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Aww isn't this fandom cute? You all just wuv to enjoy twings don't you? You're not twiying to be mean or anything. BULLSHIT. Just admit that you all have deep rooted mysoginistic point of views on the situation. You don't put Patton in skirts because you support boys in dresses and all that fake woke bullshit. You put him in a dress because you all see him as the weakest the softest and the dumbest.

You know, maybe you should consider this- what is wrong with being weak? What is wrong with being soft? And what is wrong with being dumb? And why are you associating those traits with femininity?

Because this is how I see it-

Patton gives off a child-like sense of wonder and innocence. People tend to draw him in child-like patterns, pretty colours often associated with childhood and joy. When they draw him in dresses/skirts, they’re flowy and free, with lighter/brighter colours one associates with joy. Because Patton is sunny. He’s gushy, a little child-like and optimistic.

Logan is sophisticated and sleek. When people draw him in dresses, they’re usually tighter, less flowy, and more restricted and conservative; they’re more plain, usually no patterns, with darker colours that, once again, match his personality.

Roman’s are usually sexy and a little seductive- usually red and glittery, drawing attention to his body. They’re usually less conservative- I’ve noticed a trend in showing off his legs and his arms. Because Roman is extravagant and the dress is going to match that.

Now, with Virgil, I’ve seen a lot of different types drawn on him but a lot of them are heavily influenced by scene and goth culture. They’re usually conservative, matched with some form of netting. They’re also made for comfort as well as style- flowy and not restrictive, but not bright like Patton’s.

The dresses,,,, I know, mind-blowing concept coming up,,, match the character’s personality. Not any bullshit about femininity.

And also, as a friend pointed out to me- Patton is the most out-there and comfortable with himself and in his own skin. He’d be the most likely to say “who cares?” in regards to gender roles and wear a dress. Virgil’s more anxious, Roman is kind of insecure and cares a lot about what people think of him, and Logan would only wear one for more practical purposes. It makes perfect sense that it’d be Patton who’d wear a dress more than the others.

Stop pretending it’s a misogyny issue when it’s more-so artists matching outfits with the characters personalities. And maybe there are some people who think in a dresses = feminine and feminine = __________ stereotypical trait. And again, a shame, but what in the HELL do I have to do with it?

And don’t patronize me like that. The whole tone of your ask is rude and condescending and I’m sick of it. You’re trying to claim some nonexistent moral high ground and it’s annoying as hell.

And again- I have never drawn the sides in dresses nor could I if I wanted to so I have no idea why the heck you’re attacking me for this situation in general.

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Hey there, 1. I just found your blog and you are wonderful. 2. Ignore this if you’ve already answered it but: my cat is really aggressive but only in play. The big problem is he attacks my lil feets when I walk and my head when I sleep. I’m covered with scratches, it looks like I self harm sometimes. I just read your post on spray bottles and that’s what I’ve been using. I don’t know how else to get him to release his grip when he’s latched on and it’s upsetting. Thoughts?

First off, thank you so much!

So the biggest thing, if you haven’t already done it, is to BAN play of fingers and feet. What do I mean by that? It’s a VERY common response to wriggle our fingers so cats and kittens will pounce on us and try to “hunt”, while it’s very cute, it can lead to only kitten syndrome, where cats who grow up without siblings, or once they’re separated from their litter mates, may lose that important claw and tooth control as an adult. Hands are ONLY for gentle petting. Meaning if you pet your cat, and he turns around and gives you a little nibble, you disengage completely. This is the most important aspect of getting a cat to stop using claws on humans.

Disengaging is going to be your biggest tool, essentially. It’s how mom cats deal with little brat kittens who just want to play hard and mom’s had enough of their crap because she’s raising this litter and working two jobs and one’s overnight and she’s tired of hearing from her coworker Brenda just how much sleep she got last night.

Disengaging is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Stop whatever you’re doing. Go slack if you have to. Be very careful not to respond to the clawing in any way. No yelling, and definitely don’t shout at the cat. Even saying “No” is seen as reinforcement, and will encourage them to continue. Cat moms will physically get up and ignore their kitten once they tip over that threshold into “too much”, but what’s important is that you need to solidify that ANY claws are “too much”, and mimic the behavior of the queen.

