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Those post-ap feel Knights of Ren concepts made me want to draw some jedi killer sith ladies with equally dubious choices of weaponery so have a few sketches


After a moment, Blue said, “Did you really grow up here, Ronan?”
“In this barn?”
“You know exactly what I mean.”
He started to answer, but pain welled up, sudden and shocking. The only way he could get the sentiment out was by drowning the words with acid. It came out sounding like he hated the place. Like he couldn’t wait to get away. Mocking and cruel, he said, “Yes. This was my castle.

It started when they were 14, a dance at a school they never went and a dance they never finished, then a few weeks later it was their second dance, her hands were wet and he kept stepping on her feet. 

The next dance came more than year later, it was the last bonfire before camp ends, the Apollo cabin was singing, and for the first time he felt free, so he took her hand and asked for a dance. He kept stepping on her feet, but her hands weren’t sweating anymore. 

The first night they dance all night long was after Gaea was defeated, the gods made a party for the seven and they danced together, with their friends, sometimes a god would join them but at the end it was the two of them dancing like if they didn’t had a care on the world, and they didn’t. They won and they were together, so they danced because they could. 

The first improv dance they had was on his apartment, his mom had asked them to help clean the place, not too much cleaning was made, but a lot of dancing was. 

The first time they danced with formal clothes was at his prom, he stepped on her dress, she stepped on his feet, heels made her clumsy after all. 

The first time he saw her dance wearing his shirt was the morning after they moved in together. The radio was on and she was unpacking the living room, she took his hand and made him dance along, they didn’t unpack until the next day. 

The first time they danced under candle lights was the time NYC went out of power. They light up candles and they used her phone as a radio, They slow danced in the kitchen even after her phone had run out of battery. 

The first time they cried while dancing was when they danced for the first time as “Mr. & Mrs. Jackson”, he didn’t step on her dress.