Kimi to Boku - Ch. 77 [English]

There, I did it. My first ever attempt at scanlation. (scanlation groups can have my full respect, coz that was darn time consuming OTL). So this is my own english scanlation of Kimi to Boku - Ch. 77 (note: the official eng scans for KtB is up to about ch. 28, whereas the chinese/raws are at ch. 79) So I decided I was NOT going to wait 10 years for the eng one to catch up. I went ahead and translated this particular chapter because its super sweet and one of my fav~

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[212] Yuta/Yuki: Kimi to Boku

If there was one thing Yuta struggled with, it was his inability to say ‘no’ to his younger brother. It was as though he’d been hard-wired to say 'yes’ every time Yuki’s face showed the slightest trace of disappointment. But if he was honest with himself, he’d admit that he didn’t really mind. Somehow, he was certain he couldn’t be happy if he wasn’t putting his brother before himself.

“Let’s go.”

Glancing up from his bed, Yuta saw his twin brother standing in the doorway of their bedroom, dressed and ready with backpack and all.


In reply to his question, Yuki waved a manga in the air.

“There’s a new volume out today.” he explained.

“So why am I going?” Yuta sighed, resting his cheek in his hand.

It was silent a moment or two, before Yuki finally piped up, “There’s gonna be a line.”

I get it, Yuta thought. His brother only wanted him to tag along so he wouldn’t perish from bordedom waiting in line. But on the other hand, the last thing he wanted was to spend his Saturday lined up on the street corner and inching towards the bookstore at one mile per hour.

“I think… I’ll pass…” the eldest twin murmured, averting his gaze to avoid his brother’s eye. 

“Eh… Yuta-”

No. Though his lips twisted in uncertainty, he couldn’t meet Yuki’s eye. As soon as he did, it was as good as game over. But he couldn’t help himself. At that brokenhearted mutter of his name, he had to look up, only to find his brother’s face clouded over with rejection.

“…Alright.” Yuta sighed, admitting defeat. “I’ll get my CD player.”

But that alone wasn’t the end of it. When they shared a bed, for instance, only the worst could come of it. The clock read 3:26 AM when the elder twin’s eyes cracked open at a nudge in his back.


At the whisper of his name, he rolled over in bed, facing his younger brother and peering at him through a sliver between his lashes.

“What is it?”

“Can you sleep?”


“Ah… Sorry, Yuta…”

“Can’t you?”


Though his voice was a rasp, Yuta mustered all his strength to bring the conversation to a close. It wouldn’t be any good if Yuki lay awake until dawn.

“Just close your eyes.” he yawned. “And think of-”

“Couldn’t we talk instead?”

In his hazy state of consciousness, his brother’s words seemed distant, like they were being whispered from across an empty hallway. And yet, even in his half-conscious  state, Yuta’s voice acted on its own, and instinctively answered him.

“…Yeah. Sure.”

And when Yuki stared longingly at Yuta’s lunch, he could already feel that little inkling, already hear the words before his brother ever spoke them.

“Hey, Yuta… Can we switch?”

But this time, Kaname wouldn’t have it.

“Oi, Yuki! he butted in. "You should get something you like in the first place instead of stealing someone else’s lunch!”

“It’s not stealing…” Yuki muttered. “Switching is different.”

“It’s not different!” Kaname snapped. “Either way you’re still an idiot for buying food you didn’t like!”

Quietly, Yuki sunk back down in his own seat, sullen-faced as he glowered down at the bowl of noodles sitting before him. However, as soon as the tension had simmered down, Yuta began picking the prawns off his plate and dropping them in Yuki’s bowl.

“Oi! Yuta!” Kaname griped. “Don’t baby him… He’ll never learn if you do that.”

But he couldn’t help himself. Despite their age difference only being mere minutes, when Yuta looked at Yuki he saw his baby brother.

And for the life of him, he couldn’t say no to that baby face.