Unlocking the secrets of Dark Souls through cartography.

We’ve proven through 3d modeling that Darkroot Garden is the future landscape of Oolacile, as seen below.

Green is Darkroot, red is Oolacile.

All well and good right? But Dark Souls 3 introduces a new question:

Is Farron Keep a ruined Darkroot Garden?

To be honest I went into this theory very skeptical. The cartography can’t be that similar right? …… The answer may suprise you.

First, I photo-shopped a map of Farron Keep using existing fan maps.

Take a look at the landmarks, specifically the path to the Cathedral of the Deep and the path to the Undead Legion mausoleum.

Next let’s analyze the map of Oolacile.

The blue circle is the arena where we fight and kill Artorias.

The red circle is Oolacile sanctuary and Artorias’ grave in Darkroot Garden.

But where does Farron fit in? Surely it can’t. Impossible.


The red circle is now the following:

Oolacile sanctuary

Grave of Artorias

AND The Undead Legion Mausoleum and Boss room

Coincidence? Yeah, most likely. Dismissable? Not quite.

And finally if that’s not enough, if the player goes north west in both dark souls 1 and dark souls 3 they’ll happen upon:

Undead Parish

AND Cathedral of the Deep

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Also, big thanks to The Ashen Hollow on youtube for inspiring this theory.