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Okay so I'm obsessed with your art and writing and I can't stop thinking about the first time Andrew says "yes" to Neil giving him head and omg please please please (if u have time) could u write something about it ???? Xxx

thank you, darling!! ive held onto this prompt for a bit because i wanted to write a fic for it, but the muse just isn’t cooperating. so i hope this format is okay!

  • It’s been a few months since Andrew and Neil started… nothing.  A few months of nothing. A few months of sloppy kisses on rooftops and frantic locker-room hand jobs. A few months of Andrew’s mouth mapping every inch of Neil’s body. A few months where Andrew still hasn’t let Neil return the favour.
  • It’s not for lack of trying on Neil’s part. Every time he draws hooded eyes over the sharp line of Andrew’s jaw or the somehow seductive jut of his collarbones, he wants, wants wants so badly it hurts. Sometimes he lets a hand hover just over the button of Andrew’s jeans, eyes burning— but when Andrew grips his wrist and says “No. Not today,” he always lets it drop.
  • Until. One day he’s straddling Andrew’s lap in a chair, pants around his thighs and Andrew’s hand around his cock, and something seems different. Andrew is so keyed up, so intense, and so when Neil sinks to the floor at the foot of the chair after he comes, he’s confident. He looks up at Andrew, skin flushed and lips swollen, and says “I want to blow you. Yes? Or no?”
  • Andrew stares down at him for a moment— and then says “Yes.”

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Does Bruno Mars is gay

Bruno Mars is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about his music career, but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this singer revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans.


Well, that’s a relief.

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One thing I loved about XY is how invested and involved the staff itself seemed to be as well, like I don't know about other sagas but I felt we were closer to the "pulse" of the production team then we've ever been before and they gave the impression they put a lot of love into what they were doing

I don’t know about other sagas but you might be right about XY.

seiyuu fun :)

In case anyone noticed, yes, I turned off anonymous asks at the beginning of the week.

On one hand, I miss the constant stream of attention and adulation, but on the other, the anxiety of deleting messages without answering them is totally gone!!!!

so. good choice @me. 

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Can you do a head cannon of the main 7 showing new campers around CHB?

Hey!! Full disclosure, I’m not the person who normally makes HCs but some of u may know me I’m @justcuzfandoms or @vivilevone and i’m helping out a friend so bear with me! ANYWAY ONWARD:

  • Hazel is really welcoming, especially to the shy kids because she knows what it’s like to be a little quiet
  • Frank tries to help but he just scares a lot of them off because he’s so big
    • finally he just joins the others in pranking the hell out of the newbies
  • Jason just makes everything move away from the camper using the Power Of Wind
    • if the camper reaches for some food it suddenly slides across the table Tantalus-style
    • also he makes the winds blow really really hard around the camper’s head so that their hair gets messed up
    • he did this once on a really strong-looking girl and she was Not Amused
  • Piper tries to be sweet but she also loves pranks so she and the stoll brothers (MY UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP HEADCANON OKAY) put their heads together and fuck shit up
  • Camper tries to make a joke and Percy is slow to laugh, like that sloth in Zootopia, and it scares the shit out of them
    • it also annoys Annabeth, who watched Zootopia and almost tore her hair out during the part with the sloths because “they’re going SO SLOWLY HOW DO THEY GET ANYTHING DONE HOLY -”
  • Leo is surprisingly nice, he makes little trinkets and gadgets in his spare time and when new kids come to camp he just hands them out
    • “YOU get a mini flame-thrower, and YOU get a mini flame-thrower, and YOU”
    • he also is a huge showoff though so when the new kids enter the camp Leo is standing there and he just goes
    • “HEY NEWBIES LET’S GET LIT” and promptly catches on fire
  • Annabeth likes to just sit in open areas with the new kids and casually polish her dagger
    • she also picks at the dirt under her nails with the blade
    • new kids shiver in fright
  • the pranking goes on for about a day or two and then everyone emerges and they all have group hugs and they’re like “it was all just pranks my friend welcome to camp half-blood! this is our centaur instructor guy Chiron yes the same one from your textbooks” and the newbie thinks they’re still pranking them

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Jumin and/or Seven's reaction to MC dressing up as a sexy Elizabeth the 3rd for an RFA Halloween Party

I’ll do both! 

* DADDY™ Jumin will literally choke on whatever he’s eating/drinking when he sees you. He just looks you up and down for awhile, unsure of what to say in reply. “MC, you look like Elizabeth 3rd.” He observes. When you tell him that that was your intention, he feels slightly absurd for thinking of his beloved cat in such a sexual nature, but he soon gets over it because of how absolutely good you look. Later that night, you better believe he’s clawing that costume off to get to you.

* Cue the nosebleed. In all seriousness, as soon as Seven saw you, he got so excited. “Heyyy! It looks like my Elly!” He’s blushing so hard, but he’s trying to play it off like he’s not totally trying to hide a boner that just sort of popped up out of nowhere. Keeps his arm around your waist or on your back the whole night, never leaves your side. He doesn’t want anybody else to eye you up while he’s not looking. Makes you keep the costume way past Halloween. 

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Okay but all of them being at a team sleepover and getting on the subject of sex, and Hinatas super uncomfortable so he just kinda wanders outside instead of listening to it, and Kei is the only one to notice and pretty much figures it out right away so he follows him out there and Hinata doesn't really wanna talk to him cause he's afraid of getting made fun of for it but Kei's just like "it's okay not to like that stuff. I don't." in his awkward way cause no one should feel bad about that.

