I’m thinking of starting a new video series. Yay or nay?

I don’t trust anyone who didn’t try to save Kate at the end of Episode two.

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Is it too much to ask/hope that Ash and Alain get another match once this whole TF drama is over, because I really want to see Ash-Greninja defeating MCX ONCE! Since Ash never defeated Alain before... And it still doesn't feel right to me that, Charizard, taking a super-effective Thunder-Bolt from Pikachu and Greninja going into a new form, learning a new attack, yet doesn't do anything on MCX :(

Hey! I don’t want to disappoint you or anything, but I personally think it’s not going to happen.

The Kalos league final was the time for their match, the time to test perfected Ash Greninja against Charizard, and it lost. It was a fair fight, but yeah, there was a certain amount of plot armor there for Charizard (it actually took TWO super-effective thunderbolts from Pikachu The PsuedoLegendary Slayer) and it shouldn’t have been able to take that water shuriken after all the damage it received from Pikachu and Ash Greninja. By all rights the match should have been a tie.

I was always really against a tie though, even more than Ash losing. Because the final had so much momentum and tension and nobody knew what the outcome was going to be. They won’t be able to build the suspense again to the degree where Ash beating Alain would really mean something - it would have no weight to it, because Ash wouldn’t have won when the moment really called for his victory. And though i’ve seen theories of Alain relinquishing his title/getting stripped of his title/a rematch between them, i don’t think any of those things are going to happen, because that ship has sailed, and the plot has moved on to Team Flare(not to mention, Ash would never ever accept the trophy in those circumstances).

I know i rambled a bit, sorry - to summarise, i don’t think Ash Greninja is going to battle MCX again, but I’m sure Ash and Greninja are going to be kicking butt at some stage in the Team Flare arc :) And hopefully Ash and his team are also going to get some form of recognition for helping to save Kalos :)