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What IT blogs or blogs in general do you recommend?

IT: @harryhooksgazebos267 @ricardotrashmouthtozier

16 VERY amazing mutuals!!: @sunshiney-lester @pumpkinspicednp @zozeephan@rosepetaldaniel @aliceinwonderlandforever @dannylwster @liyahisdabomb @star-freckled-phan @luminositylester @kearajewelzzz @smolboy-phan @comphanion @spooky-scary-skeledan @hickeydan @panic-at-the-chemical-phandom24 @planter-lester


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So may I know your thoughts about these...Do you think Olivia totally gave up on Liam? And do you think she ships MC with Liam? or if ever she prefers MC than Madeleine?

Oh, thank you for this question! 

I think it’s complicated. 

Remember, Olivia currently believes that her parents were traitors (which may or be true) and that everything that she knows about her past is no longer true. She is faced with the idea that she would never be allowed to be queen, even if Liam wanted her and she might not even be allowed to stay in Cordonia if it came out.

Add that to her doubt that she ever deserved Liam in the first place. Olivia considers Liam the best person she knows. She has loved him her entire life, partially because he was the first person to truly care about her and because he is so good and kind while she struggles with being nice to people it seems to come so easily to Liam. She has at least always believed that she had the right background and breeding to offer him, even if she might not truly deserve him and now she doesn’t have that.

She also spent the social season coming to terms with the idea that not only does Liam not love her, he does love MC. I think before the social season started Olivia had convinced herself that fond affection was enough and she comforted herself with the fact that Liam cared about her more than he cared about any of the suitors. In a world without MC, she would likely have been his choice (except for the traitor’s plot, of course). 

Then MC appeared on the scene and Olivia was forced to watch Liam fall in love with her. I think it took a whole season for her to accept that and for her to let go of her idea of Liam, but when faced with the idea of having to drop out anyway, she decided she wanted Liam to be happy, which he would be with MC. 

Olivia does not want Liam with Madeleine because Olivia knows Liam deserves better. She cares too much for Liam to want him to end up with a cold, manipulative bitch like Madeleine. She believes that there is no chance it can be her, because of her background and because Liam doesn’t want her, so she has decided that if she can’t be happy, that Liam will be and that is why she is helping MC.

Also, depending on player choices, I think Olivia can grow fond of MC. I think she didn’t want to feel that way, but that a grudging friendship is growing between the women. 

So my answer is I think Olivia has accepted that she can’t have Liam and in that case, she wants MC to have him. And she definitely doesn’t want Madeleine to have him.

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Hey I hope you're well. We're both non English speaking friends and were talking about how our voice changed when we switched languages. (unconsciously?) Do you have any knowledge of that or why it could be?

Woot woot linguistics convo.

I suppose I would need more information and context about what you mean by your voice changing when you switch languages. How is it changing? Is it the pitch you’re raising or lowering, anything weird with vowels or consonants in particular, the overall “timbre” or “vibe” of how you sound, the personality in what you speak, something else? How fluent are you in each of these languages? I could see what you are describing as being one of several different phenomena.

So every language has its own sound inventory - the consonants and vowels that are the building blocks of the words you speak. There are also subconscious rules about how these sounds link together. The different combinations of frequencies and sound properties, and how they blend/transition together, will make the quality of your voice sound different. A language with nasalization features in its vowel inventory will, naturally, alter the quality of your voice because your voice is just making different sounds with different acoustic features. You’ll sound more nasally, etc.

But I could also believe what you’re describing comes from an unrelated phenomenon - not something phonetic, but something sociolinguistic. There are some fascinating studies about how the mind is altered through bilingualism. There are even studies that demonstrate speakers’ mentalities can vary depending on what language you’re speaking! You literally can think about the world in a different way with a different personality in different languages. So maybe how you are expressing yourself is different enough that you hear differing voice qualities in different languages. It’s how you’re transmitting your personality in another tongue.

