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Wait, Theon was named for a Stark? I thought the Greyjoys and the Starks were mortal enemies so why would Balon name his son after one of his enemies? And I don't get the connection between Jon's name and Ned going far to protect Jon. I thought this was only about Ned naming his adoptive son in honor of his foster father.

Wait, Theon was named for a Stark?

No, he wasn’t. There’s no way Balon Greyjoy deliberately named his son after a Stark, especially not one credited by rebelling ironborn forces from Bear Island and Cape Kraken. I don’t think Balon was even aware of Theon Stark when he chose his son’s name, considering that the Hungry Wolf ruled thousands of years ago and Balon wasn’t exactly known for being a scholar to know his history. If he had been, he’d have avoided that name because not only was it the name of a reputed Stark who rebelled both Andals and ironborn from the North, but it was also the name of a Greyjoy who was only known for being defeated. King Theon III Greyjoy of the Iron Islands was one of those whose reign witnessed the decline of ironborn power to the point of setting the defeated ironborn to hard labor after King Theon was defeated when he sailed against the houses that stopped paying tribute.

But I don’t think Balon thought of any of that - or knew any of that - when he chose his son’s name. I don’t think he gave any consideration to historical figures (and I generally don’t recall any indication that the Iron Islands were keen on using namesakes?) The name just had the same sound as those used on the Iron Islands. Balon, Maron, Euron, Victarion, Aeron – they all have that -on sound so Theon falls right in line with them.

(Edit: theonivgreyjoy pointed out that both the Ironborn and the Northerners are descendants of the First Men so it’s not unusual to find common names between the two regions. Theon’s older brother was named Rodrick, which is also a popular Northern name.)

However, Theon thinks he was named after the Hungry Wolf. As we have virtually no evidence that supports that, the context of the scene where Theon Stark is mentioned provides the explanation. Theon stark was brought up when Theon was leading Barbrey Dustin to the crypts of Winterfell prompting a conversation about how they both wanted to be a part of the Stark family, which is why they both turned on them when denied.

Theon desired to be a Stark so much that he convinced himself that he was named after one. It’s a made up connection in Theon’s head born out of desperation to belong to the Starks. It probably started when he was a kid, hearing about the heroic acts of a Stark that shared his name and creating an illusion about being named after him that by the time he was a grown up, it had become a fact to him. It’s a narrative indication of just how desperate Theon was to be a Stark that even a flimsy connection such as this one meant something to him, continued to mean something to him that he held onto it even when he was adamantly insisting that he was Reek.

And I don’t get the connection between Jon’s name and Ned going far to protect Jon. I thought this was only about Ned naming his adoptive son in honor of his foster father.

Well, for a guy that is so connected to so many characters and whose death started the events that led to the War of the Five Kings, Jon Arryn remains one of the characters that we don’t know all that much about in proportion to the thousands of pages of narrative we have. But one thing that we do know of him - perhaps his most memorable act in the whole series - is that he was the one who really started Robert’s Rebellion when he raised his banners to protect Ned and Robert when the Mad King wanted their heads.

Jon Arryn raised his banners for Ned, his foster son. He hid and smuggled him from the Vale to the North to raise the Northern banners, when a blood thirsty and paranoid monarch fearing usurpation brutally killed Ned’s father and brother and demanded Ned’s own head.

Then we have our Jon, Ned’s adopted son, hidden for years in Winterfell to protect him from a vengeful Robert who viewed all Targaryens as a threat to his throne, who killed Jon’s biological father, sanctioned the brutal murders of his brother and sister and would have wanted Jon’s head if he had known of his existence. I’ll give you two guesses to what Ned would have done had Robert found out about Jon and gone after him.

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For the ace person who has been feeling less of a person: it happens, don't feel alone. It's like everything else, at times I feel fatter even if my weight hasn't changed. I'm 23 and at times less ok with being acearo. Those moments are hard, it sucks.. it's ok, live it through. You don't HAVE to be ok all the time, so if you're feeling off don't feel bad, it isn't a step back. The road always has ups and downs, just don't wallow in the down and work your way towards being ok again. We'll be ok.

