Original Degrassi TNG girls (2015) 

Miriam McDonald (Emma Nelson) Cassie Steele (Manny Santos) Lauren Collins (Paige Michalchuk) Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty Van Zandt) Andrea Lewis (Hazel Aden) Christina Schmidt (Terri MacGregor) Stacey Farber (Ellie Nash) Melissa McIntyre (Ashley Kerwin)

how you get the girl {ladies loving ladies}


jessie’s girl - mary lambert | she will be loved - leah louise | i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend - kate nash | valerie - ashley lilinoe | jenny - lily sevin | tell her you love her - echosmith | steal my girl - lauren bonnell | take me to church - neon jungle | the girl - emma taylor | she keeps me warm - megan brignoli | drops of jupiter - jess moskaluke | hey there delilah - jasmine thompson | rude - kina grannis | best song ever - gabrielle alpin | crazy girl - stephanie berlanga | all the things she said - t.a.t.u | let her go - nicole cross | sex - lauren aquilina | whoever she is - i am valiance | how you get the girl - swift covers


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Dakota’s POV

It’s been a week since I’ve been in the car accident. Some of my memories have been coming back, but I still don’t remember anything about Nash. They say we’ve been friends since we were little, but I just can’t remember, no matter how hard I try. I’m staying at the Grier’s for the rest of summer since my mom got a new job 5 hours away. They’ve agreed to take me to counseling and help try and regain my memory. 

“Kota, you ready?” Nash asked. “Sure,” I sighed. We were going to the lake, one of the places I haven’t been to yet. 

I was wearing a white cropped top with a light pink skirt along with sandals and a necklace. Nash got in the drivers seat, Cameron got shot gun, and I took the back seat. When we were on our way, Cam turned up the radio and it sounded familiar. I started humming along to the song, then started singing. I glanced over at Nash who was giving Cameron a look while I rolled my eyes, “It’s just a song guys.” Cam turned around and faced me, “Remembering a song can lead up to bigger things.”

His smile almost killed me, his teeth were perfect along with his eyes. Something about Cameron made me just want to be around him. I was scared around Nash, I didn’t want to say anything to upset him, so I did my best to avoid him and just be around Cam.

I looked out the window letting my thoughts drift to pass the time. Soon we turned into a gravel road leading to a house. “We’re here,” Nash announced. Cameron opened the door for me and I got out. I started to walk towards the house without waiting for either of them. Opening up the door to the house, I went straight to the back door and just looked out onto the dock.

Cameron came up behind me and place his hands on my hips, “Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked. Nash coughed getting our attention, Cam’s cheeks grew red, “I, uh, I’ll just meet you out on the dock.” I looked up at Nash as he looked down at me, his eyes looked sad, “Do you remember anything?” I shook my head, “I don’t I’m sorry.” His eyes were starting to turn red and you could see the tears forming.

I couldn’t bear to look at him, “I’m just going to take a nap, I’ll meet you both outside later.” He nodded and made his way to the dock. I turned on the tv and laid down on the couch. Closing my eyes, I quickly fell asleep and I started to dream. I dreamt up passed memories, so waking up I was confused-but I remembered.

I ran upstairs and the memories flooded in from when I was here with all the boys and Nash and I got in a fight and when we would play hide-and-go-seek when we were little. Running down stairs I remembered always being welcomed by Chad and my dad. I went straight towards the dock, I remember everything. I remember Nash and how I’ve been in love with him since we were little. Nash and Cameron were getting out of the boat and I was running towards them, smiling. 

Cameron looked over at me and smiled as Nash was helping someone else out of the boat. i started slowing down into a jog then to a walk. She was blonde, “Who’s that?” I asked looking over at Cam. “That’s Ash, as in Ashley. She was Nash’s old crush when we were touring, I guess she came and surprised him.” I looked over at them laughing, he looks happy. 

I remembered how he looked at me before I took my nap, he was sad. I can’t do that to him again. Cam faced me, “You look more upbeat, do you remember anything?” I shrugged, “Still nothing,” I lied. Ashley clung to Nash, “Isn’t this great?” she asked. I looked over at her emotionless, “What?” She glared at me, “Nash and I of course.” I looked up at him, confused.

