Hello Slam! I have a lot to catch up on already, as I started my June by being internetless in Europe for a week, now I’m back and posting the week of art I did prior to that, so the trip didn’t cut into my time at all.

The last few years I’ve used this time to explore and dig into ideas I’ve already had time to roll around. This year I’m doing something a little more open ended and will need YOU to help give me words to continue with. I am taking a blank slate and using words to help direct focus and add to this world building project. I’m treating this like a rare archive of natural drawings from a bizarre alien world, which will both include pictures, and written captions.

The first two words I pulled via random generators was ‘light’ and 'meat’.
ArtSlam is upon us!

Posting this for arty folk that may keep tabs over here! This is a thing I help run, that operates both on LiveJournal and Tumblr. It goes on every year June-August, and is just a big ol’ art party where the common goal is to draw and post new content every day for the duration of 1-3 months based on a theme of your choosing. Themes can be anything from magical girls, to life studies, to world building for your own personal project, fleshing out some visual concepts for an animation or novel you’ve always wanted to do, comic pages, so on and so forth–there’s no limitat to what you choose, and you can make it as broad as you want! The whole point is to post to a community, offer and receive feedback and constructive crits, and make some friendsies, and have fun with your work and productivity. 

Anyone and everyone at every skill level is welcome to join! Signups this year are opening on May 15, and are open through the end of May until they reopen at the end of June, so if you’re interested, follow the blog of whichever platform you prefer (or both!) and keep an eye out for updates!

Artslam Day 14/30

Theme:Team Fortress 2


Real lazy Meet the Trainer post right now, only Medic and one Pokemon. BUT WHATEVER.

In the TF2/Pokemon universe, Medic was a curious doctor/veterinarian with a morbid fascination with the workings of Pokemon and human bodies alike. His genius was denied by people who thought his habits were disgusting, and as such escaped to Gravel, where he could conduct his ‘experiments’ in peace. He has a lab on the outskirts of Teufort Town, where he did his research alongside the back-then Miss Pauling. In fact, he would be considered a reigonal professor of sorts, specializing in the workings of Pokemon functions in battle.

Five years ago, when Gravel was looking for people to act as Gym Leaders, Medic decided that ‘ze healing is not as rewarding as ze battling’, and dedicated more of his time filling his duties as a Gym Leader. He got so busy that he left Professor Pauling to look after his lab in Teufort Town while he ran as the Gym Leader (of some city that I have yet to find out). Medic still studies whenever he’s not battling, though.

His entire team isn’t pictured (yet) but Archimedes, his faithful Togekiss is his closet Pokemon companion. As well as his battling party, a lot of wild Pokemon like to join him in his lab and he has befriended a lot of them since then. (Kinda like how the doves like to flock him in the canon universe.)

As of the art style, went for a more cel-ish style shading. There’s a bit more of a creative rendering for Archimedes, more towards a realistic bird.


This project is part of

I post Pokemon fanart on Deviantart!:


Artslam days 17 - 23.

Caption does not fit the full description of image one:

All known and theoretical radiant elements.
Red: Narrow poles grown in erratic angles and rates. Prone to shattering.
Orange: Fragmented shards, kept internally.
Yellow: Nebulous stones held within a bubble. Drift.
Green: Gelatinous orbs. Dry out in heat.
Teal: solid shards held gathered by elastic banding. Must be kept cold.
Royal: Semi solid orbs, with low existence point. Fade quickly.
Purple: Dense crystalline shades. Prone to cracking.
White: Flat brittle sheets. Grow quickly, and overlap. Shatter in cold.
Silver: Solid once leaving host. Unbreakable once formed.
Black: Unstable base, breaks about easily. Moves away from light.
Finite (Theoretical): Balances between stable and unstable, contain circled base. Perfect element.


Hey friends! THIS Saturday is ARTSLAM!’s Return of the Cult Classics show & what better time to finally release a NEW Monster MugShot from my never-ending series.

I give you my first “female” in the series & “she’s” honored to be included:

ANGELA BAKER from the 1983 masterpiece SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

This is one of my favorites & definitely has the craziest, endings EVER in a horror film. Come pick her up(& all my other MugShots toooooo) at The White Rabbit in San Antonio THIS Saturday for ARTSLAM! or check my online store as she’ll be available sooooon. I’ll also be LIVE painting during the show, so please come hang out! FUN!

visit for more info.


More-… Artslam! Day 4 of Crookfish

The left is a concept speedpaint of a Varrus guard. While royals have no bindings, guards have thick wrappings around their arms that prevent the growth of pivotal feathers for flight. This one’s loosely based on a Waldrapp Ibis– think he might become an actual character!

The right is a quick sketch-y idea of a faction’s flag! It’s the emblem of the most prominent rebel group in my brainworld– the Hand of the Hallow. Might try a few more designs later on!


Days 1-3 because I had no scanner when Artslam started , fffff.

These are designs for one of my concepts that I’m working on in tandem thanks to my brain being dumb.  Here we have Grief and Skiff, two organic AI frames.  Well, organic-ish.  Like tiny Evangelions but with brains.  More about them in later posts because oh god my brain.

Last one is a bounty hunting Ceath -remember those guys?- called Teratophonea.  Yes, I was reading a dinosaur book.  She has a lot of snazzy space repairs after a very bad encounter with a tiny alien and a blender.

ArtSlam: Day 31 / Entry 3

This ArtSlam campaign … could be going better right now. The plan’s to regroup in August and try to push out (at the very least) all the character and setting designs I need to draw Project Harmony’s first act. Ideally I’ll have the plot outline and songs written too, but a lot of that can be done on the fly thanks to the nature of the story. We’ll see how it finally goes down - at this point I just really want to just get it over with and start this thing already!

(Wasn’t there a time when the opening date was supposed to be June 1st? What the flip happened to that?)

Ridiculous tardiness aside, maybe you might recognize this character? She’s more grounded and levelheaded than her best friend, and works at a sweetshop while training to become a knight. As far as her design does, I tried aiming for something between a ballet dancer and a giant piece of wrapped-up candy. Between that and the mad hair, I imagine she gets a lot of weird looks walking down the street.