Ahaetulla also known as Asian vine snakes or whip snakes are mildly venomous and opisthoglyphous, meaning they have enlarged teeth located in the rear of the upper jaw. Unlike the fangs of other venomous snakes, vine snake fangs are not hollow, but grooved. This allows venom to flow down the teeth from their venom glands and into their prey. (Source)

Ahaetulla prasina
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AKA: Boie’s whip snake, Gunther’s whip snake, Asian Vine Snake

The Oriental Whipsnake Ahaetulla prasina is a widespread species of arboreal tree snake found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Its appearance is very much like those of South American vine snakes. It is a rear-fanged species and is mildly venomous but is not considered a threat to humans. Feeds on small reptiles and amphibians, particularly lizards and tree frogs.

In recent years, it has entered the pet trade and has become quite popular among hobbyists

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