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anonymous asked:

in the scene when hiccup finds toothless in the woods, toothless just stares at him but he doesnt growl at him in an intent to scare him away he doesnt even move he just stares. could you do an analysy about that? thanks!

Absolutely! This is a really interesting moment and sheds a whole light on Toothless and dragons as a whole. I can think of four potential interrelated reasons why Toothless does not growl to scare Hiccup away:

  • He knows he has no fighting chance against Hiccup while restrained.
  • The Vikings’ ideas of dragons as fighting creatures is biased and partially incorrect, and dragons like Toothless are not likely to act threatening in contexts like these where they cannot fight.
  • Toothless especially is a peaceful personality and not a fighter.
  • Toothless would die anyway if Hiccup was chased away, and he is probably low on energy in poor health.

No Fighting Chance

In the moment Hiccup encounters Toothless, entangled in bolas in the woods, Toothless does not aggressively growl or act threatening by any means. This contrasts with how Toothless acts in other scenes later on in How to Train Your Dragon. Toothless tends to snarl a lot at others when he feels threatened; he does so when meeting Astrid, Eret, Valka, and Drago, just to name a few incidences. He even charges up and roars in Hiccup’s face after the boy releases him from his bonds.

In these moments, though, Toothless has a fighting chance. Toothless is unrestrained, able to fight and attack. He shows aggression in the cases he would be able to act upon it. 

This differs from that first moment in the woods when he is tied up. It is also like much of “We Are Family Part 2″; when Toothless is in bonds, unable to fight for himself, he does not growl much. He does not try to make himself threatening. He does no try to struggle through the bonds. Here he knows that he is captured… and, mournfully, he accepts it.

In fact, in this moment in the forest, Toothless gives out a low moan of defeat, preparing to die. For he believes he will die and that he can do nothing about it.

Thus the dragon stays still and does not try to scare Hiccup away. He knows there would be no threat in his roar and that fighting to get away would do him nothing. He is captured and that is that.

Only after he is released by Hiccup does he show threatening energy. 

And all he does there is roar in Hiccup’s face.

“Everything We Know About You Guys Is Wrong”

This comes to a second important point about this scene: the Vikings do not know everything about dragons. “Everything we know about you guys is wrong,” Hiccup proclaims later in the movie, and that is key to understanding this scene.

It is true that the dragons fight the Vikings and steal their sheep. It is true the dragons sometimes act aggressively against the Vikings - but in all these moments, the dragons have good reason to fight. They are either fighting Vikings so they have a chance of stealing food, or fighting Vikings to protect their nest or themselves, or fighting Vikings in the arena because they are trapped and poorly treated. But if there is not an instigator for violence, dragons do no seek out violence. They are not belligerent creatures by nature, for all they can be - in the right instances - fearsome fighters.

And Toothless is even less a fighter than other dragons on Berk. He does not even engage directly in man-to-dragon combat during the raids. He flies at a distance and takes shots at the catapults. It appears that Toothless is not really a fighter (making the Kill Ring scene all the more amazing), so Toothless is not going to growl at Hiccup for a fight he knows he cannot win - not when he is tied up and restrained so. This is why there is no growling and struggling when he is bonded, and also why he does not “go for the kill” as the Vikings would have expected otherwise.

For the Vikings are wrong. Dragons do not always go for the kill. The Vikings have only seen dragons in the narrow context of the raids, during which the dragons are more likely to kill. But Toothless, outside of that context, is less likely to put on a fighter’s vibe. He cannot fight here. Not restrained as so.

Choice of Dying or… Dying

Toothless really has no hope of surviving at this point. He is tied up and unable to move. He has been without water for several hours, will not get any water anytime soon, and has no access to food, either. It is very unlikely other dragons will help him escape… knowing they even know how to undo bolas ties, which is highly implausible. Toothless, lying as he is, injured and alone, has reached the conclusion he will die.

He has been alone and injured for a while. His tail will have been bleeding. He will feel the burn of the bolas in him. He will be dehydrated and lightheaded from blood loss. This dragon is not in peak physical condition.

At this point a Viking comes up to him with a knife. He has the choice to growl, fight his bonds futilely, and chase the boy with the knife away, or let him come. It makes no difference what choice Toothless makes: either way, he is going to perish. The only variation is that, in one scenario, he dies from lack of water, the other by a stab in the chest.

