I see your “sam and Taliesin are trickster deities” and I raise you: everyone in the CR cast is some sort of ancestral being, but they are all from different points in the timeline and different cultures and only now did they converge here.

Taliesin? Immortal Archfey who got tired of trying to fit every new version of society he’s met, so he decided to just be himself and enjoy the shenanigans it causes.

Sam? Trickster Spirit that thrives in chaos and just wants to have a giggle with humans for a few decades.

Matt? The 9th reincarnation of a Norse Storyteller, back from the dawn of time when they understood the power of words. His magic is subtle in the way he threads stories together but has an ethereal aura that pulls in whoever listens to him. He remembers his past lives vaguely and sometimes recognizes them when they take over his body to give a tale an unsuspected twist. His many lives also make him well acquaintanced with the subject of death which he usually waves into his stories.

Marisha? A Greek Demi-God warrior that has been granted eternal life by the gods and used it to keep learning new fighting styles. She’s faced minotaurs and gorgons and, yes, more than one troll. Probably the daughter of Atenea.

Laura? A Nymph, nature spirit that has taken human form. Impossible not to love her. Animals are her passion. She has a pure heart but also a terrifying amount of power to destroy anyone who crosses her or those she loves.

Travis? The reincarnation of a Roman Centurion. Favors logic and reason over brawn but is also 200% ready for a fight. His patron, Juno, granted him immortality not due to his bravery but after an act of kindness and selflessness. He remembers his past life and likes being coy about it.

Ashley? Viking warrior. Probably a Valkyrie. She came to Earth to be an actress as an act of reverence to Loki, who has always favored her because of her slightly chaotic trickster side.

Liam? Another nature spirit, much like his soul twin. The calm and quiet side of the woods, the soothing hum of the ocean, sometimes thunder and lighting. He loves humanity with all of his heart but is more often than not exasperated by their ignorance or hateful tendencies.

Brian? An Immortal but like only ever since the 20s or so. Still trying to figure out the whole thing. Tal is helping him. Probably a ridiculously powerful magic user in disguise.

Also, none of them know for sure that the others have a divine side to them. As far as they are concerned, they’ve just picked their favorite humans to goof around with for a while, but they all have that kind of unearthly energy that’s made them drift together. If they all combined their powers they’d be unstoppable, but so far they are just happy chilling and playing D&D together.