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The fact that they decided to change the soundtrack name from Bellarke to Bellamy and Clarke is quite obvious. I hate to say this because I love Bellarke but the writers have sold out the story. They used usn to get renewal and they used the hiatus to edit out everything good. We have been baited, used and discarded. Not even the term Bellarke is used anymore. The writing is on the wall my friend and it's clear. Bellamy and Clarke are platonic.

I know this was sent before the recent episode aired and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to answer, but I’d have to respectfully disagree. 

Bellarke has been developing steadily since S1 and this season especially. So many people are looking for these big defining moments within this relationship, but they’ve never been that way. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship has always been about the small moments, which I might add we actually get a lot of. These small moments accumulate to make this beautiful relationship that we’ve come to love. 

That’s why their slow burn is taking as long as it is. However this season with the impending apocalypse they’ve been forced into more and more situations where their feelings for one another have been pushed to the forefronts of their minds (i.e Jaha telling Bellamy he and Clarke balance each other, the list scene, Bellamy getting kidnapped by the Ice Nation, etc.).

It’s clear that Bellamy is in love with Clarke and has been aware of these feelings since probably the end of S2 at the latest. Clarke on the other hand (IMO) has known she’s loved him for just as long, but has been unaware or in denial of exactly what kind of love she has for him. This season, in terms of her relationship with Bellamy, I think her journey was about being forced to realize exactly what he means to her, which the narrative has told us time and time again is a lot.

The scene in 4x11 is a testament to that. Now though, not only is the audience aware of how much she cares about him, but he is too. He was there when she mercy killed Finn for the sake of saving him from a horrible death and for the sake of the alliance with the grounders to ensure their people’s safety and he knows that Clarke let her mother hang herself so their people could be saved. Yet she wasn’t able to kill him or even harm him to do the same thing. 

It’s been clear for awhile that Bellamy has always been unsure about where he stands with Clarke on her end. He knows how much he loves her and how far he is willing to go to ensure her safety and though she’s said things like “I need you” and “I can’t lose you too.” in the past, some of her actions have contradicted her words. Now though he knows, he’s seen it himself. She can’t kill him.

And what does that mean for them?

Well nonny it means development. It means that the scene where this happens

Originally posted by bl-ake

is going to be an important one. Regardless of what they talk about here Bellamy has never initiated a hug before. The most physical contact he has ever initiated between them was a shoulder squeeze or a gentle brush of her arm or hand to reassure her. The fact that he is comfortable enough in his knowledge about her feelings for him, platonic or otherwise, to initiate a hug is a big deal in itself. Honestly anything else that happens between them after or before this in the finale on Wednesday is just a bonus for me.

I know this ask was based off the post I made about them changing the name from “Bellarke Theme” in last years soundtrack to “Bellamy and Clarke” in this years, but we also have to keep in mind that they’ve added over two minutes to their theme this year. Their song is the longest one on the soundtrack. 

I have a lot of faith in where they’re taking this story and I hope that you’ll keep your chin up and your lobe for Bellarke alive. :)

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A few days ago Zacks son, Eli, was on twitter liking tweets defending his father. He was grieving and seeing people defending his dad might have bought him a small moment of happines. Eli and his siblings lose their sister and then they have to see their father viciously insulted by bottom feeders. No one deserves that. I hope the Snyder family find the peace and healing they desreve and i hope Zacks critics take a long hard look at themselves and feel ashamed of their callousness.

I feel bad for Eli too. He lost his sister. My thoughts are with the entire Snyder family.

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How did you meet your girlfriend? :)

We actually met on tumblr. She messaged me one day and we’ve been talking ever since. We talked on here for a while. Then I sent her a link to my Facebook to show her something. She added me and we haven’t gone a day without talking to each other from then on. And I’m going to meet her in 19 days!!

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I don't know whether anyone has asked this before, but what do you think will happen if Hiccup the second meets Hiccup the third?

I apologize in advance if I answer this question the wrong way - I’m not sure if you’re talking about the DreamWorks universe or the book series by Cressida Cowell. Between the two universes, though, we only know about the personality of Hiccup the Second through Cressida Cowell’s novels. But also in Cressida Cowell’s novels, we know for certain that Hiccup the Second will never meet Hiccup the Third… being dead is a pretty sure way of not being able to meet someone who’s alive.

