Exposing The Fakes

I want no part in the old blog, it doesnt mean attack me or assume shit that i lied or whatever I was done for awhile ask dakota, chelsea, mel, cait, jazz and my other friends from that account I was done for awhile. I’m not having anymore of my family or friends dragged into a situation that isnt about them. When I contacted shirs band it was a last resort thing and I assure you her band deserved to know their image rides on her. As for Cristina Ive not seen her blog but Megan told me she recieved asks that Cristina said I called her mom or some shit. I said this before, I’ll say it again Megan is not me, She has her own fb and social media’s and is a real person. She wont share them cause they have nothing to do with the exposing account. Megan and I only met recently, She is someone who doesnt even fully believe me. She told me she was contacting cristina mom regardless of my input despite what you think I’m not for that I knew cristina fb i could have contacted her mom myself if I was wanting to i didnt. I didnt even look through her fb megan did it and sent screenshots. I know more than you guys realize regarding fakes snd I dont expose them the way I should of, I was too nice. Megan isnt me and when it comes to the fakes she isnt nice. Shes her own person and I am mine. I gave her the account cause shes good at exposing. I didnt give it to my friends because like me, they’ve had it. They like me have gone through months of torture at the hands of the fakes and we are all tired. They have recieved hate, rude remarks, been called fake as well as other horrible things simply because they associated with me. This post is long and about to get longer when I thank all the people who have stuck by me and been true friends.

@dakotagrey5sos A girl I met on here who is my best friend now. I love you so much and thank you for tolerating whatever I throw at you. Thank you for all the times fakes made me feel low and you were there through dms picking me up and being a friend, a friend I needed. Thabk you for helping run exposing the fakes and being apart of my life now. We have the best convos ever and its never a dull moment. I wish I could share our dms with the world so they could see the funny, random and crazy things we talk about. You’re one of the only ones I’ve introduced to my bf and let be part of my actual world and I do not regret it. You’re a true friend, I know I frustrated you at times but you stuck with me and I love you. You stuck by my side no matter what and helped me through so much. I will never turn my back on you. You are my sister from another mister.

@fangirling-full-timex Chelsea, my biggest fan and Calums. You are like a sister to me and I love you. You have personaally attacked the fakes in my defense and had my back. I love you, our convos like dakota are random and hilarious and I love them. I want you to know I never ignored you on purpose and thank you for sticking by me no matter what fakes said or tried to convince you about me. We had our moments but thats done and our friendship is only stronger for it.

@xxheyitzcaitxx My girl, I love you so much. I am so glad we met. You have had my back from day one. You never let the fakes win and have been my friend. Youve made millions of vids in my defense. You have prob been one of the ones who’s really been brought into this for that I’m sorry. Your following all your beans scare the fakes which is why they target you. Anyone who can convince ppl they lied they fear and attack. Ive in trusted you with things about my life no one knows I dont regret it you have been amazing and are truly one of my best friends.

@meldb74 Melanie, I love you. I thank you for standing by me and being my friend and trusting me. You have been at this with me for awhile. You have become like a big sister to me. I love you and our talks even if they consist of mystal at times lol. You have been a true friend and proved to me you have my best interest at heart I love you.

@sleepingpixiee I love you, thank you for helping me in exposing fakes and being my friend. You have talked to me when I am upset and have had my back you are one of my best friends on here. I love you and we will still talk.

@exposing-the-fakes and all my followers there and friends i forgot to mention, THANK YOU. You guys have been amazing supporting me and helping me through. You guys never gave up on me. I love you guys and want you to know that. Queen D is still here but for now I am laying low and not on that blog I may never be again. I love you guys, I am sorry but anyone who is interested in still talking to me you can here and ask me whatever you want. I know who I know and thats all I will say. I will not however discuss my personal life anymore. I hope you guys understand. I love you all.

Waking Up

Waking up next to Ashton is by far your favorite part of mornings. You usually wake up first, but stay in bed until you’re both willing to leave the comfort of the warm duvet. Through the night, Ashton has somehow managed to pull you onto his chest, your head resting just above his heart, and your legs intertwined with his. You never really understood how he could be comfortable this way, claiming that “being squished beneath you probably feels suffocating” but nonetheless He insists that he’s fine, and he loves it. You can hear his heart beating steadily, and you smile at the soft snores coming from his parted lips. He shifts slightly, his grip around you tightening, and you watch as a smile creeps onto his lips. The morning sun peaking through the curtains of your shared bedroom give the room a cozy glow, and you could honestly stay there forever and be perfectly happy.


 hello agian :) I just want to thank the nine lovely people who put a little heart to my previous (and very fisrt one) English 5sos preference! (I’ll prepare soon a masterlist, meanwhile you can find it in my blog). I just want to said that 1) GIFS ARE NOT MINE 2) since I’m Italian and I study English at school be nice with me, my English may not be perfect, if you see mistakes plase do tell me 3) enjoy my preference! 4) if you have ideas/requests write me :)



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Ok, as everyone knows, Ashton enjoys photography very much. So let’s say that there’s an exposition of Doisneau in town (one of my favourite photographers) and he was so enthusiastic that you were found of photography just like him. I think that Ashton would do everything in his power to impress you, for example making some researches about Doisneau’s life, pictures and so on and telling you what he had learnt to seem a very smart/educated guy and you can’t help finding him adorable (I mean Ashton doesn’t need to impress girls, he’s perfect even without trying loooooool).
I imagine him always next to you and when he sees his favourite pic (“kiss by Hotel De Ville”) he would grab your hand and lead you in front of the  showcase and start telling about the story behind this shot. Since then, his hand would be always interlaced with yours.

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Calum would take you to the stadium because he loves the fact that you are into (or even play) football (or soccer, depending on where are you from). He would buy you everything: from a drink, to little gadgets and at the end you would get matched T-shirt of your team and take lots of pictures.l with you wearing them.
After that, he would take you to McDonalds and he would listen carefully to you and ask you lots of questions, realizing how much you are alike and how he’s falling for you.

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I think you would go for something easy, like an ice cream date, a way to get to know you better and not embarrass himself in front of you even if I imagine Luke stumbling in his own feet while entering in the ice cream parlour.
Like Calum, he would listen to you and ask you lots of questions. He would talk about his band, his plans for the future and about his dogs.
Then he would walk you home and he would ask you if you’d like to come to his concert the weekend later. He would try to act cool but once again he would do something very Luke-style like stuttering or speaking so fast that you have to ask him to repeat and he would be over the moon when you say yes.

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I think that Michael would take you to the cinema because Captain America is out and you really NEED to see it.
He would be very laid-back and you would talk a lot before the movie starts and he would make lots of jokes because he thinks your laugh is super duper adorable.
Throughout the movie he would make fun of you and your huge crush on Chris Evans (let’s face the truth: everyone loves that dude) telling that he is ten times better than him. And I’m 100% sure that he would make “the move”: fake a yawn in order to get closer to you.
Not to mention the poc corn fight during the break or the movie: you almost risk to be kicked out because you were laughing too hard.