What type of girl are you?
  • Fandom:What kind of girl are you?
  • Me:*pulls out calendar*
  • Me:Well since today's a Wednesday, and Wednesday are Calum days but I've been feeling Lauren, also Halsey is becoming a Wednesday girl. Yeah but tomorrow is Dinah Jane day but have you seen Perrie's new selfie? I mean come on. Friday is Josh day but since Dan and Phil are actually uploading videos now I think I might have to flip that around
  • Fandom:So what's your answer
  • Me:I'm so many types of trash the garage men fight over me

Even it’s almost February 2016, I can give my personal list of the best albums/EP in 2015

1. Sounds Good, Feels Good - 5 Seconds of Summer
2. I Can Feel It - Hey Violet
3. Future Hearts - All Time Low
4. Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
5. Badlands - Halsey