As response to this ask.

- Fae

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captain canary: "careful, someone might think that you actually care" "i do."

(I apologize in advance)

“And that’s your weakness,” Leonard sneered and fired his cold gun at her again.

Sara barely dodged the blasts, feeling the icy cold brush past her. She tried to throw one of her knives, but he held up his gun in time and knocked it aside. It clattered to the ground as he shot at her again. This time, her staff took the brunt close to her left hand, making the metal chill in her hands. It was hard to get a grip on the staff now with the cold piercing her hands, so Sara split it into its separate batons. The one side that was frozen was useless, but she could still fight with one.

The look in his eyes told her he knew what she was going to do next as he shoved his gun in his thigh holster. They seemed so cold and empty. He seemed more cold and now. There was no light, no recognition.

As she charged toward him and started to fight, she could feel her bloodlust threatening to rise up. It urged her to go to the extreme, to give in and kill. But she pushed it down as she fought the man she loved. He was matching well against her, going blow for blow or dodging her punches. Merlyn must have taught him some tricks.

When she had a knife pressed against his throat, his eyes met hers. She stared back at him, unable to let herself add more pressure to drive the knife in. His eyes narrowed just as a intense freezing pain shot through her legs. It hurt like hell and Sara couldn’t help but shout out . She glanced down and saw ice encasing her up to her knees. When she looked up, she found herself getting shoved back roughly. Gravity took over then, pulling her to the floor.

Sara reached toward her hip to grab a knife before the muzzle of the cold gun pressed against her hand. Leonard was staring down at her. He looked determined to pull the trigger. 

“Leonard,” she groaned through the blood that had dripped from her nose into her mouth. “Don’t do it.”

“How do you know my name?” he snarled.

“Because you know me,” Sara said. “And I know you. And there’s me and you.”

For the first time since she had found out he was alive, something flickered in Leonard’s eyes.


The gun slipped away from her hand, and he stepped back. Leonard seemed confused now. 

Before she could say anything else, a yellow blur sped into the room and disappeared with Leonard in a flash of red lightning.


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sup fellow Pennsylvanian its lit here isn't it and by lit I mean it was so fucking hot today why

I, personally, just love when I step outside and the oppressive heat and humidity hits you like a truck and you start sweating immediately

I want to jump in too; cuz..I don’t want to feel left out. ( >o<)

✿ Hi I am Neko Ro. 

✿I am 1.6 cat years old (cuz I avoid saying my age).

✿I speak English, Spanish, Japanese, and Tagalog. I am mostly comfortable speaking which ever but most people understand me best in English.

✿ I adore VY1 Mizki and I do consider her as a queen of vocaloids. Don’t hate me for that. Pleaase!  YOHIOloid, VFlower, MAYU, SeeU, ONE, Bruno, MAIKA, IA, Oliver, Len, and I adore a lot more but that’s going to be a long list. Trust me.

✿ I love different music aside from vocaloid, like Kpop, and Melanie Martinez..and yup yup.

✿I have ask blogs that I admire and follow them in my main blog. @ask-puppycatoliver@askbruno-vocaloid3@askbakaito-san@askkagenerei@askkagaminelen@askv4xelen@ask-iarocks@ask-teto-cat@ask-vy2yuuma@yuuma-vy2@ask-timetraveling-piko@ask66@askv3merli@ask–ia@kaitoukaito​ and many more but again a list is to long but all of you inspired me to make an ask blog! :3 Thank you all for that!

✿For those who probably don’t know yet, yes I do have a youtube channel dedicated mostly to a fanloid I love name Zatsune Miku it also includes me singing song covers that are vocaloid songs. :) Zatsune has always been my spark for mmd. #Shadowloids

✿I am 5′7 without wearing stilettossss.. yes I wear them and I run with them and jump in them and use them as a weapon.. but I only wear them on special occasions like parties and such.

✿I actually use to be a lot on my main blog but hardly spoke to anybody which makes me super shy being an askblog. Also the reason why I hardly talk much on other peoples streaming. Also I am amaze watching there amazing skills!! Like holy sugar cookies. 

