Sanur Beach, by patrickjendrusch

This photo has been taken at the beach of Sanur in Bali. I went there at about 4 am in the morning in total darkness. Who has been in Bali, especially Sanur, knows that streets are ruled by dogs at night. Don’t get me wrong: I love dogs - but this was a special situation to me. Unfortunately, I had not only to pass these streets, but also a hotel area guarded by a watchdog. The streets had been ok, as with all the lanterns I could at least see all of the barking dogs knowing that they are more afraid of me as I am. The watchdog from the hotel was very nice: He was sleeping, snoring on a pool table. Relieved for the time being, I reached the beach, knowing that this spot was just some minutes of walk away. Just a few seconds later, however, I learned that not only streets and hotel areas are chosen by dogs to sleep and stray, but obviously beaches are their favorite place: By means of the barks I suddenly heard, about a dozen dogs decided to check out who the guy is that decided to pass them - it was me: the stupid tourist. Now I saw them, all of them! And I have to admit, I was indeed petrified for a second thinking about my doctor who recommended a anti-rabies inoculation which I declined. I stopped, knowing that running away is probably the baddest of all decisions. About 3 ft away they stopped, but obviously the tripod on my shoulder made them nervous. I took courage and walked slowly on. Just some seconds later all of the dogs came to the conclusion that I am no threat and pursued their search for food. Call me a fraidy-cat, but a dozen dogs in complete darkness on a foreign countries beach: Yeah, I had a lot of respect!