Batgirl (2000-2006) Annual #1

“I’m sorry, but… we don’t believe you.”

Cass acting as a human lie detector once more. I also think it’s important to note that, while fans have a pretty bad tendency to write Cass off as “the spooky one” or the “unrelateable” one due to her appearance in the Batgirl suit, that’s rarely the case in canon. With some exceptions where her appearance can frighten children (as can Bruce’s btw), most people who meet Cass past that initial shock of her visage really come to trust her judgement in a short amount of time.

  • Me: Ooh, this character they introduced in this Annual actually looks really interesting. I wonder how many issues there are to her mini-series.
  • DC Database: 3 Appearances: Batgirl Annual, DC Comics Encyclopedia, DC Comics Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded.
  • Me: ... ... ...
  • Me: Might have known that year-2000 DC was not ready for an non-American, non-white, non-binary badass normal from the slums.
  • *puts new item on her "notes for Cass introduction story" list*
Banned for Life

Valen: [lovingly tending to his bar. Making sure it’s just so.]

Imperial Officer: [Walks on in. Looks around, but when he doesn’t see who he’s looking for he gives a disappointed and curious glance at Valen] Ah, the pretty girl who works here too. Has she worked today? [hopeful smile] Or will she still be coming in?

Valen: [Confused. Then not. His brow furrowing. Knows who the “pretty girl” this man is talking about is! Nobody will say such words– in this particular situation of course! Since his baby sister– who is also very much not a baby anymore– is beautiful! But that is not for this man to observe!] Get out.

Aruna and Cameron

For a while I’ve been wondering if there is a reason why the gods’ icons are in that particular order. Gillen did compare them to Hickman’s design pages early on, so it’s certainly possible there is more to it than just an artistic choice (although then they changed the order for the t-shirt, so who knows).

I am still not sure. But while I was trying to figure it out I noticed something. There’s an interesting parallel between Baphomet and Tara. They seem to be opposites in a lot of ways, and interestingly their icons also happen to be opposite one another.

1) All Cameron wanted was to be a god, but Aruna wanted none of it.

2) Aruna could have been many possible goddesses, but Cameron isn’t even a real one

3) She didn’t want the attention, while he actively looked for it.

4) He killed another god in order to stay a god (and alive). She killed herself in order to stop being a god.

5) These two panels happen for entirely different reasons.

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All Around You - Cosmic Gate feat. Myon & Shane 54 and Aruna

Hello Hello
I’ve seen your face before
And I know that you know me
Yeah I know what you need
So come on let’s go
I wanna take you places you never thought you’d see
So release yourself to me

I’m on a mission
I’m ready to roll
To feed your addiction
And watch as you lose control
To light you up and let you go
I want you to feel it
And dance till it hurts
To swim in the rhythm
And sing along with every word
So let it take hold
Let the music take hold
Yeah, yeah

In this wall of sound
I am all around you
Breathing light into your skin
Close your eyes and let it in
When you’re cold inside
I’ll sing you back to life
Colour everything you do
‘Cause every song lives on in you