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So a while ago, I was talking to a friend about this girl he likes--this was before they started dating, which they did do fairly recently--and while he was talking about this, like, earth-shattering moment they had where he really started to believe that she might like him, and I had to try really hard not to laugh during the conversation because it was almost moment-for-moment EXACTLY the "Heh, like that?" scene except it happened at a Halloween party instead of, you know, in space.

this is what true love looks like

You Need To See This - Sweet Pea

Prompt - SP thinks his North side girlfriend is ashamed of him until Toni shows him a video of the reader defending him
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader
Warnings - swearing 

a/n this is my first sweet pea imagine and request for riverdale i hope you like it


You had been dating sweet pea for almost 2 months now. You had gone to visit jug at the trailer park when you first met the cute serpent and both clicked more or less instantly getting together.

You wanted to tell B&V about sweet pea but just as you was about to archie had started some form of feud with sweet pea and the serpents. Every time someone mentions them Archie would lose it so you kept your relationship with sweets a secret.

You and sweets was in pops car park when you saw Archie and Betty and Veronica in there. “you hungry” he asks, “no” you say too quick pulling him away from your friends. “I wanna go for a ride” you say trying to get him to leave fast.
Sweet pea knew something was up with you and as he looked up seeing the bright red hair of Archie he began to know what it was. Once back at the Southside sweet pea had given you the cold shoulder, pouting and being snappy.

You watched him go outside for a smoke following him out to find out what’s up with him. “why you in a mood” you asked him. “nothing” he snapped back at you not looking up from the ground.
When you went to go back inside he looked at you. “wait, are you ashamed of telling your north side friends about me” he said in a softer voice. You stopped looking back at him, “what no” you say back unsure where this was coming from. 

“Then what was today all about, you literally dragged me away from pops because that North side idiot was in there” he said looking slightly hurt. “when I call you and your with them you say you’ll call me back and act different, you won’t even let me drop you off at your door because Archie might see us, isn’t that what you said” his voice a mix of anger and sadness.

You felt bad as he listed all the things that made it look like you was ashamed of him, but you wasn’t you loved him. Stepping closer to him putting your hand on his, “sweets I know it sound like that but your wrong” you plead with him.
“then tell me, tell why I’m your secret” now he sounded more angry. “because of this fight your having with them, if  I tell them it’s going to cause more trouble than soon enough I’m gonna be made to between you or my friends and I’m not ready to make that choice” you say back now had tears in your eyes.

  Sweet pea stepped back moving his hand from you, “well I’ll make it easy for you, where done I knew being with a north side wouldn’t of worked and I was right, goodbye y/n” he said walking off to his motorcycle. As you shouted his name crying heartbroken.

It was two days after sweet broke up with you, you had tried to text and call him but each one ignored. you was sat in pops with Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica and Reggie who for some reason was Archie’s new bff. You wasn’t in a social mood, Archie was banging on about some fight he’d had with sweet pea and the other serpents. Every time someone said his name you felt your heart brake more.

In the end Archie was beginning to annoy you. “he’s nothing but scum they all are they are like an idiotic  plague ruining the Southside and that sweet pea is worst one” Archie shouted. That was it you couldn’t sit there anymore “really Archie, your calling them scum, they wouldn’t have bothered you if you didn’t cause it all to begin with” you shouted. “your the one who pulled a gun on sweets, in the middle of the south side and your calling him a thug” you continue to shout as the whole of pops watched.

Kevin looked at the tension between you and Archie making a joke to lighten the mood “oh y/n defending the serpent, your not into him are you” he said. Everyone went quite as you didn’t respond “Omg you are into that thug” Archie screamed.
What none of your group knew was Jughead and toni was sat in a booth on the other side of the diner. they both watched when Archie started talking trash. “remind me why he’s your friend she ask Jughead, jug didn’t say nothing not sure what was wrong with Archie lately. they watched as y/n stood up to Archie, Toni took out her phone, Jug looked at her "What are you doing?” he asked, Toni didn’t answer but kept filming the rest of the argument.

over at the south side sweet pea was with fangs and some of the other serpent’s, although his mind was else where. fangs had made fun of how distant he was how he never thought sweet pea would be so sweet for a north side girl. getting frustrated “shut up I’m not she was just a bit of fun” he said trying to lie to himself. sweet pea went to taking his anger out on the pool table beating almost everyone he played.

