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Hello there, I wonder if you could help me, I am finding it difficult to feel/see energy. Even when I am doing the little things like making tea and trying to stir that positive energy into it, I struggle to do this.... It's so frustrating, could you possibly give me any good pointers?

Hey there! For me, feeling energy is definitely easier then seeing energy, but I’ll do my best at explaining this. It is definitely something that can take some practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself! When it comes to infusing positive energy in things like tea, intent is key. You can use visualization if it helps. Take whatever color you associate with positivity, lets use pink in this example. While you are stirring your tea, visualize it glowing with a pink aura of positivity. You can hold this while you drink it, if you like, or not, but as long as the intent is there, you are good! It definitely gets easier with practice, so keep at it!

As far as feeling energies, the practice I started with was with a plant. You can pick any plant you like, as long as its living (preferably healthy, its easier). I find herbs are great because they tend to be ‘higher energy’ then some other houseplants. Sit calmly with it in front of you, and clear your mind. Put your hands around the plant, but don’t actually touch it. See if you feel anything, what type of energy that plant gives out. You may not get it on the first try, or even the 50th try, but keep going! You can get there, this is something I think everyone can do. When you are able to easily detect the energy off that one plant, move to a different type. Feel how that other type of plant has a slightly different energy signature.

Hopefully that makes sense, and it does, I hope it helps you a bit! Just keep practicing, you can do it! :)

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This might be,,,,, a weird question, but do you know anything abt using marijuana in witchcraft? I use it medically and recreationally and would love to incorporate it into my craft

Hahaha, you have come to the right place! I actually use it quite a bit in my craft, as well as medically and recreationally as well. It helps me get in more of a ‘zone’ if I am doing something that requires me to relax or focus on something. What sort of things are you curious about?

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Che ne pensi della vita? Dal tuo punto di vista...😞

Questa domanda avrebbe delle risposte veramente troppo ampie. Potrei parlarti di chi vive di sofferenza, ma potrei parlarti di chi la vive in modo agiato.

Io ti posso soltanto dire che, a fronte di cosa si sente negli ultimi mesi nei TG nazionali, indipendentemente da cosa si fa della propria vita, bisogna godersi ogni singolo istante, vestirsi di coraggio e viversi ogni emozione, giusta o sbagliata che sia. Prendere delle scelte, viversi momenti che poi ti porti a casa per sempre.

Ti cito Fibra: “il senso della vita è cercare di portarsi a casa più ricordi possibili, più bei momenti possibili. Perchè la vita è piena di brutti momenti, e quelli buoni servono per darti forza.”

Ciao, e grazie per la domanda :)

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Michelle Rodriguez, Eva Green, Oona Chaplin or Tatiana Maslany for Zatanna. For Constantine, the guy from the DCTV show. He was great as Constantine in the show.

They’re not going to use the same actors from the TV shows. This has already been established.

Loving your Zatanna fancasts though. I’ll take all of them.

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What are your top 10 favorite names that you have given/would like to give to your sims (any gender)? Once you answer, pass this on to 5 simblrs you love and want to get to know better, and share the fun! ♥

Oh goodness gracious, it changes every day. However, right now, these are my top 5 - in no particular order - for both girls and boys.


1. Mabel

2. Elsie

3. Darcy

4. Eloise

5. Sylvie


1. Finnegan (Finn for short)

2. Charles (Charlie for short)

3. Nolan

4. Lucas

5. Felix

Important notice!! Please read!

{ so I’m starting year eleven when I go back, which is my last year in highschool which in turn also means it’s exam year. it won’t be too busy at the start but through October all the way until next June I’ll be having constant tests and lots of homework and school will really tire me out so I won’t be on as much as I have. I hope you all understand, school starts for me in a week and a half. I’ll be as active as I can throughout the year and hopefully I’ll still have the time to go through all the messages (and I’ll hopefully have a new laptop by then to use gifs) that and I also have to move house in a month or so, so I’m sorry if this bothers anyone and I’m rambling a bit. If you want to talk we still can, you can message or send me asks all you like I just might take a few days to respond!! If you want to try roleplays or something maybe we can it depends how busy I am and whether I’m currently doing one with @ask-winter-bucky or not. I also want to try and get a job this year to save money for a car and to see Ra next so that’ll take up time too. I hope you all understand and sorry I rambled so much. Thank you!!

