Artorias of the Abyss

Speedpaint-3 hours. If you want to see the hourly progress shots I posted them here

Some fan art of Artorias the Abysswalker from Dark souls. I cant rave enough about the pitch perfect design direction of darksouls,  but I also might have a severe soft spot for shade faced, Armour clad, abyss gargling characters. I’m bias, so sue me.

Character © From software, image © me 



Here’s the new version of my Artorias & Sif shirt! This time with more colours! It’ll be available September 1st on my Etsy store!

I’d also like to clear up something. The old shirt I’ve been selling on Etsy was hand-made by me. Each individual shirt received care and attention from me. I’ll never forget all the long hours spent making each and every one of those shirts :) But now these ones are being made by a local printing studio, and although they have more colours, the REAL shirt is the one my lovely customers have purchased this past year <3 That being said, this new one is beautiful and having a studio make them for me meant I could have those extra colours and pull out all the great details I’ve always wanted to include. Whichever version you have, I hope you love it just the same!

Hey guys, I’ve recently had a couple thefts of my work. It sucks that the actions of a few should affect everyone’s enjoyment of my work, but I see no other way to protect myself and my art. 
I hope you can forgive the lowered resolution of my work. I hope that you continue to support me as you have, and I hope that these measures do not affect your ability to enjoy my art!

By the way, this shirt along with my recently posted Onion Bro shirt, 3 other shirts chosen by fans and over 700 buttons will be premiering at  Fan Expo 2014 in Toronto August 28th to 31st!

I’ll be at table P104 in the Artist Alley Section!
Hope to see you there!