Toothless is depressed and low. He might be scared of Hiccup, which could cause him to growl in other more favorable scenarios, but here at the forefront of his mind he is thinking bout his impending death. With that sort of mentality, he does not have the motivation or emotional energy to growl at Hiccup and scare him. The most he does is snarl a little when Hiccup places a foot on his side, probably because that is demeaning. Thus overall Toothless just lies there, waiting for him to perish one way or another. He might as well just let the Viking boy come. What difference will it make? He’s just going to die anyway. And because, as I said, he is weak from his injuries, he does not have much energy to spare growling at Hiccup and looking threatening. He feels horrible inside and out, and that is what he feels moreso than a need to chase away a small Viking boy.

At this point, given his circumstance, Toothless might almost prefer Hiccup approaching than Hiccup leaving.

Conclusively, Toothless is not trying to scare Hiccup away or growling a lot because… there is no reason to. He feels weak, and very weak animals are lethargic. He also knows he is going to die anyway, so it makes no difference if Hiccup goes or stays. Toothless has given up. Lastly, he is not in a circumstance where he, a dragon who has not participated much in the raids anyway, is going to fight. Toothless might show aggression elsewhere, but that is when he has a fighting chance… and usually when he is, ironically enough, protecting Hiccup.


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Genuine questions

👢 - What’s your favorite kind of shoes?
😪 - Allergies?
🐇 - Number of pets you’ve ever owned?
🔥 - Are you a pyromaniac?
🌻 - Do you garden/have you gardened?
🌑 - Do you like to star gaze?
☔ - What kind of whether do you get where you live?
🎄 - Know anyone with a birthday on a holiday?
💪 - Do you work out?
🔊 - What volume do you normally have your notifications at on your phone?
⏰ - What time do you get up on a school day?
🔪 - What would your weapon of choice be?
🔧 - Do you know how to change a tire?
💵 - How much money do you have in your wallet at this moment?
📦 - What was the best birthday present you’ve gotten?
📚 - Do you enjoy reading?
🎶 - What kind of music do you like most?
🎲 - Do you gamble?
🍦 - What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
😂 - An inside joke without an explanation?
🏠 - How many bedrooms does your house/apartment have?
🗽 - Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty?
🚗 - Do you own your own car?
😘 - Are you a flirt?
💺 - Do you have a fear if flying?
🎭 - Ever done improv?
♻ - Do you actually recycle?
😣 - An old friend you now hate?
🆎 - Blood Type?
♐ - Zodiac sign?

zoey-prower-the-fox asked:

What I'm about to ask you actually had happened to me and I want to know if you'd have the same reaction as I did(it was a bit dramatic I won't lie) -What would your reaction be…if, IF that Ice cream truck……was out of Sonic ice cream???

I would have reverted to 5 year old me and gotten all sad and go “Oh… never mind… I don’t want ice cream anymore” X’D That’s all I wanted today was a Sonic ice cream, I didn’t want anything else haha

anonymous asked:

Day at the beach with Manic?

((Now THIS.. I can do. ;) ))