Toni can in calling him out, pea went to her followed by fangs. “what do you want Topaz?” he asked “seen your buddy Andrew’s at pops today” she said sarcastically. sweet frowned and went to go back to his game not wanting to talk about Archie Andrews or any other north sider. “sweet pea, wait you need to see this” she said holding out her phone.

he looked at the screen seeing his redheaded enemy and y/n, “what is this?” he asked not really wanting to watch her with the north siders a reminder he’d lost her to them. “just watch it pea” everyone round him said at once. sweet pea pressed the triangle button to play the video.

he watched the start as Archie ripped into the serpent’s, but didn’t look all he noticed was the say yet annoyed expression on y/n. He watched her back him and his friends “and your calling him a thug” sweets gave a small smile, he watched as the sheriffs son commented on her possibly having a soft spot for the gang member.

“your into ain’t you?” Archie asked her. for a few seconds sweets breath stopped as he waited to see her reply. “yes, yes I like sweet pea a lot actually I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks now!” she said, sweet pea felt a smile spread across his face. he couldn’t help laugh at the looked on the north side groups faces. “your not really dating that south side piece of crap your picking him over us” Archie screamed at y/n.

“yes Archie I was until we had a fight because I knew when I told you all this argument would happened so I kept sweets a secret and now he want speak to me because he thought I was ashamed of him.” y/n shouted back. y/n stepped out the booth looking back at the group “when at the moment I feel more ashamed to be your friend Archie” she said walking out the diner tears in her eyes, as the video ended. sweets could hear the crack in her voice, it hurt him to see her so upset, yet proud to see his girl have his back. sweets sent the video to his phone, then gave Toni her phone back “thanks Topaz” he said genuinely.

you sat in your room crying you had lost sweets and now your group of friends. your phone rang a bunch of times not wanting to talk to anyone you let it ring out each time. once the constant ringing stopped you looked to see who it was shocked to see 20 miss calls. clicking on the list you saw 5 from Archie 3 from veronica 8 from betty 2 from Jughead and finally 2 from sweet pea. your mind raced to why he would be calling you did he want to get back together or did you still have one of his jackets and he wanted it back. your finger hovered over sweets name as you fought with yourself if you should call him back.
lost in your own mind, you screamed when a knocked on the window came. looking up you saw sweets pointing for you to open it, you smiled running over. Sweet Pea climbed into your room, it amazed you how easy it was for him to climb up to your room. “what are you doing here you ask timidly, now unsure what he was doing here.

  he took a step closer to you "I saw an interesting video today that showed me how much of an idiot I am” he said. you was even more confused now, but before you could ask anything else you heard your voice from his phone. “who, how when, how did you get this” you ask. sweet looks at you chuckling “Toni, but that doesn’t matter” he said putting his hands on your hips. “what matters is I should have known you have my back, you stood up for me even after I pushed you away and I never want to fight and lose you again, I love you y/n” he said kissing you. You kissed him back putting your arms round his neck. when he pulled back you smiled I love you too sweet pea.

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Can you do a head canon of baking with bill? xxx

  • Bill putting flour on your nose to get on your nerves 
  • “ Wait what are we making again?” 
  • Clearing the counter so he could fuck you 
  • Making you taste frosting off of his fingers 
  • Randomally grabbing you and kissing you 
  • Not knowing how to add fractions so he’d eyeball it 
  • “ We could literally buy this at the store”
  • Spoon feeding you the cake you just made 
  • “ This almost tastes as good as your pussy” 
  • Asking about your day and life goals while you’re trying to focus 
  • Buying the actual thing from the store in case you burn it 

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What's the lettuce thing about?

Alright, so. Get ready for weirdness, because Egyptian mythology has a lot of that.

One of the most prominent and foundational myths of ancient Egypt is how the god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Set (in some accounts, after an affair with Set’s sister-wife, Nepthys, who then gave birth to Anubis), put back together by his sister-wife Isis, then made the god of the afterlife. When she was piecing her husband back together, she found all but one of the fourteen chunks of him that had been scattered across Egypt by an enraged Set. That chunk would be his penis. But never fear, for Isis is the goddess of fertility, so she made her husband a new one out of wood (thus explaining why embalmers would make false ones for the actual dead). So completed, she rode him and became impregnated with a son, Horus (the Falcon, not to be confused with Horus the Elder, the Hawk, who was these four’s presumably-long-suffering brother). Osiris then went off to be ruler of the dead somewhere in the vicinity of the stars we call Orion, leaving the question of who was to rule the land of the living - his elder brother and semi-justified murderer Set, or his legitimate yet posthumous  son Horus?