✿I have been using mmd for the past five years doing differen’t artworks. Mostly based off Zatsune but I wanted to expand and try other models and Jjnomu did this beautiful VY1 model, that could have been her official avatar, and I wanted to give it a go. I also love Ichigo-Crowns model too I used to use her models a lot too computer crashed and erased all of the beautiful models I had… still kills me to this day that I don’t have them anymore.

✿ Um Um… I don’t know what else to say…. um… I like cookies…I also knew about vocaloid for a very long time and also the fanloids, utauloids, humanloids, and the hole enchilada. I am also apperantly funny once you get to know me. Pervert jokes don’t make me uncomfortable it actually is funny to me. I like dying my hair in different colors this month it’s :Aqua/Blue. Oh and uhh voice actress yeah. here’s a picture of the mee…and yeaah o3o

✿ main tumbler account here 

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Can you please to some nsfw and sfw for Shino PLEASE

I would love to! Thank you so much for the request :) Shino definitely doesn’t get enough love, so I hope you enjoy




  • Is honestly such a sweetheart, but I don’t see him as being very vocal about his feeling for you. He’ll let you know in other ways how much he cares.
  • He’s really good at remembering anniversaries and stuff like that.  He’ll always get you a gift and set up a cute little date for you. He also remembers random things that you’ve said that you liked or wanted to do, and will either get that for you or take you to do it. 
  • He will always bring you flowers without a doubt. Never forgets.
  • He likes just staying home and watching a movie, or having a long conversation with you and drinking some hot tea. There would definitely be cookies with the tea though


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Hahaha, I'm terrified. Yeah, I'm asexual, and I haven't come out to my parents. Personally, because I thought it wasn't a big deal. But, today my sister made a joke about how I probably won't get married in the future and my mom and dad freaked out, stayed that the only way to get out of the house is by marriage. I never thought that my dad would be that strict, and now I feel terrified for the future and I don't really know what to do anymore... I need some advice

It’s always hard to realize that your home and safe areas aren’t as safe as you once thought. But you knowing better is a step in a progressive direction, even if it’s not something you want to hear. It’s a real shame that your parents have that sort of mindset, and I hope things will eventually get better for you.

Definitely find other safe areas. If you feel like your parents won’t support you, then find other people that do. It’ll go a long way in making you feel better about yourself and your life.

- Fae

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Captain Canary: "If you seriously thought you could get back into my good graces with booze and fruit snacks... You were so right, give me those..."

(With the news from Comic Con today, I finally figured out what to do with this! Sorry it took so long)

Sara reached out and took the offered goods from Leonard. He gave her a brief smile as she opened one of the packets of fruit snacks.

“Thanks,” she told him before popping one in her mouth.

Leonard nodded. “I remember you liked those kind. And the whiskey..I feel like we’ve had it before.”

“We did,” she said, smiling at the memory. “After a mission, we stole it out of Rip’s study. It was our way of celebrating surviving after everything we’d gone through that day.”


Sara looked up. “Exactly. You remember?”

“Bits,” Leonard admitted. “Most of them involve you or Mick or my sister. Everyone else…I’m still not certain.”

Sara ate another fruit snack in her mouth. Cherry. She always did like the cherry ones. Leonard continued to lean against the wall beside her bed. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes.

Then, he did.

“I’m sorry.”

The assassin looked over at the former crook. “Are you still talking about the things that happened with the Legion?”

Leonard was silent, but his eyes betrayed his guilt.

“You couldn’t remember,” Sara reminded him. “You didn’t know who any of us were. Not until we managed to get you to remember us.”

“I tried to kill you, Sara,” he uttered, his voice hollowed.

She reached out and grasped his hand. He started a little at the action before relaxing as she pulled him to her bed to sit down beside her. When he was next to her, he shifted a little before settling into place. Sara released his hand and settled hers on his shoulder.

“What you did then,” she murmured. “It doesn’t matter anymore. You’re back now. We forgive you, just like we did with Mick. I know that you regret the things you did to the team, and that you’re still trying to work through your memories of us to see what happened and what didn’t. But I forgive you.”

