Artslam Day 6-8

Another race in the GDBats verse that I’ve somehow never gotten around to drawing.  Most of them look like your standard grey feral pigeons, but noble, royal pigeons purposely breed for the best looking traits, even keeping incredibly detailed stud histories going back generations.  Some family trees go straight up.


Hello Slam! I have a lot to catch up on already, as I started my June by being internetless in Europe for a week, now I’m back and posting the week of art I did prior to that, so the trip didn’t cut into my time at all.

The last few years I’ve used this time to explore and dig into ideas I’ve already had time to roll around. This year I’m doing something a little more open ended and will need YOU to help give me words to continue with. I am taking a blank slate and using words to help direct focus and add to this world building project. I’m treating this like a rare archive of natural drawings from a bizarre alien world, which will both include pictures, and written captions.

The first two words I pulled via random generators was ‘light’ and 'meat’.


Artslam Day 1-4

(I’m not officially signed up, just doing it anyways to make myself work on GDBats)

Nothing too exciting so far, spent the first few days trying to figure out how cars and motorcycles work.  Also slightly redesigned some of the side characters.


My entry for Artslam today is too big and shiny and I ain’t gonna bother posting a separate header for it.

Weeble spitfire Megan suggested I try some different lighting/colors, using Grich as a control. I think this is the furthest I’ve gotten from local color in my life.

Please throw any color advice you have in your brain at me.


Artslam days 17 - 23.

Caption does not fit the full description of image one:

All known and theoretical radiant elements.
Red: Narrow poles grown in erratic angles and rates. Prone to shattering.
Orange: Fragmented shards, kept internally.
Yellow: Nebulous stones held within a bubble. Drift.
Green: Gelatinous orbs. Dry out in heat.
Teal: solid shards held gathered by elastic banding. Must be kept cold.
Royal: Semi solid orbs, with low existence point. Fade quickly.
Purple: Dense crystalline shades. Prone to cracking.
White: Flat brittle sheets. Grow quickly, and overlap. Shatter in cold.
Silver: Solid once leaving host. Unbreakable once formed.
Black: Unstable base, breaks about easily. Moves away from light.
Finite (Theoretical): Balances between stable and unstable, contain circled base. Perfect element.


More-… Artslam! Day 4 of Crookfish

The left is a concept speedpaint of a Varrus guard. While royals have no bindings, guards have thick wrappings around their arms that prevent the growth of pivotal feathers for flight. This one’s loosely based on a Waldrapp Ibis– think he might become an actual character!

The right is a quick sketch-y idea of a faction’s flag! It’s the emblem of the most prominent rebel group in my brainworld– the Hand of the Hallow. Might try a few more designs later on!

A hilariously huge lizard in human society requires hilariously huge accommodations, and Grich is no exception to that rule I just made up. His bunk when traveling is a giant terrarium. I might add plants for a homier feel.

After a long day of shouting orders and swiping things with their snow-shovel claws, doesn’t everyone just want to take off their pants, light a cigar as big as a person and sprawl out under an industrial-grade heat lamp?

ArtSlam: Day 31 / Entry 3

This ArtSlam campaign … could be going better right now. The plan’s to regroup in August and try to push out (at the very least) all the character and setting designs I need to draw Project Harmony’s first act. Ideally I’ll have the plot outline and songs written too, but a lot of that can be done on the fly thanks to the nature of the story. We’ll see how it finally goes down - at this point I just really want to just get it over with and start this thing already!

(Wasn’t there a time when the opening date was supposed to be June 1st? What the flip happened to that?)

Ridiculous tardiness aside, maybe you might recognize this character? She’s more grounded and levelheaded than her best friend, and works at a sweetshop while training to become a knight. As far as her design does, I tried aiming for something between a ballet dancer and a giant piece of wrapped-up candy. Between that and the mad hair, I imagine she gets a lot of weird looks walking down the street.


calm the frick down nana its just a fire

day 2 of my daily sketch exercise thing where i just make marks without thinking and go with it

nana always makes problems that are out of her control/none of her business her ‘responsibility’ when she provides no real solution and honestly it’s a very arrogant and self-centred thing to do

ALSO ART SLAM JUNE DAY 3 merging sketchercises with art slam


Days 1-3 because I had no scanner when Artslam started , fffff.

These are designs for one of my concepts that I’m working on in tandem thanks to my brain being dumb.  Here we have Grief and Skiff, two organic AI frames.  Well, organic-ish.  Like tiny Evangelions but with brains.  More about them in later posts because oh god my brain.

Last one is a bounty hunting Ceath -remember those guys?- called Teratophonea.  Yes, I was reading a dinosaur book.  She has a lot of snazzy space repairs after a very bad encounter with a tiny alien and a blender.

ArtSlam - CinnamonAlchemy: Day 3

I am way, way, way happy with this. When I started it, I went through various phases of, “Wow, this looks like shit.” But I kept working on it and tried a few things and ended up with this. I was happy this picture had more of an obvious depth for me to work on, still had some bits of stone, and had a nice, leading composition to try to solidify that kind of thing in my head more, too.

two characters today because i forgot artslam started yesterday and i was incredibly busy and these two go together always anyway

i’m going to be working on visual development of all sorts regarding a story i’ve had in some sort of progress for several years now, beginning life as my 2010 nanowrimo novel, morphing into a barely started screenplay in 2011, a series of unfinished short stories and another attempted screenplay in 2012, and latest, as something with a more visual medium, whether the ultimate result is a comic or a film, well, i have no idea yet. 

the story, free coffee, is the story of an incredibly normal guy named fred jones who, in the midst of his incredibly normal life which he has been lead to believe is approaching the ideal, despite it not really making him all that happy (he’s engaged, he has a 9-5 job, a dog, and a house in the suburbs, what more could you want, right?), is kidnapped to a fantastic world existing on the side of our own, the netherworld, a colourful, chaotic land that is completely alien to fred. from there on out as he attempts to get home, he meets a whole host of characters, embarks on a journey of reluctant self discovery, and defeats an evil villain or two.

these two (mad, on the left, and dmitri, full name: edwin booth balthazar the fourteenth, on the right) are two of the people he encounters there, friends of his “guide” through the netherworld, a young intern at the other office, named esperanza. 

doing a brief introduction that makes sense of this is harder than i thought, so, oh well, if anyone does have questions, i welcome them, as they always help me develop things and fill in the corners i forgot about. 

also, i tried out a slightly different style here, and a rather different colour/line one, because i want the characters more stylized and easy to render, and i think it worked out pretty well! it still took a while though, so i dunno if it’s really any quicker.