This brings us to The Contendings of Horus and Set, which is ostensibly an epic battle of order vs chaos, but mostly involves a lot of letter-writing and whinging back and forth between the gods because some liked Horus (who was the last king’s son and generally a guy who liked order and not usually killer [except that one time when Isis got too involved and actually wounded Set herself which Horus was not about for some reason and so decapitated her] ) and some liked Set (who was powerful and experienced and had good relations with foreign powers [being that he was the god in charge of them] and had proven himself to be a great protector to Ra against Actual Evil God Apophis and his night demons and whatnot). There were a lot of pointless squabbles between the two involving weird god things like who could hippopotamus better or build ships out of stone (spoiler alert: Set actually built his ship from the top of a goddamn mountain and managed to make it float long enough to get halfway down the river, Horus just made his from pine when no one was looking and just plastered the thing to look like stone. Who was the better dude in that one? You decide.). One time Horus got his eye ripped out and Set lost his testicles - an incident which involved what is probably the oldest recorded pick-up line in history: “How lovely your backside is. How broad your thighs.“ Smooth, uncle Set. Smooth.

Anyway, after eighty years of this the supreme god version of Ra got tired of their shenanigans and told them to lay off for at least one night, for all of their sakes. Set looks at Horus and goes, “Yeah let’s do this thing. Party, my house, tonight.” Horus looks at Set and thinks, “Seems legit.”

So they go party at Set’s house. Just them and the servants and lots of honey and beer and the single bed made up all nice just for them. Halfway through the night, Set rolls over and puts his dick between Horus’ thighs. (Er, depending on the time period you’re reading the myth from, this act is either consensual or not. It mostly depends on how vilified Set is by whichever cult’s in power at the time. In any case, Horus is awake and unrestrained for this.) Horus catches the semen in his hands, and when he gets home in the morning shows his mother. Who promptly freaks out, cuts his hands off to toss into the Nile, fashions him new hands of clay, and then jacks her son off into a pot.

I could not make this up.

This is where The Lettuce Thing comes in. The lettuce species that the ancient Egyptians had was a long, hard stalk that secreted a white, milky substance when cracked and squeezed. So you can see where they would get the idea that it was a phallic aphrodisiac. Well, it so happens that when Isis went to Set’s house, she found out from his gardener that Set loved eating lettuce every day. You know where this is going. Now, I’d like to point out that she didn’t just randomly overhear this and got a wicked idea. No. No, she went and asked outright what Set’s favourite food was, because she was gonna give Set a taste of his own (or well, her son’s) medicine no matter what.

Fast forward to the next court session, and Set - being the asshole that we know and love - decides to announce to the room at large that he should get the throne, because he totally tops. Well, being that ancient Egypt was a highly patriarchal society it - like most ancient cultures - looked down on the receivers in male-male relationships. But while everyone’s boo-hissing at Horus, he just calmly requests a Magical Pregnancy Test for both his and Set’s semen. They do it, and Set’s shows up somewhere in the river (wherever Horus’ old hands are), which perplexes Set and somehow doesn’t phase anyone else. Then they test Set, and lo and behold Horus’ seed reacts from within him!

In very old versions of the myth, this is where the god Thoth is born from Set’s forehead. In others, it’s Thoth performing the test and so the semen emerges in the form of golden disc, which Thoth promptly takes and puts on his own head as a crown. *shrug* Egyptian mythology is a weird case where a jillion different cults formed, then came together, then fought/reformed/vilified/reconciled/destroyed/assimilated one another over millennia, so the origins and motives are a bit wonky. Thoth is one of those deities that had been worshiped before writing was even a thing [although writing became his Thing], and so has many conflicting origin stories - mostly he just seems to appear at some point due to the power of his own voice. I like to think that, since he is also a master of Time, that Thoth may have actually created Himself in that instance, but his presence got spread out through time - back far enough into the beginning that he could trick the moon into giving up five extra non-month days each year, so that Nut could birth his parent-grandparents without repercussion.