Reaching into the tiny bag, Sara pulled out one of the grape fruit snacks and passed it to him. They were his favorite. He would steal them from her whenever she had a package open. Once they played poker and used the fruit snacks as betting chips. All the cherry and grape ones would usually be gone at the end of the games.

“I always took these ones from you,” he said, taking it from her as he smiled at her.

“Yeah, we used them once during poker.”

He frowned. “Thought we were usually played gin more.”

“We did.”

“I still remember how to play it,” Leonard told her, pulling a deck of cards out of his pocket. “When I was with the Legion, it was something I wanted to play. Me and another person with a deck of cards between us. But it just never felt right to ask those people to play. With you, on the other hand, I feel that I can.”

Sara smiled. “How about a game now?”


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"You know I don't think there is a single man, or woman in this bar who isn't ogling you."


Arthur looked over his shoulder for a moment which revealed that indeed quite a lot of people were looking their way. “They’re just as curious about you as they are about me, you know. Who’s caught the interest of Arthur Pen…” He sighed softly. “It wasn’t a good idea to go out like this, it’ll be in the tabloids tomorrow.”


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Are you going to make these playlist actual Spotify or 8tracks playlists? And if not, would you mind if someone else did it so we could listen to all of the music?

I answered this a while ago but the problem with spotify and 8tracks is that they don’t have a lot of musical theatre songs so the playlists wouldn’t be complete. I’m planning on making youtube playlists but if you can figure out how to make them somewhere else I wouldn’t mind at all just let me know when you finish so I can link to them!

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i had sex for the first time yesterday and am thinking now that i may be demisexual. that's not the problem though, as i'm going to stick with the ace label. the problem is that my friends know that i'm ace and i don't know how to tell them i had sex without them judging me and thinking that i'm lying about one of the two things- having sex or being ace. i'm trying to think of ways to explain it to them but i know it's going to be hard. any ideas?

The hard part is getting people to wrap their heads around the idea that liking sex ≠ allosexual. In the same way that liking swimming ≠ being an actual fish. Enjoying an activity doesn’t dictate your attractions towards other people anymore than enjoying dancing means you’re in love with your dancing partner.

Hopefully, you can find a way to get the idea into your friend’s heads, but there’s always the chance that they’ll get it without any further prodding. 

- Fae

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Captain Canary marriage with Flarrow and Legend friends

(Can do!)

The original plan was to get married in a small ceremony. It would be private and simple. The guest list was just meant to have Sara’s parents, Lisa, and Mick. They didn’t want a whole lot of fuss at all.

Then Kendra Saunders spilled the beans to Thea Queen and Donna Smoak about the wedding plans Sara and Leonard had. Thea and Kendra roped Lisa into the equation too once they met her face to face. She was quite excited about the whole ordeal, and joined the women in their planning of the wedding between her brother and the love of his life.

Sara and Leonard knew once the four women had put their heads together, they would be fighting a losing battle to keep the wedding just between family. But as they started to give it more thought, they realized how important the other people in their lives were. Both had spent enough time with the team of Legends Rip had assembled to consider them close enough to be family. Team Arrow became a family to Sara, and it still was. Even the people who made up Team Flash, who Sara had only met recently and Leonard had finally started to work alongside, were important to them. They should be at their wedding too.

So they went and invited the rest of their friends. Doing so turned out to being helpful as it ended up getting Rip to officiate their wedding provided it was done on the Waverider. Given they had first really gotten to know each other on the time ship, it held sentimental value for them. Getting married aboard it by the person who helped bring their paths together made sense for them. Sure it was sentimental, but it was also special. Besides, how many couples could say that they were married aboard a time ship from the future?

In spring of 2018, Sara and Leonard got married. Everyone boarded the Waverider, filling the ship with chatter and noise like it hadn’t seen since they brought the refugees aboard in 2166. They had been separated that day by their friends and families to keep in line with tradition that everyone seemed so insistent upon keeping. Sara and Leonard did try to sneak out to see the other at different points, but they’d been caught when they tried to sneak out by someone and sent back.

