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Hi :) I only recently watched Haikyuu (and Oikawa and Iwaizumi are my favorite characters, naturally), but I was wondering if you could explain Iwaizumi's interest in Godzilla? I think it's really cute and charming—is it a headcanon of the fandom? Thanks so much ^^ Love your art!

Ohh nice!! Welcome to Haikyuu!! and the fandom!! I hope you enjoy it!!
Oikawa and Iwaizumi are great, aren’t they?? WAHAHA I LOVE THEM :D

Ahh yes, Iwaizumi and Godzilla!! A wonderful pair! And this one is actual canon and not just fandom made :D

We know from the manga that Iwaizumi not only has a Godzilla keychain on his bag but also a patch

Also his phone case shows us that he likes Godzilla!

If I remember correctly this is from an official haikyuu calendar…?
And we also see his phone case again in “let’s haikyuu”

The story behind this is that he finds out that Hinata and Kageyama got to Datekou and find a monster there. So he really wants to see this Monster/Godzilla like beast.
Following this we have the Jump Movie Poster of Kageyama riding a giant Hinata into battle against a giant, Godzilla like, Monster.

And then we have another little sketch of Iwaizumi desperately wanting to switch with Kageyama so he can face the monster too.

Kageyama: ‘Sup Iwaizumi-san

Iwaizumi: *fidgety fidgety* Kageyama, next up, switch with me…!

Kageyama: ‘Kay

Hinata: Owowowowow!! Get off!! Kageyama get off!!

This is all from official art! So it’s pretty canon that Iwaizumi loves Godzilla and other Monsters that are similar to Godzilla and gets excited over them!!!
Isn’t he a beautiful dork!!!?!?!?

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Psst psst, have you considered writing Tony with wings, having to fly out of Siberia despite being all battered up. Because the suit is down, and there's no other way out. Also this is not Alex. Shhhh

Oh my god Alex. I love you boo

Tony hadn’t flown in… Well, years. There was a reason he couldn’t fly out of Afghanistan. He loved flying in the suit, but honestly, it wasn’t the same. 

Now, he didn’t have a choice. He didn’t even know if his wings would carry him, but it was all he had, so he had to try. Getting out of the suit had taken far too long, and even without the arc reactor in his chest hypothermia set in faster for him than for others due to his poor circulation. It was only a matter of time. 

Not to mention the blood loss. Yeah, he shouldn’t mention that. He probably shouldn’t think about it either. 

Things couldn’t get much worse. 

He had to wonder, only for a moment, if he really deserved this. To be left in a strange land, with no help, and dying. No really, dying. Steve didn’t think that his shield had done no damage, did he? Did they think that he had backup coming? But he told them he had come alone, hadn’t he. They knew. 

He probably did deserve this. 

He couldn’t help shuddering. He hadn’t changed, so he was in a torn and bloodied suit, in the middle of Siberia, and it was cold. Everything was cold. He felt numb. Could he even remember the last time he hadn’t? 

He stripped off his coat and shirt, looking down at the mesmerizing wolf’s bane bruises blooming across his chest and freeing his wings, shaking them away from his back and shivering violently in the freezing air. He probably wouldn’t make it. He probably wouldn’t even make it off the ground. Even if he did make it off the ground, it was miles and miles before he could sleep – over 5,000 miles his brain whispered to him, cloying in his ear. You won’t make it. You won’t even make it out of Russia and into the ocean. You’ll die and no one will be here and no one will notice and no one will care. He looked at his wings – they were damaged, broken, and had been since he could remember. Feathers missing, falling out, scars littering them. The voice in his head was probably right. The odds were low, too low. It was the only thing he could do, though. 

So he shivered, took two steps back, three steps forward, and fell, dropped right off the edge of the cliff in front of him and snapped his wings open in the wind. If he ignored the freezing chill rushing past him and the pain that burned in his back and wings from the force of it, he could almost pretend he was in the suit, going for a stroll. But he couldn’t ignore it. 

Everything was numb. He knew it should hurt. It had hurt when he had been hit, but it didn’t hurt anymore. He couldn’t feel anything but the stinging of the wind in his eyes. 