This time there was no getting out of it.
He was going to see her body WITHOUT that silly skirt and sweater on whether she liked it or not.
Now don’t get him wrong, he adored her modesty and thought it was an adorable quality of hers but.. What boy doesn’t want to see his girl’s sweet bod every once in awhile right??
And as beautiful as she was in his eyes, he’d be crazy NOT to long to see more of her.
Not only that, but he felt like it would strengthen their relationship, almost like a trust type thing. If she trusted him enough to show herself to him then he’d feel like a champion!
Manic had plotted the whole thing out. He had asked KB to go to the beach with him, telling her he wanted to collect some seashells which was honestly very suspicious to KB but she agreed to going nonetheless. She figured a good day in the sun wouldn’t hurt. Manic on the other hand knew that beach equalled bikini. And that’s what his priority was.
Manic arrived at her house with his swim trunks on and sandals instead of his normal attire, his sunglasses propped up on his forehead as he knocked a few times on her door. He rubbed his hands together anxiously, imagining what he was going to find behind that door. He heard her footsteps approaching from the other side, biting his bottom lip in an excited manor as he watched the door knob turn.
The door slowly opened, revealing KB standing behind it with a smile on her face..
As well as a sweater on her torso and a skirt on her waist.
Manic couldn’t hide a frown of defeat as he saw her dressed in her normal attire rather than her beach attire, “Heya Thief.”
Oh, calm down dear reader. He didn’t just insult her. This was her nickname he’d use to tease her, referring back to the day they met when he claimed she stole his amulet as well as his heart.
“I.. Thought we were going to the beach?..,” he mumbled as he pulled a small smile at the girl before him. KB immediately noticed his disappointment, a humble smirk coming across her muzzle as she spoke, “We are! Why would you think we’re not?..”
Manic shrugged a bit as he reached around to rub the back of his neck awkwardly with a small blush, “Well.. It’s just because you’re uh.. You’re not exactly dressed for the occasion, Kendall..”
She placed a hand on her hip as she reached behind the door and grabbed a red and white striped bag, slinging it over her shoulder as she looked back at him, “Well I figured I’d change when we got there.. There’s changing stalls, is there not?..”
Manic’s ears perked up to a point at hearing this, his goofball grin immediately returning as he nodded his head with his front quills bouncing from his excitement, “Yeah! They do actually! So uh, we should get going!”
KB smirked as she crossed her arms, onto his little game he was playing and little did he know but she was playing her own little game as well. She walked outside her house, locking the door behind her before turning to Manic who was waiting by his hoverboard.
Oh how she loathed that thing.
Not even because she was scared of it or its speed! But because of how close Manic had to hold her when she rode on it with him, never fails, she always blushed and he always teased her about it.
He stepped up on his hoverboard, the orange board immediately floating into the air after sensing his touch. He looked over at KB and reached out to her with a smug smile, “I don’t bite, much~.” He cooed teasingly as she blushed profusely, allowing him to pull her up onto the board by grabbing her hand. He then gently wrapped his arms around her waist, making sure to softly rub his fingers along her sides which only made her blush more. She bit her bottom lip nervously as she kept her eyes on the ground and off him causing him to chuckle in amusement.
“Relax Knuckles, it’ll all be over soon,” he whispered in her ear causing her to shiver slightly and bite her bottom lip to hold back a squeal of delight. Secretly the girl loved his advances towards her, but she refused to show it. She figured it gave him too much pride, which he already had plenty enough of. Plus she wasn’t used to having a boy so consumed with her, then again she wasn’t used to having a boy around period. So it was all new to her.
He moved his body a bit, causing the hoverboard to move forward with the two hedgehogs riding it. She gripped onto his forearms as she gasped a bit from the sudden movement. He smiled softly at her, knowing she was easily scared since she was so nervous around him. Which he loved. He let his hands gently grasp a handful of her sweater on each side to let her know he didn’t plan on letting her go. She smiled at this, her cheeks still flaming red from the ride as she let out a small unintended giggle.
He skillfully steered the hoverboard towards the beach, gripping onto his light brown lover as his careful eyes watched where he was going.
Normally, the green male was reckless with everything he did. But he refused to be a dare-devil with KB, not wanting to risk her getting hurt even if it was just a scrape on her knee.
Once they arrived at the beach, he landed the hoverboard, holding her hand gently with his own so that she could step off the board with ease. He then stepped off himself, kicking the hoverboard up as it folded itself up into a small cube and then fell into his hand. He placed the cube in his trunk pockets, zipping them up to make sure it didn’t fall out.
KB looked at him, her face slowly fading to a normal shade of red as she spoke softly, “I’m going to go change now.. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” She then quickly turned and speed-walked to the changing stalls nearby. Manic watched her with a small chuckle, shaking his head at her shy nature as he walked out onto the sand. He neared the ocean and stopped a few feet away from where the tide came, making sure the sand was dry before he sat down on it himself. He waited silently, his blue eyes watching the waves crash against rocks attached to a cliff nearby to his left. After what seemed like eternity to him, his ears twitched at the sound of a familiar angelic tone.
His head immediately turned to see KB walking up with her everyday clothes in her red and white striped bag and her swimsuit on her body instead..
With a pink swim shirt and black swim skirt on over it.