Especially if you’re picking up on social queues of that other tongue (ex: Japanese women’s tendency to raise the base pitch of their voices higher than, say, Finnish women), you could potentially perceive yourself subjectively or objectively as sounding “differently.”

I apologize I cannot give better explanations - it’s hard to know what you are specifically experiencing without more detail, or perhaps even without me listening to audio samples. Fingers crossed this helps, though!

Helloween ask me

I said this tag @fayts4
I will try to answer questions, but no promises :D

Are you a tricker or a treater?
I can’t understand the question. The meaning is not clear to me.

What’s your inner demon?
Honesty. Sometimes I tell people rude things because of the honesty and it hurts.

What monster would you be?
 Actually, I really like vampires. Since childhood I have been studying stories about vampires, but if you choose for yourself, I would be a witch! :D Probably no fun in the coven and dance naked around the campfire - it would be cool :D

How would you be in a horror movie?
The man will never suspect a thing :D

Are you easily scared?
Despite what the scare.I’m not afraid of things that are eerily scaring other people but I sometimes scare easily the most normal things, which others do not care.

What are you afraid of?
To be one. Not loneliness, as I am a recluse, and to remain without the close, one in the whole world.

Nurture or torture:
 a Strange question :D Depends on what is meant.

What scared you when you were young?
The body of the animal. I stood in it with his foot. It was an accident. Since I’m terrified of dead animals.

Any near-death experience?
 Probably Yes, my case can be attributed to this. Unfortunately.

Walk in mysterious liquid or mysterious forest?
Forest! Which I would have directly gave the witch coven! :D

What is the worst thing possible?
 People. Man is the greatest evil on earth. Not all people are bad, but I think people are the worst and dangerous thing on earth.

You go with your heart or brain?
 Probably heart. It is difficult to answer unequivocally.

You like your room dim or bright?
 Lol! In my room there is not even a lamp! I think the answer is obvious )))

Who would kill you, your mum or dad?
 What the fuck? Some idiot question ) I never even thought never want to think about such a nasty subject.

The Evilest thing you’ve ever done?
All of us do evil. In one degree or another.

What did you dress up as last year?
In Russia we have no Halloween. But when I was in school, we celebrated it with friends. But it was so long ago! But I still remember his image. I was Mortisha Addams.

Anything bad happened to you lately?
 I caught a cold. Had to miss a lot of training. Sitting at home makes me tired.

What is your favorite candy or snack?
 My tastes are constantly changing. But if we talk about the last six months, it is definitely apples! Apples and honey!

What villain would you date?
Hannibal Lecter, I guess :D

What is your biggest flaw?
 It is difficult to talk about their own shortcomings. Because it can be clearly seen from the side. But maybe I’m too emotional.

Are you a demon or an angel?
 Available halo - 1 piece. Cute little horns - 1 piece :D

Random thing about you?
 I love foreign fiction. Especially the classics. And literature of the Renaissance. For example of Virgil, Cicero or Lucretius Titus. Can quote Shakespeare and Dante Aligieri. But Russian literature I have read very little, which is constantly arguing with his teacher who forced me to read Russian classics… Hate!

Describe one or some of your favorite bloggers as a monster:
would love to set the Sabbath the @avriel-de-vir )))

I’m not going to put this tag someone in person. If you want to go through it and tell you what I said :)

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slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers wiiiiiith charles, erik, and hank!!

Enemies to lovers: definitely Erik. Erik is just absolutely designed for those situations. That flinty-eyed glare gradually becoming a different kind of look entirely, BUT ALSO STILL A FLINTY-EYED GLARE? That’s where Erik lives.

Fake dating: Hank. The boy is such a sweetheart but he is never gonna make a move on his own. Fake dating would gradually get us past those barriers until we realize we’re not pretending anymore and it’s just super cute between us forever. :)

Slow burn: Charles is usually more of a “throw yourself off the boat immediately and claim your true love” sort so it would probably by ME being shy and ridiculous and turning it into a 30-chapter slow burn before I realize we’re in love!!!

