Asian Drama Cliches

The common or cliche things we see in couples in most asian drama, movies, posters or promotional pics :)

1. The Back-To-Back/Partners in Crime Pose

2. Backhug

3. Forehead to Forehead Kiss/ESP Pose

4. Couple Outfit (may be exact, same color or uniforms)

5. Piggyback ride

6. The “I suddenly fell asleep on your shoulders/you" 

7. The Creeper or "I will stare at you while you are sleeping”

Do you agree with me?

Can you add more to these cliches? 


Things I learned from Korean Dramas part 1

Things I learned from Korean Dramas

  1. Kissing hurts. At least for women. They always look scared or in pain when they’re being kissed(yes, I said being kissed because let’s face it, they almost never kiss back).

  2. Why hold hands when you can just grab the girl’s wrist and take her everywhere you want to have “a talk”. 

  3. Only men take showers(except in Salaryman)

  4. Korean have the largest contacts lists in the world because they exchange phone numbers with everyone. You meet someone for the first time and have a big fight? Doesn’t matter. You still had time to exchange numbers because 2 episodes later when you need to talk to that person again, you already have her/his number…
  5. You may be the poorest girl in the girl and have no money to eat, you still have enough money for the newest cell phone model.
  6. Coffee shop are very popular in korea and business is great. That beig said, nobody in korea has ever eat or drink anything they ordered. Nobody.