He flew. 

He flew for hours, he was sure. And while he flew, he cried. 

He cried for everything that had been lost. For the mothers, the children, the fathers, the people who had died because of him. For his mother, his father, for Peggy and for the fact that he could not attend, did not know about, her funeral. He cried for Pepper, for all she had sacrificed because of him. For Rhodey, for Yinsen. For Obie, and his betrayal, and the love Tony thought he had in the man. For Steve; his friends. Not his friends. Had they ever been his friends? Maybe they hadn’t. He didn’t know anymore. He couldn’t think. 

He cried, tears streaming down his face and blood streaming from his wings. He wouldn’t make it. He wouldn’t make it. He had to try, but he wouldn’t make it. He was over the ocean now. They wouldn’t find his body. The suit would be left – he had left the suit. Pepper and Rhodey would take care of that. They wouldn’t let anyone take the suit. They knew how important it was. 

He was amazed when he saw land. When he saw his tower, rising above everything else. He shouldn’t have made it. He shouldn’t have made it. It was impossible, statistically impossible, not just improbable – there was no chance he would’ve made it. He shouldn’t have made it. 

But he did. 

He stumbled through the doors of the hospital where he knew Rhodey was, blindly pushing past nurses, doctors, Peter, doorways, until he found the room, the room with Rhodey listening to Pepper rant, with Happy trying not to cry. He fell to his knees as they looked, moving numb lips and numb thoughts. 

“They’re gone,” he breathed. “They’re gone.” 

And he heard silence. 

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Ah, when you tagged me it didn't show up... I feel like that's been happening a lot on tumblr... *sigh* ok, prompt: Dean just wants to take his angel boyfriend to the movies, but Cas is the absolute worst person to take and keeps interrupting or talking out loud and bugging people, etc. ;)

This is so silly… 😜


“Did you know that humans have been making and eating popcorn for thousands of years?”

Dean cringed. “We talked about this, Cas,” he whispered. “And didn’t you see the cartoon before the movie started? Silence your phone, respect the movie-going experience, all that jazz?”

Cas looked at him, puzzled. “How is talking about popcorn disrespecting the movie? It has nothing to do with this time-traveling young man or the strange doctor with the wild hair.”

Dean sank lower into his chair; Cas still wasn’t bothering to keep his voice low.

“Although I have to say, this method of time travel seems very unreliable. Angels are much more accurate. And we don’t have to worry about nuclear materials.”

Dean sighed, but couldn’t hold back his grin. Only Cas, he thought.

“Yes, love. You are much better at time travel,” he murmured into Cas’s ear as he snaked his arm across the angel’s shoulders. “You’re cuter than Marty, too. But we can still enjoy the movie. On the way home you can explain to me how wrong everything is.”

Cas turned to him, tilting his head in that way Dean could only call *adorable*..though he’d never say that out loud. “Sam told me something else couples do in movie theaters,” Cas said, thankfully in an almost quiet voice.

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Did he no-”

Before Dean could finish the word he found himself being thoroughly kissed.

Well, he thought, twining his fingers in Cas’s hair. This is worth missing the movie for.

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Maybe a oneshot with harry size kink! The reader is really Petite and short and harry has to work her up to finally getting himself inside her

He’s kissing all over her neck, his hands are already under her t-shirt. She can feel how hard he is behind her. Her head tilts back when he bites the skin of her collarbone.

“Wan’ me to carry yeh to the bedroom, hmm?” he smirks.

“I feel like doing it on the couch.” she smiles “What will you say?”

Harry lifts her and carries her to the couch where she wraps her legs around his torso. 

“How are you so giant?” she laughs, taking off his boxers.

He laughs too, his hands are busy with her jeans and his mouth is all over her bare chest.

“Are yeh talkin’ for m’ whole body or just for what’s in your hand?”

“You’re so cocky” she shakes her head while her hand is trying to cover most of his lenght. 

“And yeh are so small, yeh know?” his hands are squeezing slightly on her breasts. “Sometimes i just think i won’ fit in yeh…” 

“Is that a bad thing?” she furrows her eyebrows.

