for this film, even someone who has no history with designing a superhero costume.

I don’t think it’s a problem. Yes, he’s never done a superhero movie before, but it’s not like it’s his first movie. The costume designers for Iron Man had never done a superhero movie before Iron Man but I loved the costumes in that movie. Same for the costume designer for Captain America. Hell, Watchmen was Michael Wilkinson’s first superhero movie. If we only allowed designers who have done superhero movies before to do superhero movie costumes, we’d only have like ten costume designers working right now. You gotta let other designers step up to the plate and I think the Dope designer is a great choice.



And for the first time ever, I plan on finishing a 50,000 word novel, or rather, a rough draft of a novel. The only problem I have is finding a topic that I can commit to for that long. I typically get 10,000 words in and start losing sight of why I even started.

Do any fellow writers have tips for sticking it through and making it work? Thoughts on how to come up with personally engaging ideas would be wonderful too. :)

Happy writing!