Hello there! I’ve illustrated this very basic plant-milk-guide for those of you out there who have trouble getting into a dairy-free lifestyle.

I’ve included some options for how to use them – obviously, you can use any of these drinks for anything you like, depending on your personal taste!

Also, I’ve kept the nutritional info to a minimum (the info’s taken from nutrition facts.org or wikipedia) since I am not an expert. However, many plant milks are furthermore fortified with Vitamin B12, D or Calcium if you have any concerns about nutrients.

I hope that this is giving a good overview of popular plant-milks and encourages you to try them and find your favorite (my personal faves are a soy-rice blend or oat-milk) :)

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Assassin by Ryan Gitter

“The king stood suddenly as the tension in the room rose palpably, this made no sense, there was peace and happiness in the realm.Yet still there he stood, under that hood with a ball of death floating inches from his hand.The following tragedy would certainly shape history, but it would also serve as a catalyst for much greater events.”