Daxter/Daecca Reed  has been passing out White Supremacist recruitment flyers in Asheville (including at a house show I was at on Monday) promoting the National Youth Front, the youth wing of the AFP which is an American white nationalist organization. These groups are beyond disgusting and their hate speech and promotion of racism will not be tolerated. Many members of the DIY community here in Asheville have taken action to shut down this guy’s efforts to spread racist hate and violence, but it can’t stop there. If you are from the WNC area, please distribute this flyer! 

We have no tolerance for intolerance 

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This beautiful young couple, whom I went to college with, went missing a couple weeks ago. Their names are Alex King and Tatiana Diz. Today Asheville NC police confirmed that both of their bodies were found in the French Broad River, likely murdered.

  At this point it does not appear that the homicides were a hate crime, but rather the case of two wonderful people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Please send positivity and energy out so that their murderer will be caught and justice will prevail. I hope that they are in a better place than this world which so viciously betrayed them.

  A few weeks before they went missing King was interviewed by Humans of Asheville and expressed that she was looking forward to getting married at some point, because marriage equality had just become legal. Unfortunately that was not to be. There’s a donation page set up for their end-of-life expenses here: https://www.youcaring.com/alexandria-king-tatiana-diz-463948#.Vj0-IaT5b29.facebook


Pinnacle Point, NC (Mobile Photography) Today was a day well spent and this was how I capped it off. I stayed at the peak until past sunset even if that meant hiking back down in the dark. The views were breathtaking. Long exposures to come whenever I download the actual photos I took with my DSLR.


 I love fan art.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the scenes my readers have created, the way they envision my characters. Fan art has brought me to tears before. It has introduced me to some of my favorite artists. I even have an oil painting made by a reader hanging on my wall. Some of the best fan art is on tumblr. And I knew tumblr was the perfect place to find people to work with on a special project: the Limited Edition of my upcoming book, The Body Electric.

Read on to discover how I used tumblr to find artists for a very special version of my newest book, and how to get your own copies of all this art and more:

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