Instead of walking all the way home through another gathering crowd, Discord teleported both of them back to Keira’s house.

Keira: Whew. Thank goodness for that. I don’t think I could push through another crowd.

Discord: So now what can we do?

Keira: Well, I still need to get Rainbow Dash a gift. I think painting her something would be great!

Discord: Ooh, goodie! I get to watch you paint again!

Keira: Discord, this isn’t anything new. You watch me paint all the time.

Discord: But I enjoy watching you paint! What’s wrong with that?

It didn’t take a whole lot of time to get started since Keira had already been thinking about what she should paint for Rainbow Dash.

Discord: It seems to me like Kaliq is really into your painting!

Keira: Glad he likes it. I just hope I can say the same for Rainbow Dash when it’s done.

Discord: Oh, nonsense. She love just as much as I-

A knock rang out on the door, causing the couple to whirl around. Kaliq scuttled off elsewhere.

Discord: Didn’t you close the shop down today?

Keira: I thought so, but maybe not. Just a moment! I’ll be right with you!

Halloween Asks!

🎃Pumpkin: What is your favorite season?

👻Ghost: Do you get scared easily?

🎃Candy Corn: What is your favorite kind of candy?

👻Vampire: What is your favorite supernatural creature?

🎃Witch: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

👻Trick or Treat: What was your favorite Halloween costume?

🎃Black Cat: Are you superstitious?

👻Ouija Board: If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

🎃Graveyard: Do you know any good scary stories?

👻Skeleton: Have you ever broken a bone?

🎃Werewolf: What is your favorite urban legend?

👻Horror Flick: Do you like scary movies? If so, which one is your favorite?

🎃Haunted House: Would you prefer to live in the city or the country?

👻Zombie: Do you think that you could survive a zombie apocalypse?

🎃Mummy: What is your biggest fear?

👻Bat: Do you have any pets?

🎃Cauldron: What kind of potion would you make if you had the opportunity?

👻Full Moon: Do you prefer nighttime or daytime?

🎃Corn Maze: What is your favorite autumn activity?

👻Broomstick: What exciting places have you traveled to?

ask game!

🌼 - what do you think is the most beautiful thing in your life right now?

🍭 - would you say you’re a loyal person?

💓 - what’s a little thing you appreciate?

🍀 - do you believe in luck? 

🐬 - do you like to swim?

🐦 - what’s a little thing you appreciate?

👀 - do you frequently check someone you don’t/used to know’s social media?

🦋 - what’s a big change you’ve gone through recently?

🐚 - would you rather have a small group of very close friends or a big group of medium-close friends? 

✝️ - do you believe in God or some sort of higher power?

🍇 - if money was irrelevant what job would you want?

🍉 - name something you think is overrated. 

💚 - name something you think is underrated. 

💋 - have you had your first kiss? if so, tell how it went. 

🔥 - what traits of a person do you find attractive?

☀️ - what topic do you feel passionate about?

🍎 - favorite fruit?

🌺 - favorite flower?

🎵 - top 5 songs at the moment?

🎤 - favorite musical artist(s)? 

🎧 - favorite album(s)?

👽 - do you believe in aliens? if so, why do you think we haven’t recieved any signals?

🌷 - describe your aesthetic. 

 ☂️ - do you like the rain?

❣️ - what is guaranteed to make you happy?

🌈 - describe your first love. 

💔 - describe your first heartbreak. 

📝 - do you like to write?

🗣️ - if you could go back and tell the person you were a year ago anything, what would it be?

🌎 - if you could live anywhere on earth where would you choose?

🌙 - what is the loveliest dream you’ve had?

⏳ - if you were immortal, how would you spend eternity? 

🌠 - if you could have one wish, what would it be?