So I’m going to look at thought experiments of how Hiccup the Second, as he appears in Cressida Cowell’s novels, might interact with both book!Hiccup and DreamWorks!Hiccup were he to actually meet either of them.

Hiccup the Second: Quick Personality Recapitulation

As we learn from “How to Break a Dragon’s Heart,” Hiccup the Second was the third and youngest son of King Grimbeard the Ghastly and Chinhilda. For the first seven years of his life, he was raised by Grimler Dragons alongside a younger dragon brother, Furious, because his father Grimbeard had abandoned him on a mountainside. Grimbeard took Hiccup back in again later, though Hiccup was a pest to human civilization, very wild and always rebelling against his father. He was “always asking difficult questions, completely fearless, very cheeky, afraid of nothing and nobody.” And, “he was a born leader, charismatic, strong, handsome, the best at everything, swordfighting, wrestling, insults, chess-playing.” At the same time, while he had the swagger and courage of his father, he had his mother’s heart. He tried to free his father’s slaves on at least three separate occasions. Hiccup retained a strong bond for dragons and loved them more than he did his human flesh and blood, and he also sought to free the dragons that were enslaved by humans. 

For those who have read the books or don’t mind being spoiled, we know that Hiccup’s attempt to free the dragons was a failure. He was betrayed by his brother Thugheart and stabbed through the heart by his own father. So that’s why Hiccup the Second definitely wouldn’t actually meet Hiccup the Third. But let’s say that he survived…

Hiccup the Second in the DreamWorks World

Hiccup the Third meeting Hiccup the Second would be rather interesting. In some ways, we can predict how Hiccup the Third might respond, being as Hamish the Second plays a similar role to DW!Hiccup as Hiccup the Second does to book!Hiccup. In “Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man,” Hiccup is interested to learn that one of his ancestors was also a small, runt-like individual like himself. It was validating for Hiccup to hear that another chief wasn’t the big, burly type. Hiccup took to heart Hamish the Second’s message: 

This treasure was passed from father to son. I leave it to you, the next worthy one, for only a hiccup could get this far. From one to another, be proud of who you are.”

Someone who started off small could still grow up to be a recognizable and astounding individual, which is something that Hiccup was happy to hear.

Now, Hiccup the Second grew up to be a strong and athletic individual, but he was also born as a runt. Hiccup the Third in the DreamWorks world was born prematurely, so they would share this in common. Perhaps both Hiccup the Second and Hiccup the Third were on the smaller size until they got older - in which case Hiccup the Third might find some similar encouragement to meeting Hiccup the Second as he did upon learning about Hamish the Second.

Hiccup the Third would also be intrigued to learn about Hiccup the Second for the same reasons he was intrigued with his mother. This is someone who lived among dragons, to the point that they identified more with dragons than they did their human genetics. As a huge dragon-lover himself, Hiccup the Third would find Hiccup the Second’s story extremely exciting. He would be curious to learn the details of what it was like being raised by dragons, and he would be of like mind that the dragons should have been released from their slavery as Hiccup the Second so tried to do. These two would be able to appreciate dragons together like few could.

There are other areas they might relate. Both are athletic; both are thinkers; both are natural, charismatic leaders. Both might do things that seem politically unwise for the sake of their conscience, like freeing the slaves or trying to speak diplomatically with Drago Bludvist.

But they are, of course, not the same personality. Hiccup the Second’s wild, boisterous, and sometimes pugnacious behavior might startle Hiccup the Third. Hiccup the Second’s swagger and boldness might not always be appreciated by Hiccup the Third. Still, if they were simply to meet and talk for a short time, I feel as though Hiccup the Third would have an overall amazed and interesting positive experience with his ancestor. Hiccup the Second in turn would be grateful to know that other Hairy Hooligans exist who share his passion for dragons. It might give him some hope that the war between humans and dragons won’t go on forever, and that if people like Hiccup the Third step up, some change may happen. Depending on how old Hiccup the Third is when he meets the Second, he will either be shocked and scared, or excited and motivated.

