Ashley Everett

Beyoncé’s dance captain, Ashley Everett, has been nominated as Choice Dancer at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards! To vote go to, or hashtag #choicedancer and tag Ashley (@ ashleycmeverett) on Twitter and Instagram. The Hive should do this because Ashley has been with Bey since she was 17 and has been slaying with her for almost 10 years! Go vote!!

“I think now is an appropriate time to say how incredibly honored and humbled I am to not only be involved & apart of @Beyoncé new self titled visual album, but also featured in the #Heaven video as more than just a dancer.. but as an #actress! Thank you Bey for your endless opportunities, inspiration, and encouragement! Those moment we shared while shooting are forever stored in a special place in my heart. #thankyou #mybossisbetterthanyours#  #blessed”- Ashley E.