If you’re walking down a hallway and he attacks your feet, stop moving, don’t give him a moving target, and walk away. If he chases your feet, stand completely still. Do not look at him, talk to him, or acknowledge him. And try as hard as you can not to move your feet (even if it hurts). Distract him if you can with another toy, encourage him to use that instead. It may require you to keep a toy on hand, but he’ll get the idea pretty quickly. 

Ideally, you want to be able to get to him BEFORE he starts attacking you. So encourage play beforehand (if you can), so he’s otherwise distracted. 

And just a casual reminder to trim your cat’s nails! If they’re getting you badly, it may be time for a trim!

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Hi! I wanted to ask how you make the uh, for my own lack of a better term, the glow-y bits? on your art? like, in the oc piece where he's yellin i'll kill you, like the glowing fire,,, stuff, and on your header where it's really bright and stuff? I'm just wondering how, how ya do that! cus it looks really cool, and i would like to try

it’s a simple lil process i learned when i first started out digital art, so here’s a small tutorial!

hope this helps! :)

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Just thought you should know I was browsing Archive Of Our Own and came across an actual fanfic about PIE. The fandom was listed as "languages (anthropomorphic)" and it had pairings such as "Mycenaean Greek/Minoan", "Gothic/Gaulic Latin" and "Pregermanic/Maglemosian". I just about died.

oh my god???!?

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I’m in shock that II was actually a thing- like they did that and now it’s over like what

me when dnp announced ii:

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me somehow managing to get a ticket:

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the first show i saw (and uhh all the shows i saw lbr):

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dnp hitting us with the insta stories:

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dealing with all the stuff they say at every show:

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me @ dnp, now that the tour is over:

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bonus: waiting for the movie

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Would you support lukanette?? Sorry, I’ve only seen you reblog things mostly about adrigami. But I ship adrigami too I just wanted to know if you shipped lukanette

Hey!! I do like lukanette, I just like Adrimi more? I mean, she’s someone who truly understands Adrien’s background because hers is the same. Same for Kagami, how many other people can say “I get it” when she talks about how stressed she is because of expectations?

Let’s see:

  • Adrien is from a super strict single-parent family (Kagami is implied to only have her mother)
  • they’re both rich kids with a huge mountain of expectations on their little shoulders
  • they’re both young people in the international spotlight that are expected to represent their family name and there’s nothing they can do about it, 
  • they’re both so desperate to please their parents (like, the first thing Kagami did after losing was regretfully tell her mother she hadn’t made it) 
  • they’re both overprotected (if Kagami was picked up/dropped off by a driver, then that makes me think she also has limited freedom),

Plus, they both look so lonely…

Would it be so bad if they became best friends?? Or idk, if Adrien was with someone who he could rant about his father to or someone he could call when his freedom is being taken away or when the pressure is getting to him and have that person say, “It’s okay, I completely understand how you feel,”?

And same for Kagami. Adrien at least has Nino and Marinette/Ladybug, we don’t know how many friends Kagami has (if at all, if she just moved to Paris), or if she has any sort of healthy way to get things off her chest. His friendship could be so healthy for her. 

Plus imagine them hanging out after fencing class, or them PRETENDING they’re going to fencing class but actually just hanging out, them helping each other improve and alleviate stress through fencing which they both love, them texting each other at night like ‘I got a 99/100 on this test and my dad yelled at me’ and ‘oh my god, I got a 101/100 but there were 2 more extra credit points I didn’t get and my mom yelled at me’ like!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!! 

If they do end up dating, which I doubt it, I don’t think it would be so bad, either. Because first, the love-square is endgame so it’s not a big deal, but also because what’s so wrong with two lonely stressed kids finding comfort in each other? It’s HEALTHY for them to have someone who really understands them. 

I don’t understand why some people are so upset about Adrimi having some heartfelt moments, it’s Adrien being understood by someone just as lonely as he is. 

…this isn’t exactly what you asked, anon, but I love adrimi so there you go. But I like lukanette too!! Don’t worry, just…… Not as intensely.


OK! So I had this stupid genius idea. What’s the thing that I never tried to do? Writing fanfics. Am I good at it? No. Should I try it? NO. Should I try to write a fanfic for my followers and their biases? HELL YEAH! 

So here is the deal. I will write a short fanfic for you if you send me an ask with your name, a place (where you want the events to happen) and a BTS member of if you feel wild you can choose 7 lol. 

I don’t know if this will turn out well but get ready to laugh loads at my poor skills.