He groaned at this, not believing his luck as he gave a small pout. He quickly dried up his baby-like actions and gave her a warm smile, patting the spot beside him for her to join him in watching the waves, “Heya ‘Dall~. Make me the happiest street rat alive and sit beside me will ya?”
She stood beside him, looking down at him with her hands on her hips and a tilted curious head, “I thought you wanted to go seashell hunting??..”
Manic’s eyes widened a bit at being questioned, stumbling with his words as he twiddling with the sand beside him, “U-uh.. I do! Or I did want to until we got here and I saw how awesome the view was! It’s totally hot out here and I figure we could just kick back and relax instead..?” He looked up at her with questioning eyes, her lips curved into a confused smile as she furrowed her eyebrows at him.
“Ok.. If you say so..,” she slowly sat down beside him and let her bare feet dig into the sand and bury themselves. Manic watched her feet with a smile, finding every action she made adorable in his eyes. He moved a bit closer to her, his hand lightly touching her own from them both leaning back with their hands against the sand. She flinched at his touched and immediately pulled away with a shy giggle, “Sorry..”
Manic chuckled his dorky chuckle at her, “When are you gonna learn you don’t have to apologize for being the cutest hedgehog in town, huh?” KB felt a light blush creep up on her cheeks as she looked down at her lap with a warm smile.
“When you stop lying to yourself and admit I’m not the cutest hedgehog in town,” she answered back. He reached over and nudged her chin up with his finger, smirking as his eyes connected with hers, “Then I guess we’ll both be waiting for awhile huh?”
She gazed into his eyes with her own, smiling softly as she answered almost breathlessly from his actions, “I suppose so..”
He leaned in slowly, feeling like this was as good of a moment as any to go in for the first kiss. She watched as he leaned in closer to her, enchanted by his gaze and almost feeling completely defenseless from his actions due to her being under his trance. But just as he was about to kiss her, she pulled back out of his reach.
Manic’s ears immediately flattened at this as he sat back up straight and rubbed his neck awkwardly, “Sorry.. I was just-”
“That’s ok Manic, no need to apologize,” she interrupted as she looked at her lap again, her smile vanished as she held a perplexed and thoughtful gaze instead.
He noticed this and immediately went into questioning.
“Hey.. If I did something wrong then I really am sorry.. I didn’t mean to be so forward and trust me, I know I can be.. But-”
“Manic, do you love me?..”
Manic’s eyes widened at this question. His heart skipping a beat even at the mention of it as he stared at her blankly. Never had he told a girl that he 'loved’ them. He never really felt it until he met KB anyways. But he figured it was an understood love, that she knew how he felt without him having to say it. And the fact that she didn’t know and had to ask made him feel like he wasn’t doing a good job as a boyfriend. Though.. Now that he thought about it.. He never even asked her to be his girlfriend officially.
Man was he messing up.
“Wha-.. What do you mean Thief?..,” he slowly sat up a bit more in front of her so that he could see her eyes, “You stole my heart remember?..”
“Did I?.. Or was it just my body?..,” she looked up at him now. And what he saw made him realize what she was questioning now.
Her eyes showed a bit of hurt and distrust, as if she felt used. His heart broke a bit at realizing what he had been unintentionally doing this entire time.
She thought he just loved her physically. Not emotionally.
“Uh oh..,” he mumbled before rubbing the tip of his nose and looking down slightly, “How do I put this?..”
KB’s eyes clamped shut at hearing this, her ears drooping back as she assumed the worst, “You’re dumping me.. Aren’t you?..”
She felt her heart cracking, she should’ve known it was too good to be true that someone as wonderful as Manic would ever actually love her.
His eyes widened as he looked back up at her and shook his head furiously while waving his hands out in front of him, “WHAT?! No no no no no! 'Dall, I’m not even CLOSE to dumping you! No way on Mobius I’m even THINKING about doing that!..” He quickly grabbed her hands and stammered desperately to make her smile return to her angelic face again, “I.. I’m new to this whole commitment thing. And I’m not quite sure how to handle things sometimes. I’m kinda an idiot if you didn’t notice, babe.. But I want to be with you. More than anything. If you ever ended up with someone else I.. I think I’d have to rip his face off..”
KB felt a small giggle escape her lips as her puffy eyes watched him gabble on nervously. But that still didn’t answer her question from earlier.
Manic smirked a bit at hearing her giggle, his blue orbs watching her matching light blue ones with a sincere smile, “But.. As for the whole I love you thing.. If I ever gave you reason, which I’m sure I did blindly, for you to doubt my feelings for you and think I only like you for your body then I am truly sorry, KB.. That wasn’t my intentions at all. I know I can be a pig sometimes but hey.. I’m a dude, hog is in the name of my species for chaos’ sake! But that’s not excuse babe and I realize that. I will admit without any shame that I would absolutely.. drool if I saw even an inch more of your body.” He frowned a bit as he saw her eyes sadden at this statement, knowing she didn’t like it when people looked at her lustfully in the first place due to her modest nature. “But it’s not because lust for you or anything like that, I-I mean I do! But that’s just because you’re hot!- I mean!.. Uh.. You’re! Attractive-Beautiful! Yeah. Beautiful is the word I’m searching for..,” he chuckled nervously as he rubbed his ear awkwardly, not used to using words like 'beautiful’ or 'attractive’ due to being raised on street slang.
KB’s eyes were watching him in a confused way at this point, as if she was wishing he’d just get to the point already though she had to admit she found his babbling cute and amusing.
“But anyways, that’s not the reason I stick around, Kendall.. I stick around because your narly personality! You have a sweet smile and a caring soul, not to mention the most innocent and angelic heart ever to beat in a Mobian. You’re literally the image of perfection inside and out and I still wonder everyday how I was lucky enough to land a girl like you-”
