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extremely bright and widely-read, musichetta is the oldest of the group of friends. she is the calm ship in the middle of rough seas, always there to give a comforting hug and listen to your problems, steady and stable as a rock. she adores both her boys, joly and bossuet, and they are utterly inseparable as a trio. at the moment she’s just working in a bakery, but you only need to listen to her talk for a couple of minutes before you realise that this girl is going big places.

Ashika Pratt

(Fijian Indian/English) [New Zealander]

Known as: Professional Fashion Model (Modeled for/in United Color of Benetton, Vogue India, Elle, New Woman, Mitsubishi Outlander, Asos, Kingfischer)

More Information: Ashika Pratt’s Instagram page, Ashika Pratt’s Twitter page, FM Agency: Ashika Pratt, Isaac Likes: India’s new supermodel Ashika Pratt is a Kiwi, Fashion Model Directory: Ashika Pratt, Ashika Pratt, Ashika Pratt’s Wikipedia page

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