I could feel my eyes starting to water, so I grabbed Cam’s hand, “Can we go inside?” He nodded and we were on our way. Behind me I could hear the two of them laughing and having a good time, but I couldn’t help wishing that was me.

Nash’s POV

I brought Ashley to the lake to see if it would help trigger any memories for Dakota, or maybe trigger any jealousy. But all my plan did was back fire, she went off with Cam. I watched the two of them walk inside, “Thank you for trying to help.” She shrugged, “Anytime. And hey, Im sorry for what happened with her.” I managed to fake a smile, I’ve become good at that lately

I think it’s kinda representing their friendship right now like yeah they are still super close but I feel like cam is scared he’s gonna lose Nash because fame is gonna pull him away and like I feel like that’s why cam is getting closer to the other boys because like he’s already lost Chris he doesn’t want his heart hurt does this make since idk maybe it’s just me
—  Ashley ( camdawgdallas) on Nash and Cam’s new Vine. THIS IS SO ACCURATE I CAN’T EVEN
"Cuddle With Me" (Nash Grier Imagine

Nash Imagine for Ashley
A/N: Sorry it took so long. Got a bit sidetracked with the other imagines. Enjoy!

I woke in bed with someone’s arms around my waist. I started to panicked thinking that someone was trying to rape me when I realized that it was my boyfriend, Nash. I smiled as I admire his features. His soft plump lips that were just softly parted. The little freckles that danced across his face. His thick eyelashes that adorned his eyes. I absorbed it all in knowing that he was going to Magcon tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to see him for a while.

Speaking of Magcon, I tried to pry his arms off of me to make us some breakfast. He moaned in protest but didn’t wake up. I gently lifted his arms so it would be around a pillow while I made my getaway to the kitchen. Success. I got out eggs, pancake mix, sausage, and some bacon. Once the materials were out, I set to work.

Halfway through breakfast, I felt two hands snake around my waist. “Morning babe,” Nash said, sleep still evident in his voice. “Morning sweetie,” I turned around to kiss him on the lips. “Why did you get out of bed?” Nash grumbled cutely. I laughed. “Cause I was going to make you breakfast before we could spend the day together. Yah know? Before you leave to Magcon again?” I reminded him.

“Just come cuddle with me!!” he whined. “Nashhhhh,” I warned him. “Ashley please?” he pouted. “Nash, I spent the last 30 minutes cooking,” I complained. He gave me a pouty face look. I groaned in frustration. “Fine. But you have to take me upstairs,” I told him. Nash wasted no time picking me up. “Just the way I wanted Ashley,” he whisper, setting me in bed. I laid my head on his chest when he entered in bed. “I love you,” I told him. “I love you too Ash,” he kissed my head. Maybe we didn’t get to go shopping or whatever. But we got to enjoy each other presences. Just the way we wanted.

Forever and Always- A Nash Grier Imagine

Alright, this imagine is solely based on the  mixed songs of Forever and Always by Parachute and Unconditionally by Katy Perry, so I suggest listening to those while reading. Enjoy it!

“Come on (Y/N), let go!” Nash says as I stand on the ledge, looking down at the river below me. “I’m scared.” I say, tugging on the bungee cord. “I’ll do it with you.” “Okay, fine.” Nash grabs my hand, squeezing it tightly. “Let go and just be free.” He says, smiling at me. “Okay.” I let go of the rail, falling down with Nash. 

He looks over and laughs while I smile at him. I look around at the mountains and how beautiful they were. Nash was still holding onto my hand, his grip tighter than before. After four or five bounces, we are pulled back up onto the bridge. “That was amazing, Nash!” “I know. I told you it would be!” I give Nash a big hug, his strong arms wrapping around my body. 

“You never let go.” I say, relief on my face. He kisses me gently, then grabs my hand. “I would never let you go. I don’t think I could.” Nash says, looking down at our hands. “Well, I love you Nash.” “And I love you too, (Y/N). Forever and always.” Nash says, kissing my forehead as we walk back to our car.


