Aruna and Cameron

For a while I’ve been wondering if there is a reason why the gods’ icons are in that particular order. Gillen did compare them to Hickman’s design pages early on, so it’s certainly possible there is more to it than just an artistic choice (although then they changed the order for the t-shirt, so who knows).

I am still not sure. But while I was trying to figure it out I noticed something. There’s an interesting parallel between Baphomet and Tara. They seem to be opposites in a lot of ways, and interestingly their icons also happen to be opposite one another.

1) All Cameron wanted was to be a god, but Aruna wanted none of it.

2) Aruna could have been many possible goddesses, but Cameron isn’t even a real one

3) She didn’t want the attention, while he actively looked for it.

4) He killed another god in order to stay a god (and alive). She killed herself in order to stop being a god.

5) These two panels happen for entirely different reasons.