But I’m getting ahead (behind?) myself. The point is, now all the gods think their Powerful Guy Set is a big fat bottom, which ~a king shouldn’t be~ and Set is all butthurt about his trick backfiring on him. He sulks off to the river, where he issues the stone boat challenge mentioned earlier but then his boat sinks and he rips up part of Horus’ and realizes that it’s just disguised wood, and it looks like the shenanigans will continue until someone gets the bright idea to just fucking write to the dead king about what his wishes were (apparently it’s Thoth who suggests this, which is why I buy the myth that this is when he was born, since why did no one else - even Isis who resurrected the guy - think of that? Finally, a god of Sense!). Osiris sends them a letter back to the effect of “What the fuck do you think my wishes are. If my son isn’t instated, my next gift basket will be an army of zombies, I swear to myself.”

The council is convinced.

Set’s put in chains and brought before them by a gloating Isis, but he cedes with as much grace as he has left. In most versions of the myth, he’s set free and reinstated as Ra’s bodyguard to thunder away happily in the desert, and in a few later ones (basically after Lower Egypt takes over Upper Egypt) he’s punished somehow, like being taken to the north and bound there by his other wife (in something rather similar to Loki’s fate with Sigyn). In some, he and Horus reconcile and even bless pharaohs together, tying their lotus and reed together around the living king as a symbol of unity and strength between Upper and Lower Egypt.

And that, dear Anon-chan, is The Ancient Egyptian Lettuce Thing.

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Hahaha , by the way , I wished Yamato saw TK asking Taichi to be his brother 😂 . OMG who knows what would happen to three of them . Maybe yamato would kill taichi or leave the group once and for ever. It's is good idea to be fanfic . But sadly I'm not good in writing. I hope someone do

That could have actually happened if Yamato and Jou decided to run away from Digitamamon’s restaurant together. xD

« read from right to left «

Sorry I got too lazy to finish this lol

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If you are still doing the cliches, so do you think you can do opposing team quidditch players Harry and Draco, but they flirt without each other to distract each from the snitch? And they come so close to kissing each other but someone grabs the snitch that was hovering near the other players ear, and they have a huge makeout session in the locker rooms?

I didn’t follow the prompt very closely but I hope you enjoy the ficlet regardless!

Opposing Quidditch Teams’ Seekers!Drarry + 8th Year


Eight Year students were their very own group, separated from their Houses. Which meant they didn’t sleep with their Housemates, they didn’t share a Common room with their Housemates, they didn’t earn or lose points for their Houses, and they weren’t part of their Houses’ Quidditch teams.

And it was the last rule that some students found utterly unfair. McGonagall had proposed Eight Year students form their own Quidditch team but there weren’t enough players. So in the end, Eight Year students were allowed to play for their previous Houses. The only condition was that there would be no fighting. Everyone looked pointedly at Harry and Malfoy when this was said.  

But neither boy wanted to fight anymore. So they easily came to an agreement - playing dirty was fine as long as you could get away with it and it didn’t involve derogatory language or painful topics. Harry could pinpoint the exact moment when Malfoy got an idea. And Harry most definitely didn’t like the sly smirk on Malfoy’s face that followed. Even though it suited Malfoy greatly. A smirk hadn’t looked that well on Malfoy before.

The Gryffindor team welcomed Harry with open arms. There wasn’t a seeker as good as Harry so there wasn’t anyone to challenge him for the position. He wondered whether the Slytherins would choose Malfoy as their seeker again. Harry hoped they would, even though he wasn’t sure exactly why. But he wanted to play against Malfoy more than against anyone else.

The Slytherins did choose Malfoy. There wasn’t any other applicants for the position, apparently. “Only Malfoy’s a masochist enough to go against Potter.” Harry heard Zabini tell Parkinson in the Eight Year Common room one evening. He found it immensely amusing.

He had nothing to fear. He had beaten Malfoy every time he had played against him. And yet… the smirk Malfoy was giving him every time one of them went to Quidditch practice was starting to get under his skin. Malfoy was planning something and Harry could not fall for it! He hadn’t fought a War only to be bested to the snitch by Malfoy! It would be humiliating. And Harry would not have it!

So he may have, sort of, once again, started following Malfoy. “But only to Quidditch practice!” Harry said in his defense when Ron caught him trying to leave the Common room mere minutes after Malfoy. Ron understood him. Hermione didn’t. She shook her head and gave Harry an odd look.

Harry’s stalking recon missions proved to be fruitless. Malfoy didn’t fly any better or mastered any new techniques. He had absolutely no advantage over Harry. Except that he probably looked better on a broom. Merlin, he looked fantastic on a broom! And the thought disturbed Harry quite a lot.

