Do You Like Buying Art?

well boy howdy do i have a deal for you

I’m Juno and I like selling my art! I am most experienced in mammals, especially cats and dogs. I will draw things 100% to what you want, and will get it done quickly. 

Things I draw (but I am not limited to!)

  • Reference Sheets (Approx $7)
  • Digital Paintings (Approx $15)
  • Sketch Scenes (Approx $5)
  • Flatcolors (Approx $5)
  • Icons/Avatars (Approx $2)
  • Pixels (Approx $6)

If you’re interested just shoot me an email at or message me via tumblr.

Maker guys, I’m receiving asks about art advices, and tutorials, and how-do-i-do-things and…. wow thanks!!! 
Are you crazy guys, explaining/teaching things requires that I know what I’m doing and I clearly don’t. I’m honestly flattered, and excited, and… and people are writing me! Yay!!!!

I’ll try to answer as best as I can, give me some time <3



Hey guys! I am just gonna repost this because you know what happened ? @lapoin is gonna release Gratsu Keychain in a few months and this is probably the first gratsu charms out there in the world available for sell in a somewhat accessible way .

so the prices are the same as before

chibis: cost 5$ per character and you need to pay 2$ for each additional  character 

waist-up: 7$ per character and you need to pay 5$ for each additional character 

full body : 10$ per character and you need to pay 5$ for each additional character 

Keep in mind that prices might drop if you ask for a group picture with 4 characters or more

I don’t charge for background I might be unable to draw complicated backgrounds or any background to be honest 

Even if you can’t comission me you could help spread the word . Thank you for taking the time to go through this whole if you did , if after taking a look at my prices and drawings you still consider comissioning me then 

just please message me discussing comissions with a comissioner makes me the happiest person alive 

And to the haters that are planning to send their not so helpful comments please don’t I don’t need that , I know that I am not a so good artist but working hard and trying to improve I am not forcing anyone to do anything so if you don’t like my art no need to leave a rude remark 

[Text: Life is all about resolve.  Outcome is secondary.  It is resolve that determines the true value of your life.


Wow, it’s been… a long time since I made this.  I was really obsessed with Photoshop then, and I’d just started getting into video games.  I think I’d just finished my first playthrough of Okami by this point, and now I’m almost done with my third playthrough.  Wow.  I am probably far too obsessed with this game.