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The Sunda flying lemur not what it seems
The Sunda flying lemur is not a lemur at all, nor can it fly. But it is one of the best gliding colugos in the world

DESPITE ITS NAME, the Sunda flying lemur (Galeopterus variegatus) is neither a lemur, nor something that can actually fly, but aside from bats, you’d be hard-pressed to find another mammal that’s as good as gliding as it is.

Native to the temperate forests of South East Asia, throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, the Sunda flying lemur can glide for a distance of up to 100m, while only losing about 10m of elevation.

According to the Walker’s Mammals of the World encyclopedia, one particularly talented individual was recorded gliding over a distance of 136m, which is about nine whole bus lengths. That’s amazing…


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Exclusive: Asian-American seniors riding casino buses to make ends meet
Buses filled with people head to area casinos every day, but Eyewitness News exclusively found that many people on the buses aren't going to gamble, they're there out of necessity.

I know this is an art blog, but this is heartbreaking. We need to take better care of our seniors and our poor. The article doesn’t mention it, but I’m sure many of these problems come from being undocumented as well.