But fortunately - looking good on a broom had absolutely nothing to do with catching the snitch.

The Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match was the first for the season.

When Harry and Malfoy hovered above the pitch, ready for the match to begin, Malfoy smiled at Harry.

“Good luck, Potter.”

It caught Harry off guard. Malfoy had never wished him good luck before. As a matter of fact, Malfoy usually insulted and taunted him. And he had most definitely never smiled at Harry before.

But Harry found out that he liked being smiled at by Malfoy. Malfoy’s whole face lighted up when he smiled. Harry realized that his mouth had opened slightly and he shut it so forcefully his teeth hurt for a few seconds. Before he could say anything to Malfoy, not that he knew what, the match began.

The snitch was nowhere to be seen for a good quarter of an hour. Which Malfoy spent lazily flying around in positions that were most definitely not appropriate for Quidditch. Or appropriate in general, Harry thought. Leaning back on the broom was not good for stability, the Quidditch part of Harry’s brain insisted. And another part was of the opinion that Malfoy looked bloody fantastic gripping the groom like he was giving himself a handj-

No! Harry had to focus on the snitch. Newfound crushes on ex-nemeses could wait AFTER the match was over. So Harry tried to search for the snitch. But his eyes kept finding Malfoy, who had changed his position on the broom and was now leaning forward on it.

While this position was great for stability, Malfoy had somehow lost the cape part of his Quidditch uniform. Which combined with Malfoy’s position on the broom meant that Harry had a bloody perfect view of Malfoy’s arse. The tight trousers were doing absolutely nothing to hide what a perfect arse Malfoy had. The snitch could’ve flown right in front of Harry and he couldn’t have spared it a glance.

Malfoy straightened on his broom and curved his spine in such a way that his arse stuck out nicely. “Pornographic” was the only word Harry had to describe what he was seeing.

And when he thought it can’t possibly get any worse, Malfoy fixed him with his eyes and winked. Harry’s mind shortcut-ted. His mouth hung opened as Malfoy flew lazily to him.

“Seeing something you like, Potter?” Malfoy asked with a knowing smirk.

“No!” Harry protested hotly but after a longer pause than he would’ve liked. His cheeks were burning and he knew his refusal was ringing false.

The audience below was roaring but Harry couldn’t hear a word. The sole focus of Harry’s attention was Malfoy and his infuriating yet very attractive face that had moved even closer to Harry’s.

Malfoy’s smirk widened enough for Harry to see his teeth. “It’s alright to look, Potter. No need to be shy. You could even…” Malfoy trailed and maneuvered his broom even closer to Harry, their lips barely inches apart. “touch.” he whispered, his breath tickling Hsrry’s face.

Harry gulped. He wad gripping the handle of his broom so hard, his knuckles were almost white. What the fuck was going on, Harry had no idea.

And then it hit him - Malfoy’s plan! This was Malfoy’s plan! His eyes widened in realization but before he could move a muscle, Malfoy’s hand shot to the right of Harry’s left ear.

Harry whipped his head only to see the snitch, gold metal shining between Malfoy’s long slender fingers. The reality dawned on Harry. He had been played. He had been beaten to the snitch. By Malfoy!

That on itself was terrible enough. But for a few short seconds, Harry had thought that Malfoy would really kiss him. It was foolish, now that he thought about it. Malfoy wouldn’t kiss him. Of course not! But Harry wanted him to. Badly.

Bitter rage at being tricked, humiliated, and beaten to to the snitch, had just began boiling in his stomach when a pair of cool lips crashed against his. He could feel hands on both sides of his head and the flutter of the snitch’s wings against his left temple.

Malfoy was kissing him. Very enthusiastically at that. And Harry kissed back with just as much vigor, pouring some of his frustration into the kiss as well. He could feel Malfoy’s lips curve into another smirk and he pushed his tongue past them, making Malfoy open his mouth wide enough so Harry couldn’t feel the infuriating smirk. Malfoy bit his tongue playfully and Harry bit his lower lip in retaliation.

Malfoy laughed against Harry’s mouth and they broke apart. Harry shook his head.

“You distracted me on purpose!”

“You have only yourself to blame for being susceptible to my charms.” Malfoy winked at him again. “We’ll continue this later, Harry.”

