anonymous asked:

What careers do you think the Krew would have in a modern day AU?

Three of them don’t need to change much, really:

Mako is still a cop.  There’s absolutely no reason to change that.  XD

Bolin is an entertainer of some sort, probably either an actor or a comedian.

Asami is an executive in her father’s giant multinational technology corporation and on fast track to becoming CEO when he retires.

…and that leaves Korra, whose Avatarverse job really doesn’t translate over very well.  XD;

I could see Korra being any number of things, all of which are extreme in one way or another — special forces in the military, professional MMA fighter, extreme athlete (snowboarder, rock climber, surfer), etc.  She’d probably be the sort of person to train for intensive athletic competitions like Ultimate Ninja Warrior and Ironman Triathalon-type races, too.

but can we please talk about how Asami was an engineer and she loved cars and she wasnt above getting her hands dirty and she was still so fucking pretty like most other shows would portray her as either a dumb pretty girl or a bitch mechanic and I just love that she got to be beautiful, smart and into cars and all of that

I love Asami Sato so much