“I don’t know if I can do this, mom.” I say, looking into the mirror. “Honey, you’ll be fine. You’re getting married to a great man.” She says, looking at me and smiling. I give her a hug as she rubs my back. “You’re right, mom. I can do this.” I smooth out my dress and take one last look in the mirror before walking towards the line of girls with my mom. 

“You ready to marry the man you love, (Y/N)?” “Ready as I’ll ever be.” I say, my anxiousness starting to get the better of me. I take a deep breath as the music starts to play. The bridesmaids walk out one by one, followed by my mom and my sister. “Alright darling. Let’s get you married.” My dad says, grabbing my arm and walking me towards the door.

The door opens, and me and my dad walk to the pace of the music. Nash looks down the aisle, his bright blue eyes widening. A smile forms across his face as my dad and I arrive at the altar. I give my dad a quick hug before Nash takes my hands in his. “You look absolutely stunning, (Y/N).” Nash says, winking at me. I feel my cheeks heat up, and I mouth a ‘thank you’ to him as the priest starts to speak. 

“Do you, Hamilton-” Nash clears his throat, and the priest continues. “I mean Nash, take (Y/N) to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I do.” “And do you, (Y/N) take-” “I sure do.” “Then I pronounce you two as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” Nash grabs me gently, kissing me with passion. When we break apart, he says, “I love you, forever and always.” I nod, kissing him again gently.


“Nash, can you watch Brady, I’m giving Ash a bath!” I shout over to Nash who is in the kitchen cleaning. “Sure thing love!” Nash says, his deep voice resonating throughout the halls of our house. “Alright Ashley girl, let’s get you cleaned up!” She giggles as I put her in the tub, splashing water all over the place. I laugh at her silliness, making her giggle even louder.

“Woah, what’s this?” Nash says, walking in with Brady. “You two are having fun without us men?” Brady nods his head and puffs up his chest. “Yeah!” He says, trying to make his voice deeper. “Well come on in and join us ladies.” I say as Nash sits right beside me. Brady takes off his clothes, joining Ashley in the tub. 

Nash and I try to give them both a bath, but we end up all getting soaked. “Seriously?” I say as Nash splashed water at me. “I’m sorry, here let me get that.” He brushes my nose with bubbles as I blow them right back at his face. “Nice try, casanova.” I say as Ashley splashes water at Brady. “Alright,  alright. Let’s clean this mess up." 

I grab a couple towels, and Nash and I clean up the bathroom while the kids dry off. "Alright, we all good?” I say as Nash nods. “Let’s get you two off to bed.” Nash picks up Ashley as she screams in laughter. “Daddy!” She says, her beautiful young voice making all of us smile. Nash puts her and Brady in bed, then I come in to say goodnight. I start to leave as Nash talks with Ashley.

“Goodnight, Ash. I love you.” “How much daddy?” “Forever and always, sweetheart.” He brings her blanket over her body, tucking her in. “Forever and always.” Ashley repeats before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. I smile, watching as Nash kisses her forehead before heading over to Brady’s room to say goodnight.


I get up and walk over to my closet, deciding what to wear today. I finally pick out an outfit, then put it on slower than normal. I walk out to the kitchen and grab an apple, munching on it lightly. When I finish, I get up, my body resisting more and more to move. “Come on, you have to see Nash today.” I say to myself repeatedly, the will to move still not as strong as it used to be. 

I walk out of the house and lock the door, then walk a little ways to see Nash. Today was cloudy and rainy, sprinkles of rain hitting my jacket every so often. “Hey Nash.” I say, sitting down on bench beside him. “You look good today.” I say, looking at the people walking around. It was truly a beautiful day. It was nice and quiet.

“The kids, they’re doing great. Ash and Brady both have families of their own. We have grandchildren. They’re so cute.” I take out pictures of them and look at both families. “Ashley has a little girl. She named her Sky, after your sister.” My eyes fill with tears at the thought of Nash with his siblings. “They all miss you so much." 

