Ashley Jennings


Victims of police brutality… Art by Ashley A. Woods.

“This is my submission for the APB - Artists Against Police Brutality book - with John Jennings and Bill Campbell. Please take the time to read about the victims in the subsequent posts.”


“Be the kind of woman, who, when your feet it the floor each morning, the devil says “crap, she’s up”

My gifset, credit me if you use it

HOSEOK-NET is a network dedicated to Bangtan’s rapper and dancer, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope! We aim to gather people who love Bangtan and Hobi!

General Rules:

  • Follow the network
  • Reblog the official post
  • Check the rules
  • Check out the admins if you want! (Jules/Rae/Riley/Jen/Ashley)
  • You don’t have to be Hobi biased, but be an active blog, and at least 50% Bangtan (you can use a sideblog)
  • Check your url tag or mentions often because we will be making posts with the accepted members!
  • Fill out the application

Once accepted:

  • Track the #hoseoknet tag
  • Put a link to the network somewhere on your blog
  • Check the member page to make sure all your info is correct

Thank you! We hope that you apply!