And basically in short:

• exam year so will be busy
• dell will be very tired for a whole year
• moving house within a month so may lose Internet and be even busier
• trying to find a job for money too
• won’t be on as much but pls followers still be as active

thank u if you read through this all and if you have any questions on it just ask! ciao - Dell }

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I've noticed a connection with rabbits and hares when it comes to my craft and in my life, specially when i scry. idk what this means.

Hey there! I don’t exactly know what it means, but when I think of rabbits or hares, my correspondences for them are fertility, creativity, moon magics, spring, agility, speed, love, new beginnings, birth, abundance, quick thinking, and luck. They are one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac as well (I was born in the year of the rabbit!). I know they are also have some associations with goddesses as well, Eostre, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Freya being a few of those that I remember off the top of my head.

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What kind of music you think the gang (including Heather) listen to? K-Pop? J-Pop? Classic? New Age? Metal? And what kind of music their dragons prefer? XD

I’ll plop links to characters I’ve already talked about and cover the rest below! It’s always so hard to imagine what sorts of music characters like, though… it’s not exactly that predictable. But here are some styles of music I could sort of imagine them enjoying.

Heather: Various types of alternative rock, punk, soft pop, and classical.

I imagine that Heather has fairly varied tastes in music. 

She will be comforted and calmed by slower, more relaxing pieces. She might dabble into a little bit of classical music (nowhere as much as Fishlegs), but be happy to hear some symphonies every once in a while. Pop will be designated for days she feels cheery, wants to be cheered up, or wants to sit reflectively and listen to the lyrics. 

But there will be other days that she will want to rock out and listen to something more hardcore. Workout music will be a lot harder. I don’t know if she’d ever listen to metal, but she could hop up to some energetic alternative rock to get her going on a workout.

Stormfly: Pop, pop rock, latest hits.

I don’t imagine Stormfly listening to anything too extreme. The dragon seems a little more sensitive to noises than some of the other dragons, and I don’t think that she would want to listen to anything too upbeat or dramatic. She’s a pretty calm dragon, by and large, even-tempered and good-natured. I can imagine the music she listens to is also pretty aurally acceptable to the majority of public, and that she will listen to a lot of the well-known pop and pop rock songs hitting mainstream radio.

Meatlug: Opera, classical, musicals, Disney songs.

She and Fishlegs would get incredibly excited together over the latest performances of their symphony. But I feel like Meatlug, more than anybody, would love musicals music. And that she would listen and know all the lyrics to basically any Disney song ever written.

I imagine Meatlug only wants to listen to cheery, upbeat music, and isn’t very interested in loudness or dissonance. She doesn’t seem like someone who would be interested in harder rocks.

Of all the dragon characters, I feel like she might be the most likely to be interested in K-Pop and J-Pop, too.

Barf and Belch: Big band, jazz, 80s rock, Beatles, New Age

Of all the characters, imagining what Barf and Belch enjoys the most is the hardest. I get this vibe off of Barf and Belch that they enjoy some of the “older” styles of music, not necessarily what is contemporary, but some stuff from earlier eras. It’ll be an interesting match from multiple decades, but I can imagine Barf and Belch listening to Beatles, various bands from the 80s, and then some good, classic and flashy big band music.

New Age also seems to fit decently well with Barf and Belch.

Hookfang: Country, bluegrass

For some reason, I suspect that some people might pinpoint this dramatic Monstrous Nightmare as someone who listens to “harsher” music like metal. I suppose I don’t get that impression out of Hookfang. Snotlout is the one who is always gungho about being hardcore awesome, whereas Hookfang is more likely to be a troll or just not care about what’s going on around him. I don’t think he’d be listening to “louder” music genres.

I’m having a hard time finding the words for why I think country fits Hookfang, but I do think it fits Hookfang. Something about the way the voices meld and the harmonies are created seems like something that could catch Hookfang’s attention. I can imagine him bobbing his head to the bass lines.