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On the PLL after show, the host (Sinéad de Vries) said something that I thought would be SUCH a twist. She proposed that, maybe, Noel was being blackmailed by Charlotte. And, perhaps, he even killed her. She said this because, with PLL you never know, but also because he had been helping Alison while she was “dead” and to switch sides like that would just be plain strange. He could very well be trying to keep the Liars from finding the second child because he killed Charlotte, and doesn’t want anything to come back to him. I like the theory and I just want to put it out there because it seems very PLL that you’d think one thing and find out that, actually, Noel’s been on the other side of it the whole time.

Nevertheless, we do find out he was in The Dollhouse which could have been why Spencer said the man felt like an old friend or a penpal. His involvement is tied to Jenna somehow, and in the promo for the next episode we see a #PLLDeathTrap.

Jenna shoots someone.

Now, if Noel really isn’t the second child (and with all the focus it seems like they’re putting on it being the main theory atm, it doesn’t seem likely–c'mon now, that’s too easy) we still have the Andrew, the Lucas, the Mona (wouldn’t THAT be a twist) possibilities. But I will go down saying that Spencer could very well be the child. It always goes back to family. The Hastings’ have a complicated past with the DiLaurentis’ and in the previous episode I didn’t notice at first but in the Hastings photo album there’s a blonde baby. Was it a filler photo or does it mean more? Also, I firmly believe the scene could very well have been a misdirect to distract from Aria’s file being stolen. That’s a solid clue to her possibly being the child, and with the writers making us believe it’s a boy (Noel), I think the reveal’s going to be a girl.

Back to the #PLLDeathTrap though, assuming that there are no wardrobe changes from the scene where the girls walk into Hanna’s lair to Jenna’s shooting (they seem to be wearing the same clothes, but just covering my bases) the only jean shades that are blue are Hanna, Aria and Spencer. The boots are brown. Spencer and Aria are both wearing brown boots. The legs on the floor seem to be a dark shade of blue, the only match is Aria because Spencer has ripped jeans and the legs do seem to be quite short.

I think the boots match more Aria, and the costume designers obviously had them clash to raise suspicion over who it is–and although I do firmly believe it’s going to be Aria and she survives–it could also be a number of people. Mona, for one, who we also see in the episode but don’t see her pants/boots. We also have Mary Drake, Paige, Sydney, Yvonne featured in the episode too. I want to believe PLL will take risks in its (seemingly) final season but the cynic in me says that with all the hype over a death it can’t be Aria. They wouldn’t kill her off.

Or would they?

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Ashley Benson wears a beautiful grey-blue silk dress with lace cut out heels, a leather jacket and a little crossbody bag. She keeps her makeup simple with a slightly shiny nude eyeshadow/creme and black winged liner. (Leaving a Grammy Awards after party, Feb ‘15)

Intentional or not I think the dress and the jacket are a glorious juxtaposition, love it!


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