The Pencil- CH

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Prompt: I lent you my cool pencil months ago, and you still use it

Warnings: none:)

Word Count: 2k+

A/N: So this doesn’t follow the prompt exactly, but it was what I got the idea from, so I thought that I’d include it, enjoy:))) Also this is my first time putting my work on here, so if anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it!! 

    “And that, ladies and gentlemen is the central dogma of Chemistry,” your boring teacher drones, trying desperately to make the course more bearable. You sit with your head propped up by your hand, wondering how it was only first period and you’re already bored to death. Interrupting the lecture is a knock at the door. Your teacher sighs, moving towards the door. A bright-cheeked boy is revealed at the opening. His curly brown hair points in every direction, his shirt is slightly off kilter and a late pass is crumpled up in his right hand. He smiles sheepishly at your teacher.

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What boy would fall in love with you

Aries: Michael
Taurus: Luke
Gemini: Luke
Cancer: Calum
Leo: Ashton
Virgo: Michael
Libra: Calum
Scorpio: Michael
Sagittarius: Calum
Capricorn: Ashton
Aquarius: Luke
Pisces: Ashton


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fake movie meme: red riding hood

ashley greene as scarlet
tom hiddleston
 as richard wolf
isabel lucas as lily
maggie smith as gran

scarlet is a girl who isn’t entirely equipped to handle her own life. with bills and rent to pay and a sick grandmother she has to pay hospital bills for, scarlet gave up her minimum wage job to follow the ill advice of her friend lily and is now caught up in a situation she can’t handle now as a prostitute under the thumb of richard wolf – more commonly known as ‘the wolf’ – and he has no intentions of letting little red riding hood get away.

THIS! MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!! I am actually a (almost) 19 year old fan, and i cannot control what calum does, yes BUT I also know and have lived with the effects of smoking. My grandma passed away from it, i never got to meet her. My other grandma’s best friend has lung cancer. She breathes through an oxygen tube & tank that she has to bring everywhere. They have given her a 6 months notice because she continues to use the vape pens because SHE IS SO ADDICTED. No i cannot control calum, no i do not want to upset him or make drama but YES i do care about him & his health. I dont want this to cost him his voice, or life. theres a difference between a 12 year old telling a grown man what to do, and worrying about his health.

Y'all can keep talking shit about Mikey just remember dick so bomb it had a bitch writing a song about it after one date *drops mic* I’M OUT

kaycebrewer  asked:

Do you know any youtubers that are good at smokey eye? Thank you I am just starting

It’ll be super helpful to understand the blending process of a smokey eye before attempting one, so I recommend checking out these videos beforehand:

[1] [2] [3]

You’ll notice that everyone’s application and blending technique is slightly different, but the end result is the same: seamless, blended colors. This can be time-consuming and oftentimes tedious, but try to be patient! 

EMAN - Easy Smokey Eye for Beginners 

KATHRYN BEDELL - Beginner-Friendly Smokey Eye Talk-Through 

ALISSA ASHLEY - Smokey Eye for Hooded Eyes 

Good luck! Smokey eyes are a lot less intimidating than they look, but just remember that practice makes perfect. 

- Sabrina