Hiccup the Second in the Book World

Hiccup the Third would jump at the opportunity to meet with Hiccup the Second. Hiccup the Third, from the very first time he hears about Hiccup the Second, is extremely curious - almost desperate - to learn about his ancestor with the shared name. He wants to learn more about these people from his past. Furthermore, so much of our hero’s story relies upon history repeating in circles, and Hiccup the Third is the latest reiteration of Hiccup the Second. By learning about his ancestors who were hiccups like him, Hiccup the Third can both understand himself better as well as learn to make more informed decisions for his current conflict. So there’s no doubt that Hiccup the Third would be clambering at the opportunity to see Hiccup the Second if it were possible.

One of the ironies about Hiccup the Third is that he doesn’t think Hiccup the Second sounds much like him. On p. 165 of “How to Break a Dragon’s Heart,” Hiccup the Third is disappointed to hear that Hiccup the Second sounds like a very different individual than himself. However, readers can understand that Hiccup the Third will also grow into a charismatic leader with both a strong head on his shoulders and a powerful heart ready to save humans and dragons alike.

This means that I imagine the meeting between the Second and the Third will be very interesting. They will play off one another because they are more alike than Hiccup the Third realizes. They do have enough in common in terms of their interests and attributes that there will be a notable shared philosophy and set of common interests. However, Hiccup the Third might not fully realize how much they’re bouncing off each other. Hiccup the Third might feel a little uncomfortable, awkward, and disappointed to meet Hiccup the Second because the other seems to be so much “greater” than he is.

Hiccup the Second was always more wild and boisterous than Hiccup the Third, so he also might not realize the full potential that Hiccup the Third has. But he might have a little better idea, and he might encourage Hiccup the Third to continue his fight: seek to finish what he started and free the human and dragon slaves. In this, Hiccup the Second might need to encourage Hiccup the Third to be brave. The fight is worth it. And though Hiccup the Third doesn’t like to be in such tricky and hazardous scenarios, he will agree that this is something that must be done.

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I've become a big supporter of Zack and his vision and really wish him healing, as much as one can recover from such tragedy. And if he trusts Joss Whedon to finish up for him, I believe in Zack's judgment. I'm not a JW by any means but at this point, it matters more that Zack and his family are getting the comfort and rest they need.

I’m really not bothered by Joss editing this movie and doing some reshoots. A lot of what his work will consist of is special effects and editing. It’s not like he’s writing a brand new script. They said in the article that this is still Zack’s movie, and he’s done a hell of a lot of the post production work himself. This movie is not going to be radically different because Joss worked on it for a while.

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Looks like this season of fear is gonna be very bloody. I hope writers dont mess up with my gurl and give her a good storyline.

Yeah, I do hope she gets finally quality, challenging material. Our girl has the acting chops necessary and those writers need to use her properly. Let’s see how that goes pal.

OK! Sorry I took too long with this, but now that I finally have some motive back, I’m ready to hold a little contest for 400 followers. Yay!

Here’s how this works:

  1.  You have to be following me (obviously)
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  3. On June 1st, I will pick the winners!

So. What’s in the eggs? Funny you should ask.

YCH poses! Each egg has a pattern relating to the pose. But how will they be posed? Well, you’re going to have to wait and see. ;)

Again, June 1st is when the contest ends~ Good luck and thanks for the support ♥

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Okay so, on the one hand, I don't want Maggie to say no. But on the OTHER hand, it's too soon in my opinion, and the proposal was lackluster, so I wouldn't mind if Maggie said "not yet, but someday."

Honestly, I’m very conflicted about the proposal. I want to be happy, but this screams of drama for Sanvers next season. Impulsive proposals usually go horribly wrong on TV shows and usually end up causing the couple to either be distant or at odds with one another or break up altogether. However, Maggie’s smile at the end of the scene could indicate that she’s happy about it and says yes, so who knows.

I kind of like the “not yet, but someday” reaction, but once again, those open up very big doors for hurt feelings and angst between them. Look at how Alex reacted when Maggie supposedly didn’t reciprocate her feelings when she first kissed her. It was impulsive and didn’t go the way she wanted and she was hurt by the rejection. Even if Maggie says not yet, that still could count in Alex’s eyes as a semi-rejection so would she react the way she normally would and distance herself? Quite possibly, but they’ve also grown in their relationship so maybe she wouldn’t. Either way, it’s too much margin for unnecessary drama in their relationship and it usually ends badly.

