Ashlina (OC) Bio

Ashlina “Hunter” Autumn (Goes by Ash)

Alias: Autumn Ash

Age: 417 (looks 18)

Powers: makes autumn flowers bloom, Can control thorn/ (any sort of prickly) bushes, can change the color of the leaves, can slightly control heat and cold, can make harvests grow, Can summon golden wolves 

Minions: Golden Wolves

Weapon: Scythe, Bow and Arrow

Apperance: But, So you can see her markings.

Bio: Ash is the Guardian of Autumn. When she first awoke she found herself near a waterfall and close to a dead wolf’s corpse. She doesn’t remember how she died, but assumes that she died with the wolf. While looking around she notices a scythe and claims it as hers. Ash also realized the she is completely alone. Since she was lonely she “made herself a friend” by using her power to shape the golden wolves. At first she wanted to learn who she was, but then decided that it would be more interesting if she didn’t have all the answers. So she never went to Tooth to regain her memories.

Personality: (She’s basically a Taurus) believes that if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Patience and persistence, determined to get as much done as possible. Emotional, hard worker, reliable, loyal and supportive. Has a sensible mind and practical skills. Steadfast, warm and affectionate. She gets angry with herself if she fails to complete something. Takes everything seriously, stubborn, slow to anger, but will rage for days when done so. She lets her imagination get the best of her sometimes so she can be fearful, but she’ll try to hide it.

Home: The Waterfall and lake she woke up at. Technically she lives in a cave behind the waterfall. 

Travel: Riding the wind on her scythe (like a witch), Golden Wolves

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Name: Ashlina

Residence: Sheirana

Origin: Earth

Primary Color: Yellow

Secondary Color: Green

Ashlina, or Lina, is the main hero of the story. She is usually very shy and timid. She prefers to be alone rather than in the companionship of fellow Angeldogs, because even after many years Sheirana seems strange and new to her - not like the utopia it was meant to be. Often she is seen reading over Sheiran origin textbooks and wondering if there is some way to conquer Sylvare.

My ‘Pyro Knight’ Ashlina.

Basically a strength build with pyromancy spells to help out. 

She has a fully upgraded Old Knight Shield, upgraded Faraam armour a Fire Bastard Sword +10 and a Dragonkeeper Bow +5 also a fully upgraded pyromancy flame. 

I usually roll with Fire Orb, Great Fireball and Warmth for Jolly Co-operation.