Cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ at the Paley Fest. (25/03/2017) #PLLatPaleyFest

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The only thing that make me question babygate is that the child was in Louis' family house in doncaster. And it wasnt even that public. We saw like two pics and thats it

But we saw the pics didn’t we? And we know they flew last minute, don’t we? We also know they didn’t even knew about Jay until late November, and she was ill since May. And guess what we know too? That they never took the baby to see his ill grandma in almost 8 months, they waited until the last minute to do so, didn’t they? Guess what happened too? Lottie, who hadn’t seen her nephew in months, just went to a football game for the whole day and made it very public, and the baby had to stay at an AIRBNB because apparently the family didn’t have enough space in their big ass house - the whole thing was extremely set up to the very minimum detail