“You forced me into an alley while running from the cops,” she interrupted with a dull tone and a small smile.
“That’s besides the point!” he said with a chuckle as he lightly pushed her shoulder causing her to giggle lightly. “The point is I got lucky. And I want to say that I do love you, KB..” He gently held her hand in his, lifting it to his lips and kissing it gently before whispering, “And I love you for being the perfection that is called yourself.. Not your beautiful body.. That’s just a bonus.” He chuckled lightly as he looked at her eyes, her hand still pressed gently against his lips as he waited for her response.
Kendall stared at him with wide eyes, not quite expecting all that to come out of his mouth. He seemed so sincere and gentlemen-like. His eyes telling her he meant every word he said. She watched him a few moments, her hands still gently pressed against his soft and tender lips as she blushed red. She gave him a fangirlish grin before sliding her hand from his gentle grip, she stood up slowly and looked down at him. He watched her with curious eyes, wondering what she was going to do next.
She rolled her eyes with a giggle as she placed her hands on her pink swim shirt, looking around to make sure they were the only ones there before sliding the shirt up and over her head, letting it fall on the sand beside her to reveal her red and white polka dotted bikini top with a small white bow in the middle. She bit her lip as she watched his reaction, blushing deep red since she had never before been this exposed to anyone in her lifetime.
He blushed red as well, his eyes wide and watching her with a loving but yet shocked gaze. He honestly didn’t think this day would come, bless him.
She smiled shyly at his widened eyes, blushing more as she slowly pulled down her black swim skirt to reveal her matching red and white polka dotted bikini bottoms with a tiny white bow on each hip. She rubbed her knees together nervously as she rubbed her left arm with her right hand and looked down at him. He remained silent, his eyes wide and his muzzle as red as Knuckles. He watched as she slowly and shyly bent down in front of him and whispered softly, “I love you too.”
He let a dorky and goofy grin curve across his muzzle as his ears beamed red as well, looking into her eyes with a bright and excited gaze while his tail wagged furiously.
“AW YEAH BABY~!” without warning, he leapt up from the sand and tackled her backwards onto her back. She gasped and squealed slightly as she felt her back hit the soft sand, giggling uncontrollably as he landed on top of her and showered her in kisses on her forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. His tail was wagging playfully as his ears heard the giggles that were music to his ears. His unruly quills tickling her as his kisses trailed along her facial features.
He chuckled as he kissed her softly repeatedly along her face, laughing at her giddy expression once he stopped. She laid beneath him laughing and blushing profusely, her small breathless squeaks of joy interrupting every once in awhile as she tried to catch her breath.
She giggled and bit her bottom lip as she looked up at him and watched him as he slowly reached up and let his fingers run through her quills. One of his crazy front bangs were hanging in front of her face and lightly rubbing against her nose which caused her to let out a small squeak when she sneezed. He chuckled at this and she blushed lightly as she stuck her tongue out at him. He quickly acted and leaned down to lick her tongue with his own, causing the light brown hedgehog’s eyes to widen as she quickly sucked her tongue back in and bit her lips together.
Manic laughed at this and began to sit up before he suddenly felt her arms wrap around his neck to stop him. He looked down and watch her small delicate hand move to lightly brush his crazy quills back and keep them there as she leaned upwards to quickly peck his lips. He blushed at this, but this was a rare moment! She hardly EVER let him kiss her there. As a matter of fact, the first time he did it it wasn’t an easy process. Manic took advantage of the moment and placed his hand behind her back as she leaned up, pulling KB’s body against his as he deepened the kiss.
The kiss was interrupted every few moments by her smiles and giggles which only made his heart leap with joy since that’s one of the things he loved about her: her inability to kiss him without smiling or giggling.
Happened every time.
He smiled a warm loving smile down at her as she gazed up at him with another small giggle, letting her arms remain around his neck as she let her fingers massage through his quills.
“Will you be my girlfriend, Thief?..,” he whispered with a small shy-like grin.
KB smiled brightly at this as she tried to pretend as if she was thinking her options over, moving one hand to tap her chin as she hummed.
Manic rolled his eyes with a chuckle as he waited patiently for her answer.
After a few moments she leaned up and pecked his lips again quickly before speaking softly to him, “Yes.”
He grinned brightly at her answer and jumped up, grabbing her hand and pulling her up with him as he picked her up bridal style. She gasped and laughed into his neck as he spun her around and then took up running towards the ocean. She gripped onto his neck in protest as she felt her ears go back worriedly once she realized where he was going, “Manic.. MANIC NO I CAN’T SWIM-”
She was cut off when he spun around and fell backwards into the water with her still in his arms. He came up with her a few seconds later and she was shaking in his arms. She buried her nose in his neck as she clamped her eyes shut and bit her bottom lip. He smirked at this and tilted his head to whisper in her ear, “Hey.. It’s ok.. I’m not letting you go..”
She blushed from his whisper and let a small smile appear on her muzzle as she opened her eyes to look at him. She let her lips connect tenderly with his cheek, whispering back a soft 'thank you’ before resting her forehead against his cheek and nuzzling him lightly which he gladly returned.
The two spent the rest of the day smiling and giggling at their lover, enjoying their time together at the beach.

