Let’s just pretend this question is only about a special somepony, not hearts and hooves day due to the fact that I’m over a month late. Yes.

Blogs featured: Factory Scootaloo, Scootaloo the Adventurer, Ghostly Scootaloo, Motherly Scootaloo and last, but not least, Street Scootaloo! So many Scootaloo’s…


First part of the dub is done and on YouTube! I was tempted to mess around with the closed captioning, but I controlled it! Enjoy!


Second part done and on YouTube! ENJOY!


Part three out! Enjoy

“The mares of the rainbow factory.”

I decided to a quick drawing session for the strong mares that uphold the factory. Here we have~

Dusty, and Gemstone.

I hope you are all pleased.