To all Asian wlw

Your eyelids are perfect the way they are. Don’t let people make you think you need makeup tools or surgery to change them.

Your skin is lovely the way it is no matter how dark or light. Don’t let people make you think you need to bleach it or change it with makeup or be ashamed of it.

Your body is amazing the way it is even if they don’t fit cultural or societal standards. Fat, thin, curvy, curve-less, big tummy, small breasts– as long as your body is keeping you alive is all that matters. That is its function, not being beautiful.

Your participation or lack there of in your culture does not make you any more or less Asian. If you are mixed and present one ethnicity over the other, you are no more or less Asian. The only one who can tell you your identity is you.

Your attraction, sexual or romantic, to women is not shameful or dirty or wrong. Your place on the gender spectrum is not shameful or dirty or wrong. They are not fetishes, they are not inherently pornographic. They are parts of who you are that make you you, and anyone that thinks otherwise is ignorant and in need of enlightenment.

To all asian mlm

I’m sorry that many people may fetishize you the most because they see you as “real life yaoi” just because of your ethnicity and sexuality, you don’t deserve that, your love is beautiful and not something that should be compared to something that panders towards females who are gross about mlm, your love is yours and shouldnt be anyone elses pleasure

full offence anyone saying that the possibility of cutting li shang out the live-action remake of mulan is okay because “mulan” is about her saving china and being a model female protagonist not about her and shang can come and fight me because asian men are just as important as asian women being represented in the media??? there are children who grew up with li shang as their oNLY representation!! li shang was the son of a captain who wanted to make his father proud, wanted to protect his country and lead a good army for the emperor, and in the end, went against the law to save mulan’s life for his and helped her when she came to the capital to defeat the huns like you’re sitting here and saying that it’s 100% okay to cut that narrative away??? “mulan” wasn’t just about mulan saving china, it was about her rising to the ranks in her army through preservance and struggles, it was about mulan changing the minds around her to shape people that ended up respecting her through and through, as both a man and a woman, and if you take away li shang you’re taking away an integral part of mulan so fuck you, disney, if you go through with this, fuck you.

Things about asians everyone should know. (Especially the ignorant people out there)

1. We do not comprehend the words “ching chong”.
2. WHAT THE HELL does “ching chong” even mean?!
3. For the last time, not all asians eat dogs! Its a native custom and hardly happens anymore, so quit asking if we eat dogs. 
4. Just cause you see an Asian person it doesn’t mean they’re Chinese, they could be Filipino ,Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian etc.
5. Asian girls with long black hair HATE being called The Grudge or the girl from The Ring. Same goes for Asian guys and being called Grudge boy.
6. Dynasty Express, Kung Fu kitchen and China King are not considered “real” Chinese food.
7. Don’t ask us to speak our language, we will WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT.
8. We don’t know how to translate your name so stop asking cause most likely we can’t.
8.1 Dont offer to spell out your name so we can write it in our language
9. Don’t ask us to teach you curse words either.
10. Stop trying to pair up Asian guys and girls at your school and say they look cute together. Not all Asians belong together.
11. All Asian countries speak different languages.
12. Just because we’re Asian it doesn’t mean that we know karate, kung fu, tae kwon do etc. Even though we are probably capable of kicking your ass anyway.
13. Don’t say all Asian people look the same, that’s like saying all white people look the same, all African Americans look the same and all Hispanics look the same. When will you realize your stupidity?
14. Surprise! Not all Asians are good at maths.
15. Not all Asians are short.
16. Or skinny.
17. What do you people stare at? Haven’t you seen an Asian person before?
18. Just to let you know, it’s NOT funny when you tape your eyes up and start speaking gibberish. That just gives us another reason to kick your ass.
19. Go ahead, make fun of us. We’ll just make fun of you in our own language
20. No…neither Yao Ming nor Jacky Chang is not my uncle.
21. Chopsticks are the perfect utensil and the easiest to wash.
22. White rice is the perfect side dish.
23. Soy Sauce tastes great on almost everything.
24. People from India are Asians too.
25. People from the Middle East are just as Asian as people from the southeast!!
26. Asia is not a country!
27. Chinese is not a race! Being Chinese is part of being asian (which also includes Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese etc.) Don’t you people ever learn?!
28. Don’t try imitate us after we talk, it’s highly irritating and makes you look like a complete idiot.
29. The same goes for when you speak gibberish and then ask us what it means. 
30. Quit pointing at us and muttering ‘China’ when you see us. Because we WILL hear you and BEAT the hell outta you.

If you are Asian

if you speak your native tongue

if you don’t speak your country(s)’s language(s)

if you are biracial

if you are an adoptee

If you are an adoptee living in a non-Asian household

if you are unfamiliar w/ your country(s)’s culture(s)

if you have been harassed in any form for being Asian

if you feel proud to be Asian

If you feel ashamed to be Asian

if you don’t feel Asian enough

If you have been compared to food…especially twinkies

if you have been stereotyped

if you are looking for representation

If you have heard your language or accent or customs being mocked

If you are light skinned

If you are dark skinned

If you have trouble shopping for makeup that looks good on you

If you have been made fun of for your eyes

if you have experienced colorism

If you have experienced colorism in the Asian community

If you are a person worthy of respect and human dignity



Happy Asian Invasion Day bishes. 

I’m Filipino and proud af and here’s my story: I moved to the UK from a young age, and at the time of my arrival, the Filipino community at the time, from what I can remember, was tiny compared to now (I didn’t know any Filipino kids of my age). So I felt completely alone and I did enter this phase where I guess it felt weird to be so different. I mean, at my 2nd school, all the children were white except for me and my friend who I’m still friends with now, and her family is from Sudan, and looking back from now, that really did screw up with how I saw myself. This just goes to show how important representation and diversity is in our everyday lives, given the fact that the world we live in is constantly changing and evolving in the way it is today. 

But moving on to now, and it’s so different and I did change, and I did get out of that self-loathing phase, and I love, accept, and celebrate the heritage I was born with, and along with parts of the culture I absorbed growing up here. I see myself as an amalgamation of both cultures and I don’t really care if people think otherwise because I’m happy with what I’ve achieved and with how I’ve represented the cultures that I will always be proud to be a part of. I hope I can become the person that my younger self needed to learn from and aspire to be to avoid the poisonous self hatred. 

honestly im so proud of asian girls. we have been told for years by white people that we arent beautiful because we dont look enough like them. because our eyes are too narrow, our skin too yellow, our hair too black. we’ve been told that our languages are ugly and those of us who have accents are mocked and judged. we’ve been simultaneously put down and fetishized by whites for years, and yet we still love ourselves. it can be real hard. as a little kid i thought i was hideous because of my yellow skin and narrow eyes. i didn’t look white enough. but we are so pretty and so strong and we’re coming into our own after being repeatedly told we’re not good enough, and white people can’t handle that. we are all so different, and yet we’re all sisters, and we’ve come so far. im so proud.