[ace middle blocker squad]

  • tsukishima’s definitely done research about this because he’s not the type to let this sort of thing alone
  • so he knows more about asexuality than hinata does
  • he explains that its fine and some people just don’t need that stuff, quit making such a big deal about it. it’s called asexuality. 
  • “you got that? A-SEX-U-A-LI-TY. try not to forget the word immediately, okay?”
  • but while hinata strikes me as mildly sex-repulsed, tsukishima strikes me as the type to just plain not care. totally disinterested. he has better things to care about than sex. so he doesn’t really get what hinata’s going on about, but he sorta gets it? 
  • I mean, he doesn’t see why this sex thing is such a big deal, but hinata makes a big deal about everything so he’ll let it go
  • “why does tanaka-san talk so much about sex anyways? And he’s so loud!”
  • “to repress his big gay feelings for ennoshita-san. keep up, tiny giant.”
  • or
  • “tsukishima, you seem used to that kind of … talk… how do you, you know, get so used to it?”
  • “be friends with yamaguchi tadashi for seven years. the things you’ll hear…”
  • but most of all tsukishima tells hinata to not be stupid and that not wanting sex seems perfectly normal to him
  • (”in fact, it’s like the only normal thing about you.” “listen here.”)
  • and hinata is? super reassured?
  • because tsukishima is like stylish and cool, right? if he says that not uncool to not like you-know-what then it’s fine, right?
  • tsukishima is totally embarrassed about being called cool btw
  • *pats hinata’s head*
  • “good talk. let’s never mention it again.”
  • lol jk hinata totally mentions it again
  • and now he wants to be friends
  • this is what happens when u do nice things…
  • hinata mentions it to lev the next time the meet and lev is so? excited???
  • hinata is like him? tsukki is like him???
  • btw lev is not sex-repulsed at. all. 
  • he’d suck a dick right now but he’d still not get what all the hype about wanting to do it with people all the time is about like that’s weird?
  • don’t even get me started about what happens once hinata and lev find out that ‘ace’ is the shorthand for ‘asexual’
  • tsukki regrets life

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Hey there! I just LOVE your blog to pieces! Ok... So the turtles s/o has an identical twin. What would be the turtles reaction to getting confused and kissing their s/o's twin by mistake? Thank you so much!



“…..Oh my God….”

He wants to die.

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Total embarrassment, he leaves the room and drags the real you to another room and apologizes so many friggin’ times.

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“I just…. I….You’re not… (y/n) has a ….twin?”

“He/she didn’t tell you?”


He goes and hides.  Nobody has to know right??

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“OH FU–”

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I'm wondering if Shao will end up be interested in mylene? I just noticed how he seemed to be jealous that Zeke and her were a thing. I'm really hoping not though

I don’t know that it’s him jealous of Mylene with Zeke, but rather jealous of Zeke with Mylene. Here’s a guy who hasn’t had any friends/family he could really trust or rely on and then along comes Zeke, who genuinely wants to be his friend for nothing in return. He’s jealous because Mylene threatens their friendship, their plans. When you only have one person like that in your life you want them to be around you all the time. 

There are a lot of posts going around about how Shao didn’t know what it was like to love anyone, but he’s starting to love Zeke (in whatever way you want to believe), so that’s definitely a factor to consider in his actions. 

If he does form an interest in Mylene I would be very surprised and unimpressed.

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Kevineil prompt - "You can't reach the top shelf so i'll do it for you except i'll lean against you while I do it and fluster you" can you imagine?


  • kevin purposely puts things in high places because he thinks it’s cute to watch neil struggle to reach them
    • (his shirts always ride up in the back and kevin likes to perv on his hipbones)
  • kevin is always somehow RIGHT THERE to offer to get the thing down for him
  • this involves pressing snug up against neil’s back and breathing directly onto his neck (probably also pressing his boner into neil’s arse bc what are height differences)
  • neil flushes super red every time. he KNOWS kevin’s doing it on purpose but those goddamn lips brushing the side of his neck make it so he’s 100% too flustered to call him out
  • (plus he secretly loves it)

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...Kate and Richie on the other hand was something I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t even know it was an option having only seen SK gifs. But I feel like they have been presented as a viable romantic option. This isn’t really a show about romance so it might not happen but it makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than SK. I feel like there’s been a build up there that I haven’t really seen for the other ship. Do you think they might put Richie and Kate together at some point in the future?

Put is this way when the Dusk showrunner says things like this to describe Richie and Kate’s dynamic:

You know they’ve been building Kichie up to be something beyond platonic. And based on how they’ve written them with romantic undertones I don’t see how they aren’t going there with those characters. I always felt they were designing two great loves for Richie Gecko; his brother and Kate who are clearly his humanity. 

 Tbh I don’t even know where SK came from because that is not what’s been the focus at any point in this series. Its been Seth/Richie and Richie/Kate since S1. Even when Kate was with Seth at the beginning of S2 she kept talking about Richie the whole time. And like I said their interaction has been negative in S2 and S3. 

And true Dusk is not a romantic series but there’s no saying there can’t be an important love story outside of the Gecko brothers which I feel they’ve been designing between Richie and Kate since S1. The chemistry is there between Zane and Madison. Coto wouldn’t have mentioned he wanted there to be a depth between Richie and Kate if he wasn’t planning something big for their relationship down the road. They already had the two characters kiss, flirt and share blood. 

The writers have been using Kichie’s hands to symbolize the connection between them throughout all 3 seasons of Dusk. It doesn’t get more romantic than that. I mean I don’t write the show and its hard to say what Coto and RR are going to do with Richie and Kate but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were setting them up. Everything about their interaction and storyline this season especially suggests these characters are going to be together at some point.

Guess we’ll just have to see what happens anon.