Name: Ash Epic

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 100 lb.

Powers: To put it simply, her whole body is made out of rubber. This means she can bend and form in practically any shape. She can stretch and shrink herself at will, as she has control over her body. (Unlike, for instance, Crash. Who can only use his power while emotional.) The only draw back for this power is a very thick lisp, which maketh her talk like thith.

Bio:  Raised by her money tycoon grandfather, Ebenzer Epic, Ash has lived sheltered for most of her life, which she found BEYOND BORING. But upon discovering the Aquabats band and her powers of elasticity, Ebenzer announced his plan of passing down his empire to her in the future. She escapes Epic Manor using her Moped of Victory to live her life of freedom and awesomeness!!

  Being both adventurous and childish, she can be a real handful at times. She really is good at heart, as long as you’re okay with  mischievous pranks, obsessive overeating and tackle hugs.

(I hope this is okay!! If not, I can redo it!)

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chainsaw-chick asked:

-throws url ;n;-

my opinion on;

character in general: Ash is one of my favorite characters. And a female Ash is fucking awesome.
how they play them: Their portrayal is so good and I love that it’s genderswapped.

the mun: They seem really nice! Then again everyone I RP with is nice. Anyone who likes Evil Dead and RPs as Ash is epic and worthy of love.

do i;

follow them: Yep I do!

rp with them: We have a thread going that I still need to respond to but I am trash
want to rp with them: Hopefully are characters can have all sorts of adventures
ship their character with mine: I am not so sure. I am not against shipping Mia with other girls but all my ships have to start off with chemistry.

what is my;

overall opinion: An awesome Ash portrayal that I highly recommend that everyone follows and RPs with

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.