Now, the proposal itself was very underwhelming and lackluster. That’s not to say I didn’t smile like an idiot during it, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, no one can deny it wasn’t. I never expected a grand gesture or fancy romantic scenery for their proposal, but the scene was way too short. There was no build up in the scene itself and there was very little time for everyone to process what just happened before the episode moved on to the next day at Catco. I just expected a little better, but I still liked it for the most part.

Really, I hope Maggie says yes because I don’t want to deal with all the bullshit drama that comes from her saying no or not yet. And I would be surprised if she didn’t given the way the writers have dealt with Sanvers.

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I really hold a deep admiration and respect for Zack and Deborah. They're such stand up people and from anyone who knows them personally, they're always speaking so highly of them. It hurts that they're going through this.

Yes, anyone who has worked with them really loves them. Look at what Patty and Geoff tweeted about them.

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I feel like an a-hole or phony or just generally no good because even though this girl I like isn't interested, I want my feelings to grow and to fall in love with her and just keep choosing her (even though that's the equivalent to running into a wall over and over again) and yet still try to be friends with her. Maybe it's because it's been a few days since we last messaged or because she's been busier as of late and can't really message me back, I just don't know why I'm like this at times

None of this makes you an ass or a phony or anything like that. You like someone and want to be with them. That’s to be expected.

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Πως πιστεύεις οτι πρέπει να αντιμετωπίζονται οι ομοφυλόφιλοι στην Ελλάδα?

Με σεβασμό όπως πρέπει να αντιμετωπίζεται ο κάθε άνθρωπος,σε οποιαδήποτε χώρα. Δεν καταλαβαίνω γιατι πρέπει να το διαχωρίσουμε απο τους ανθρώπους λές και ειναι κάτι εξωγήινο. Εξίσου και η αντιμετώπιση προς όλες τις σεξουαλικότητες/φύλα. Στ’αρχίδια μου κιολας αν η Μαιρούλα τα εχει με την Άννούλα και αν η Άννούλα ήταν Κώστακης πριν.Και στ’αρχίδια μου αν ο Νικολάκης τα χει με τον Γιωργάκη και δεν κάνουν σεξ γιατί ειναι ασέξουαλ.Και στ’αρχίδια μου αν η Ελενίτσα πάει με 300ες/ους και ο Γιαννάκης με 300ες/ους και χίλια δυο. Εδω ρίχνουν βόβμες και σας νοιάζει τι μπαίνει,τι βγαίνει,ποιος αγαπάει ποιον,αν αγαπάει,αν δεν αγαπάει και γιατί,τι εχει κάτω απο τα παντελόνια του κλπ. Ελα σε παρακαλώ. Σεβασμός σε όλους.

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Is is possible that the sigil cannot handle all the energy I put in ? Like I give it too much and so it can be overwhelmed (and doesnt work) ?

I do believe there is a point at which adding more energy will not make a sigil more effective. A point of maximum effectiveness. It will not overwhelm the sigil and make it stop working though.

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  • My NOTP for them - Mikasa x being sad
  • My BROTP for them - Probably Hisu
  • My OTP for them - hmm… in this way… Probably Arumika or Eremika
  • My second choice pairing for them - Rivamika
  • My fluffy pairing for them - Mikasasha
  • My angsty pairing for them - Eremika is kinda angsty, huh?
  • My favorite poly ship for them - Mikasa x Jean x Marco (I don’t have that much poly ships but I really like this one :D)
  • My weirdest pairing for them - probably mikannie, maybe not literally as “weird”, but it’s kinda close

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Zack Snyder's daughter committed suicide in March, he's taking time off for his family and won't be directing the reshoots for JL, Joss Whedon will do that for him and has written additional scenes as well.

I’m heartbroken for him…

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My fiancée & I both enlisted into the US Navy & we're both scheduled to ship out in August. Her in the beginning, me in the end. We were OK w/ that bc we'd have all summer to ready ourselves on not being near each other for at least a year. Today she got a call that she may have to ship out either in a week or middle of June & I'm literally freaking bc I don't think I'm ready for her to be gone & I don't wanna cry to her cuz it'll make her feel bad. HELP! I need someone to tell me it'll be OK

Unfortunately, that is something that happens when you’re in the military and there’s nothing that can be done about it. I’m sure she feels the same way or similar to how you’re feeling right about now. But just make the most of the time you do have with her right now.

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