I get up and walk over to where he was, running my hand over his gravestone. "I miss you so much, Nash. Everyday you’re not here is so hard.” My voice cracks with each word. The rain starts to pour as I look up at the sky. “I hope the good lord treats you well up there, Nash. I’ll be up there soon.” I kiss my hand then place it on the gravestone, the tears streaming down my face. I take one last deep breath, then say, 

“I love you, Nash. Forever and always.”

Hypocrisy (Nash Grier Fanfic) Part 1

I open my window and a cool breeze blows right through my effervescent brown hair. I inhale the soothing scent of fresh salt water, and start to lose myself to the sound of the waves moving back and forth, I was entranced by the beauty of the beach when suddenly the waves slowly began to disappear into the shallowness of my bedroom walls.

I gently picked up my phone that was resting on my nightstand so that i could check what time it was, only then did i remember that today was the first day back to hell, i had such a great summer vacation but it passed by way to fast and now it was time for me to go back to school. ugh.

I rushed towards my closet not in the mood to spend 1 hour trying to find the perfect outfit so i just threw on the first thing that came to my mind which was a pair of mint green shorts and a plain white tee, i apply some mascara to my upper and lower lashes along with a generous amount of lip balm. I tip toe down the stairs trying my best not to wake up my mom who was most likely hungover from drinking her pain away the night before, she’s been this way pretty much ever since my pathetic excuse for a dad left me and her for some bitch who’s like half his age.

Before leaving the house i grabbed an apple and some cherries to energize me throughout the day, i decided to make my way to school on foot because it probably would be better for me to walk than have my mom drive me to school while complaining about how much she hates herself and her wasted life. By the time i reached the school my legs were aching and i had no strength but i shrugged it off since i had a  bigger problem, i was at school, the hell house which pretty much every teen despised, you get homework and sit in class waiting for the bell to ring all day. 

I make my way up the school steps and whisper in a voice that only i could hear “ Well here goes nothing”.

Once in the school i search for my locker and after a couple minutes i finally find it, i enter the code and open it when all of a sudden someone sneaks up behind me and tickles me on the waist. I jump up and a small screech escapes my mouth, i turn around to see who the idiot was and to my surprise it was my best friend Matt, he had beautiful blonde hair and light brown eyes but the best part about him was his personality, he was a bubbly kindhearted person that i felt so comfortable around, i could tell him everything.

“Hey Matt!” i say while laughing.

 "Hey Ashley! How was you summer vacation?“ he had a huge smile across his face

” Not too bad actually, how bout you?“

"It was awesome!, me and the boys went to so many sick parties.”

I giggle and tap him on the back while saying “Well sounds like someone had fun.”

Our conversation was interrupted by the school bells.

“Oops! Gotta go Matt see you at lunch”

My first two classes passed by really quickly. As i reach my third class (which is English) i soon found out that the one person i despise the most in the entire school is in that class. The one and only Nash Grier. He had beautiful brown hair with beautiful, vivid blue eyes in fact he had the most bluest eyes I’ve ever seen but if you looked passed all that he was nothing but a low life douche bag who thought he was to every single girls appeal.

I tried to get a seat as far away from him as i could, and luckily i did. The teacher Ms. Malara came into the class and started to make and announcement. “ Hello my fellow students, i hope you all had a nice, relaxing summer vacation, today i will be assigning you with a seat partner and that person you get assigned with will not only be your seat partner for the rest or this semester but will also be your partner for this upcoming project.”

Please not Nash, Please not Nash. I was praying to god i wouldn't get paired up with him.

The teacher started to call names. Primrose and Seth…… Mahogany and Jacob……Alexandria and Stacie…….Ashley and Nash

My heart collapsed and my jaw dropped. The one person in the entire class that i didn’t want to paired up with was paired up with me.

“ Just my luck” i say in a very displeased voice.

I look up towards Nash and see an evil smirk on his face while his hand is patting the seat besides him.

As i walk towards him i feel extremely sick and notious, i can feel my stomach turn as i sit next to him.

As i take the seat beside him he says in a evil way “ Don’t worry babe, this will be fun."That disgusting smirk reappears on his face.

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