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Hi! I really love your art and just looking at it makes me so so happy. I just saw that requests are open so here is my question: can you draw Nico for me?

is this nico or keith? you’ll never know

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Since you are a leading Genji Expert™ does Genji only use his dragon blade for his ultimate? I know he uses the smaller blade for melee but does he use it for deflect as well? It just seems like a waste to carry a huge ass precious sword around and only use it like once

genji uses his katana for his ult and his wakizashi for deflect, swift strike, and melee

i think that’s just because the katana is supposed to be his more visually striking and really powerful weapon so that’s why it’s exclusive to his ult

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okay, have you seen the post that's about kiss cams at Quidditch matches and drarry? bc somehow no ones written that yet.

I vaguely remember it, so here’s Quidditch Players!Drarry + Kiss Cam (The Matchmaker)


If five years ago someone had told Harry that he’d play professional Quidditch with Malfoy as part of his team, he probably would’ve laughed. But life turns out funny sometimes and there Harry was - playing as a professional seeker while Draco was one of the same team’s chasers.

Harry thought the chaser position suited Draco better. And the other man was brilliant at it. And once part of the same team, Harry and Draco had to quickly learn to get along while they had been just reserves. Surprisingly, it hadn’t been that difficult.

They had started as work acquaintances, but their relationship had grown into friendship faster than anyone had expected. Harry had found that he “clicked” well with the man Draco had grown up to be. Draco was probably one of the few true friends Harry had made after he had left Hogwarts.

The tricky part was that Harry didn’t want their relations to be that of just friends. He wanted more, much more. But he had decided that it was best to hide his feelings. He enjoyed Draco’s friendly touches, the way he sat closer to Harry than to the other players, the way he trusted Harry with information that Harry knew only a couple of people in the whole world would ever be entrusted with. And he didn’t want to ruin that. After all, what were the chances that Draco would feel the same way about him? None too good, in Harry’s opinion.

So he kept his feelings to himself. He focused on the games. Speaking of, the Wizarding World was starting to incorporate some muggle ideas. Such as the Kiss Cam. But unlike its Muggle version, the magical Kiss Cam automatically selected the two people present at a game, who were the best couple. Or would make the best couple. And that itself made the Kiss Cam the best matchmaker in the Wizarding World.

Which was why Harry had a dilemma on his hands.The Kiss Cam had chosen him and Draco. He could see his face on the big screen, already redder than usual. Meanwhile, pink had risen high on Draco’s cheeks as well. It looked absolutely beautiful, despite the gobsmacked expression that accompanied it.

The Kiss Cam was turned off mere moments later and the game resumed. Harry caught the snitch mere minutes later, ending the game in his team’s favor.

Harry and Draco’s teammates made themselves scarce after the match, purposely leaving them alone in the changing room. The atmosphere was tense and that was the kind of situation that Harry had wanted to avoid. Maybe his feelings had affected the Kiss Cam in some way. Or maybe it was true that he and Draco would make a great couple. But Draco had never given him any indication that he was interested in Harry that way. But he also hadn’t told Harry that he wanted nothing to do with him either. So, there was hope maybe?

Both men stared anywhere but at each other for long awkward moments before Harry finally broke the silence.

“So, um… the Kiss Cam… I don’t know how right it was about us, but I want to give us a shot. I like you a lot. I’ve liked you for a couple of years, actually. And sure, we quarrel… a lot, but I think we can also make each other very happy.”

There. He had said it. It was out there and it was Draco’s turn.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Potter?!?” Draco exploded, hands going to his temples.

Harry recoiled. He had expected a cold rejection at worse. He definitely hadn’t expected anger. There was no reason for it.

“Merlin, Potter! We could’ve gotten together YEARS ago! Why didn’t you say anything until now, you prick?!?”

Oh. So that’s why Draco was angry. Harry’s heart leapt in his chest. Draco returned his feelings! Draco wanted them to be together! Draco was also very very cross with Harry’s lack of confession during the past few years. Well, it was not like it was Harry’s job to confess first!

“Why didn’t you confess then?” Harry shot back.

Draco made a gesture with his hands which meant that the reason should’ve been obvious to Harry.

“Because you’re the Gryffindor! You’re supposed to be brave and bare your heart!”

“Well, I did so now! So what are going to do about it?” the question was a challenge and Draco easily recognized it as such.

It took him less than a second to push Harry against the nearest wall and shove his tongue as deeply in Harry’s mouth as it could go.

Harry’s head was spinning, and not entirely from the hit against the wall. He felt ecstatic and he never wanted the feeling to stop. And Draco didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.