“No, no, no” he kisses her, lips slowly moving against hers. “Yeh are perfect, Y/N, the contrast between us ‘s just funny.”

He slides a finger inside of her, then crowl back down to the ground and she opens up her legs for him. Her fingers travel to his hair, slightly tugging at his curls when he starts pumping. 

“I love your… damn… long fingers, H.”

He smiles, his mouth is busy licking and sucking at her clit. When he adds a second finger she can’t resist but screams. 

“And i love yeh, babe. I love how yeh need a lil mo’ teasin’ before the essential part.”

His arms are holding her hips so she can’t move away from him and his tongue is inside of her. She’s trembling, back arched and hands gripping on the skin of his shoulders. By the time he has three fingers inside of her, knuckles deep, she’s dripping wet. 

“Please” she cries out, “i need you.”

That’s when he knows he can stop teasing her and give her what both of them need.

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Sufferwatch: A weekly stream where you and a friend (or two friends while you watch) have to play rounds of quick play while also undertaking small tasks such as first sitting up perfectly straight, then standing, then standing tiptoe and on until one of them gives out. Viewer requests are incouraged. I think it sounds like great fun

god this would be the fucking worst we’d lose every game

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All norwegians must watch skam?


You see, one fall day in 2015 the news showed a press conference of our prime minister where she was like “I speak to you today from Stortinget to inform you of a new webseries from nrk, called Skam. Which you all must watch. Every single one of you. And it airs every day, and you all have to keep up with it daily. This is completely mandatory, and I will be amending the constitution to reflect this.”

Here is some footage from the end of said press conference.

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why do you think so many ppl defend ezra? because Ian is amazing and they can't separate character from actor? they think he's misunderstood? idk what do you think?


I think one of the biggest factors is that he’s hot. 

I also got this message which I think does contribute to it, as well:

I hear that the reason many ppl don’t see anything wrong with relationships like Ezr/a in teen shows is because most of the actors are way older than their characters. Seeing a 16 year old and a 22 year old in a ‘relationship’ would make many people uncomfortable, I think, it’s different when the characters are played by people who are 25+. So please, people, look at your average 16 yo girl, replace Aria with her and you’ll hopefully realize how wrong this is

Ezra is hot, like he is a conventionally attractive dude with the dorky thing going on that’s been popular the last couple of years. And the fact that while Aria plays a 16 year old, Lucy never looked like a 16 year old in the pilot. She definitely looked younger but she didn’t look like most high schoolers I knew when I was a teenager. Even if I’m on the bus and I see high school students, they look nothing like the teens you see on tv shows. 

But I do think it’s primarily the attractiveness. If the teacher is not conventionally attractive, ie he has a bit of a belly and glasses and thinning hair, or even just not all that ‘cute’, you know, people would instantly label it as creepy and wrong. 

Aside from those two points, I think Ian does bring a lot of his own personality into Ezra which people like, and I think it’s just been normalized so much by the show and the characters. We’ve seen Aria say countless times if you love someone/something, you do anything for it. And while that can be a good outlook, I think it’s also naive and dangerous. None of the writers have talked about how wrong it is – they simply talk about how it’s ‘forbidden’ and therefore hot. Now the cast has slowly started to be more honest about it, Ian and Troian especially. But during the shows run, there was very little said about the actual real life problem with a relationship like that. 

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at what level in comp do the level of tanks, dps, and healers start to even out bc i just entered a comp game with 5 dps and had to mute to cR Y SILENTLY MID MATCH

well it depends

gold has people who might not REALLY know what they’re doing but they’re nice enough to want to try

plat has people who think they’re hot shit when they’re not hot shit so they can be dickish about picks under the assumption they belong in diamond when they most certainly do not

diamond people generally know what to do so yeah they’ll generally pick decent heroes but don’t trust people in that elo they’re capable but unpredictable

if you ask about master, quad will appear from the shadows and obliterate your cpu with his fists until it’s nothing but a fine powder

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Just realized that Candice made Wally (Keiy) and Linda (Malese) meet at her birthday! Can the writers do the same on the show now? 🙂

I’m not really on the Wally/Linda train. But if that is what it will take to bring her back, then bring it on. ☺