When the time finally came, they were married out the bridge with Central City below them. After everything that Sara and Leonard had gone through, along and together, this had been a long time coming. Both of them knew it, everyone knew, and Rip even said it at the beginning of the ceremony. They had faced down so much and come out stronger from it. It was about damn time they could have something good happen to them.

During the vows, Leonard told Sara how he thought his life was going one way and would be staying that way before he met her. With that and travelling through time, he had started to believe in hope for a future different than the one he had expected to have. When all of it seemed to have gone to hell with the Legion, she didn’t give up on him until he remembered who he was, and stayed beside him while he recovered from the stint and regained the rest of his memories.

Sara responded to tell him that she didn’t have much hope either for her future, but time travel had changed that. Leonard became the first person she really could connect with on the Waverider. He had helped her to open up more and not close herself away with the things she had done. When she lost him, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about all the things she should have done. After finding him again, she had known deep down that the Leonard she knew and loved was trapped inside the man who couldn’t remember her, and had sworn to do everything she could to get him out.

“And you did,” he smiled, unable to keep quiet. She had saved him.

Sara nodded. “Took a while, but in the end it all worked out.”

A few more words from Rip and some affirmation from the two of them, and Leonard and Sara were officially husband and wife. They kissed, people cheered. Some people teared up for their happiness despite denying it later. Gideon landed the Waverider and everyone disembarked to the tent for the celebration afterwards before the newlyweds went off on their honeymoon. Mick and Jax tried to persuade Rip to give the couple the jumpship to use, but the captain firmly denied it. So there was a car for them instead.

As they watched everyone mingle and talk and dance (although in Cisco’s case, they weren’t sure if he was dancing or having a medical emergency), Sara turned to Leonard. “Did you ever think you’d find yourself here?”

“No, but I’m glad I am, Mrs. Snart.”

Sara grinned and kissed him. “Me too, Mr. Lance.”


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Amanda ur theme is all white i cant read ur holy Words

Tamblr dot crap messed it up again!!!!!! I’m tired and busy so for today my blog is purely a Mobile Experience until I can sit down and fix it sorry my dears

stationery-themed asks!!

gel pen: when are you most comfortable?
ballpoint pen: tell me about the day you’ve just had
fineliner: what’s your greatest achievement?
highlighter: what are your best qualities?
greylead: what is something you want to try for the first time?
felt-tip: describe your aesthetic
crayon: your earliest childhood memory
scrapbook: something from your childhood that makes you smile
sketching pad: describe yourself from a stranger’s point of view
notebook: what’s your favourite quote?
paper: what kind of book would you write?
stapler: out of all the people you know, who do you think you are closest to?
glue stick: what do you look for in a lasting relationship/friendship?
tape: tell me about your longest friendship
ruler: what line will you never cross?
eraser: what do you consider to be your biggest mistake?
scissors: ever had a bad break-up?
calculator: list fifteen things that make you happy
protractor: an unpopular opinion/angle you have on an issue
sticky note: something about yourself you’d like to change
stamp: a date that’s special for you and why
bookmark: a book that means a lot to you and why
folder: describe your family
whiteboard: tell me your plans for tomorrow
blackboard: tell me about a memory that has affected who you are today
pinboard: what are you focusing on in your life right now?
tablet: tell me your plans for the future
stencil: who are your role models?
envelope: tell me a secret

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Ah um, I guess this is a personal and subjective question but is there any way to help define your sexuality? I'm only 17 but for a long while I've been second guessing myself bout being "straight" and ever since I found out bout asexual it felt like I belong more in that spectrum though but when I try to pin point which one exactly I come at a lost every time, I looked at the definition pages but I still don't know. Sorry for bothering you.

The reason why it’s so hard to fully ‘define’ your sexual identity is because there is no way to really define it. Absolutely no one is 100% sure of their identity, and if they are, they may not always be.

It’s all your choice, and how you decide to approach it. If you feel comfortable identifying as ace, then that’s your defining moment.

- Fae