((And scene because I stink with endings.
In my defense I wrote this yesterday at 7 AM (after pulling an all-nighter). Because I’m dumb. ^^;
I was going to post it yesterday but I have been busy with rehearsals for the flash mob we’re doing with my sister’s proposal! WHICH IS TODAY!! Wish me luck!~
My plans now are to write a small fanfic involving E-Vay and Zonic and Manic and my fursona on a double date because E-Vay made that absolutely FABULOUS fan art of all of us out together. And I loved it. ❤️
But in between now and the time I post that, I’ll also be writing a bunch of fanfics for those Memes I posted awhile back and never got around to finishing.
Not to mention JASBF and TEIU.
Ugh. I’ll get it all done eventually guys. I promise.

I don’t believe it 400 followers !!!! It’s insane all you think my blog is cool enough to follow.. Thank you all and I’ll try and keep it up hahah

Also thank you to the people that I’ve actually got to know I on here. Your stories and lives are so m fascinating :) if any one wants to talk about relationships, long distance, working out, pretty much anything don’t hesitate at all I’m always happy to make new friends and talk to you :)

perla-speedofsound-adventuring asked:

Hey! You know what would be cool? Ok so you know how you said that "How to be a Heartbreaker" could be Aurora's theme. What if you made one of those cool song posts depicting how you imagined her stage along with the lyrics? I know those can take FOREVER. And I'm not obligating you to do one. I just think it would be a cool future project possibility

If I was a better concept artist and better at landscape, I would TOTALLY do that! But I am absolutely terrible at that stuff X’D Sonic levels are all about the scenery. I can see it in my head, but it doesn’t translate onto canvas at all.