Nestled just below the clouds is one of the oldest villages that still continues its ancestor’s traditions today. Bena Village in Flores, Indonesia has unique homes with distinct sharp roofs and miniature figures attached to symbolize their ancestors. While villagers have the option to move away for education or work, many opt to return to the village. Bena Village and its smiling locals taught me how to live simply and be happy.


Proud Indonesian

Cam Sur Summer: Caramoan Day 1

Summer is a fun and exciting time to be with friends and family. Going to the beach is a must in every summer adventure. Getting your dose of vitamin sea and having that sun kissed skin is always a must have.

Before the month of April ended I got to experience Caramoan once again. It’s been a while since I the last time I’ve been there. My last visit was way back in 2011, after 4 years, its a wonderful feeling to be back. The last time I went there I was with my family and now I’m with my bicol bloggers family together with some social media influencer friends. So let’s get started with this weekend adventure!

Road Trip

We decided to take it to another level and have a road trip instead of the normal, Naga to Sabang port and then boat ride to Caramoan. We experienced the mountainous roads of Cam Sur and the fresh air from the majestic view of the sea. The roads were still under construction but the 4 hour trip was worth it.

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Thailand caught on film by Amber Street 

part 1

I haven’t wrote much of this amazing friend of mine before because I was never sure what to write. But through every roll of film she sends me I shocked with the quality, every photo on every roll is on point. Amber works as a travel agent at Student Flights she hasn’t worked there too long. Amber has booked Good Stuff flights before, she is good at sales because of her passion to travel. Before Amber had this job she hadn’t left Australia now she will be going overseas more then 5 times this year. 

Scroll down her instagram and see the combination or film and travel

You go girl xx